Home Kindergarten: Pros and Cons

If you don’t get into the district kindergarten, the private one is expensive, but you don’t want to hire a nanny, if there are more than one kid in the family, your mother is not burdened with work, but, on the contrary, has an apartment… Would you think about opening your own kindergarten?

At first there were children

“By the time our home kindergarten was organized in 2003, I had three children. The eldest daughter is 10 years old, her son is 6 and the youngest is 3 years old. Actively studying everything related to parenting, I accidentally ended up on an open day at Waldorf school and kindergarten. After that, my eldest daughter went there to school, my son went to kindergarten, and I went to study at the Waldorf Pedagogy Center at the faculty of preschool pedagogy.

The training lasted 3 years and, of course, became one of the incentives for opening a home kindergarten. Since my youngest children were preschoolers and my girlfriend had two children 3 and 5 years old, we organized a kindergarten for them. And the first room was one of the rooms in my 3-room apartment. Then, through word of mouth, several mothers found out about us and brought their children. ”

legal grounds

How is a private kindergarten different from a home kindergarten? These are two different structures. A prerequisite for the functioning of a private kindergarten is its official registration. This primarily means obtaining a license. And in order to receive it, the material and technical base of a private kindergarten must meet certain standards. Such a document is not needed for home kindergarten, which greatly simplifies its organization. Strictly speaking, unlike private homesteads, children in DDS should not be taught anything, they only play with them (well, and children, as you know, play, learn…).

After all, educational and training activities should take place in accordance with the law of the Russian Federation “On Education”, which cannot be violated. You need to get a license for this, as well as a material and technical base that complies with all standards. A home kindergarten can also be organized in several rooms of an ordinary apartment, in a private house or in a rented room.

However, commercial activity in such conditions is prohibited. What to do? Very simple and completely legal. There is a simpler and also legal option – the provision of day care for children. For this, licensing is also not necessary, you just need to register as an individual entrepreneur, choose the appropriate tax system, prepare and equip the premises.

Live at work

“So, the first year we worked before lunch. From the walk, the parents took the children home and really asked the next year to open a group for the whole day. We thought about it….

It is very difficult to work and live in the same place. Feeling as if you live at work. Therefore, the next year my friend and I rented a 2-bedroom apartment. One of the rooms had a games room, and the other a bedroom. We registered as an individual entrepreneur (type of economic activity: “Day care for and looking after children”). What is needed to register an IP? You can find a very detailed answer to this question on the Internet, with the ability to download and print all the necessary papers. If you can’t figure it out, many companies will do everything for you.

We got a cook and very tasty homemade food. Porridge for breakfast, soup and second lunch and casseroles, fritters for afternoon tea. Between breakfast and lunch, we have a fruit snack – apples, bananas, oranges, etc. And life began to boil in our kindergarten! ”

The child must be provided with complete safety. The kindergarten staff is responsible for the baby, while he is under his supervision.

Do not study – play!

“As you already understood, the basis of our home kindergarten is Waldorf pedagogy. Our school year is divided into eras. For example, the Harvest era in September: we make beads from berries and apples, grind flour from wheat grains, then from this flour we bake a loaf for the holiday, we dance and sing a lot. And then the next era begins, and for a whole month we again live in anticipation of the holiday! And this mood is always present in the garden. The educator creates it. ”

mother’s rights

Any large mother with preschool children can organize a home kindergarten, without involving other people’s children, provided that she has at least three of them. Moreover, in this case, she even has the opportunity to attach herself to the district kindergarten and receive a salary summed from part of the salary of the teacher, nanny and cook. Even more convenient if two girlfriends are cooperating – mothers with many children.

But when the children grow up, then these mothers lose their work. To organize a mini-kindergarten (for 3-5 children) you will need: • a room for a recreation area; • game and sports room; • dining room or kitchen. That is the usual two- or three-room apartment. For one child should be at least 2 square meters. m

Little garden – a small salary

“Everything depends on the personality of the educator! It cannot be a random person, even if he has two higher pedagogical educations. This person must be a leader, lead.

“Education through imitation!” – this is the motto of Waldorf pedagogy. Therefore, the task of the educator is to be an example to follow in everything: in actions, in the manner of communicating with each other, etc. His task is to create an atmosphere of love, joy and understanding in the kindergarten. And if the teacher does this, then the children wake up their parents on Sundays and say: “Let’s go to the kindergarten!”

We have always had excellent educators. We never fired anyone, but before hiring, we set a probationary period. Unfortunately, sometimes our excellent educators leave for a bigger salary themselves. We would gladly pay more, but, unfortunately, the resources of home kindergarten are very limited. Firstly, a room that can accommodate a maximum of 10 children. Secondly, a certain market price, above which you will not jump. In addition, a huge number of competitors have now appeared, and it often happens that our groups are not completely filled, which means that everyone’s salary falls. ”

Unlike private kindergarten, the staff of home kindergarten staff can be minimal. but to do everything alone is not easy, and in reality, home kindergartens operate at the rate of one adult for 4 children.

Noisy neighbors

“Regarding inspections by regulatory authorities. They check it when someone complained, for example, neighbors. Yes, we had such cases. Usually a local police officer comes and asks to bring all the documents: lease agreement, certificate of individual entrepreneur, medical book). We are fine. Then we go to the neighbors to negotiate peacefully. Usually this can be done. If not, then we are looking for another room.

We now have 5 groups in different areas, it’s easier to survive. Because if there are few children in one group – there is not enough money for salaries and rents, then another group helps out, where there are currently more children. The principle of synergy.

Here are the estimated costs for the network of our home kindergartens:

– apartment rental – 55 000–70 000 rubles. (depends on the district and the footage of the apartment) + the same deposit, the realtor – 50%, if you’re lucky, or 100%;
– furniture (tables, chairs, beds, racks for toys, etc.) – 200 000 rubles.;

– Advertising on the Internet: site – 40,000 rubles., Promotion – 12,000 rubles. per month, banners – 8000 rubles. in months).

In total, 400,000 rubles. You can meet it.

expected effect

During the time that the child is in the kindergarten (somewhere it’s 3-4 hours, somewhere 8-10), the staff has the right:

• play with him;

• feed him the food that is agreed with the parents;

• spend time with him in the fresh air.

My average profit is 10,000 rubles. from the group. But this is unstable, especially in the summer: everyone is dispersed, and most importantly – to earn money for renting an apartment and for the teacher. When the group is one, it may happen that there will be 2 people left for the summer, and this is not enough even for rent. In this case, we save money every month for a year. ”

“If adults are passionate about something and enthusiastically devote themselves to this cause, children next to such adults are very good! And parents are involved in this process.

We are preparing for the holidays, together with our parents we make gifts for children with our own hands, we sew, knit, and weave from wool. Then we celebrate together and at the end we have a tea party. We are like one big large family!

Home kindergarten is not a business. Too much responsibility, which cannot be offset by the money that sometimes manages to earn. We have been working for the 14th year. Now my children are 24, 20, 17 and the youngest is 11 years old. They have long grown from a garden age. And the gardens continue to work, because people need them. Those who bring their children to us, and those who work with us. This is a living organism that cannot be taken and closed like a store. ”

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