Games for babies from 6 to 12 months

The game is an integral and most important part of the baby’s life. In infants, the sensory organs – hearing, sight, smell, touch, and also motor skills are in their infancy. It is during the game that the baby will improve motor skills, learn the world around him, develop speech, attention, and intelligence.

Games with a 6 month old baby should motivate him to take action. For 8-month-old babies, preparation for walking is important. By 10 months, you can already begin to learn role-playing games.

The task of parents is not only to provide comfort to their baby, but also to contribute in every way to his psycho-emotional and physical development. In this they will help developing games and exercises.

Features of the development of children 6-12 months

In children, neuropsychic and motor development are directly related. The lag of motor skills causes lag and mental development, as it limits the baby’s ability to perceive the world around him and makes it difficult to actively manipulate objects. Therefore, games in the second half of the baby’s life should contribute to both physical and mental development.

By the end of the second half of the year, the baby will learn to walk independently, to navigate well in a familiar environment, to contact with adults. He will have elements of active speech, he will sing songs and dance squatting.

Organization of games for children of the 2nd half of the year:

  • The time of the games is selected taking into account the mode of the baby (wakefulness, after eating).
  • Mandatory interest of the child, if he does not want to perform any actions, turns away, is naughty – do not insist, postpone until a more appropriate time.
  • Be guided by the principle – from simple to complex. Teach your baby how to manipulate simple things: a spoon, a cup, a cube, a ball.
  • Positive emotional attitude – the baby is able to distinguish your facial expressions and adequately respond to it.
Development and games of children of 6-7 months

The main tricks of playing with a 6-month-old baby are to encourage him to act, that is, to imitate your behavior. The kid does not know the purpose of objects, he only has to learn this with your help, and knowledge is presented to him in a playful way.

In games for a 6-month-old child, a gesture method is used when musical songs are accompanied by appropriate gestures, such as “Ladushki”, “Geese-Geese”. This develops auditory and visual perception in children. Over time, the baby himself reproduces all the gestures, hearing a familiar tune.

Games for babies of 6 months are carried out taking into account the development of its motor functions. The kid is interested in a new toy, seeks to capture it, but his actions are primitive – to shake, throw it away.

Games and toys:

  • Musical rattles. They are selected with a different sound and so that it is convenient for the child to grab and hold them in his hand.
  • The game of drum. They complete things with different sounds (bowls, unbreakable dishes, pan covers). Plastic and metal spoons hit an impromptu drum.
  • Musical toys-tumblers to develop a causal relationship. Shook the toy – there was a sound.
  • Boxes of different sizes. The kid is trying to insert one into the other, which ensures the development of an eye and fine motor skills.
  • Hide and seek. Hide the toy in front of the baby. Encourage your baby to search.
  • Games in the bathroom. Hygienic procedures can be turned into fun entertainment. Teach your kid to draw and pour water from plastic cups, arrange swimming to race rubber ducklings, diving plastic dolphins.
  • Pyramid Not only removes the rings, but also tries to put them on, coordinating actions with two hands.
  • Throwing a ball. Throws a ball out of the crib, playpen.
  • They drove, rode. They put the kid on his knees, quietly swinging, singing a song: “We drove, went to the forest for nuts, suddenly a hole – bang!”, With these words the knees are opened, and the child seems to fall into the hole. This game develops the vestibular apparatus. Such games for a 7-month-old baby also train the vestibular apparatus.
  • The magic bag. Sew or pick up a bag of opaque fabric with a small hole so that the baby’s hand passes there. Fill it with small toys, balls, cubes. Let the child take out the toys one at a time.
  • Airplane. The parent takes the child in outstretched arms, smoothly raises and lowers him, moving in a circle. At this time, it makes sounds that mimic the buzz of an airplane.
  • Fitball – riding a ball. They put the baby on the ball with the tummy, holding it with their hand, make swaying back and forth, left and right, gradually increasing the amplitude of movement.

At the seventh month, the baby is already sitting well, maintaining balance; gets on all fours, tries to crawl, strive to stand on its legs, holding on to the headboard. From seven months, he distinguishes between relatives, does not go to the hands of strangers.

Often, inexperienced parents simply do not know how to play with a 7-month-old baby. It is enough to understand that games for a 7-month-old baby are changing due to the fact that the baby is sitting steadily and manipulating his hands more confidently. In games with a child of 7 months, dad must participate.

Educational games for children of 7 months consist of soft fabric or wooden books with bright illustrations. Images of animals, trees, flowers in the pictures should be realistic. Describing the drawings, pay attention to the characteristic features: “The dog barks woof-woof”, “Kitty meow-meow”.

Used toys with different fillers in the form of fine sand or foam. Feeling them with his fingers, the child receives all kinds of tactile sensations, fine motor skills develop. To play with a child of 7 months, you can independently make small bags and put different types of cereals there (peas, beans, semolina, buckwheat).

Since at this age the baby is already trying to reproduce the syllables: “ma, pa, ba”, the developmental games for a 7-month-old child should include elements that stimulate the baby to sound pronunciation: “How does the clock go? Tick-tock

It is impractical for a baby to buy difficult-to-play toys, the child will still perform the same type of actions: knock, throw on the floor. Games with a 7-month-old baby include physical exercise so that the baby learns to crawl.

Pediatricians do not get tired of explaining to impatient parents who dream that their child should soon get on their feet, that crawling for a child of seven months is the most important stage in preparing for walking. The muscles of the back and legs are strengthened, the spatial orientation develops (choice of direction to your favorite toy).

To play with a 7-month-old baby, create a safe place on the floor and encourage crawling. Stand on all fours yourself, arrange a game of catch-up.

Educational games for a baby of 7 months

Rules for the selection and storage of toys:

  • Security. Toys should not contain small parts, do not have sharp hurt corners, toxic substances should not be present in the composition of the material and paints.
  • Cleanliness. Possibility of wet processing.
  • Realism. Toys in the form of animals should be made in a real manner. Not recommended blue hares and pink elephants.
  • Hygiene. Paper books and soft toys are not recommended for infants, as these are hotbeds of microbes, for example, staphylococcus aureus persists when dried on objects for several weeks.
Cognitive activities and games with children of 8–9 months

For an 8-month-old baby, active movements in games become more purposeful. With the help of the hands, the baby sits from a position on his back and on his stomach, crawls well, and gets up on his feet with support. He carefully examines the toy, shifts it from one hand to another. Therefore, games with an 8-month-old baby are becoming more complicated.

All types of educational games for an 8-month-old child are divided into mobile and calm, accustoming the child to perseverance. In outdoor games, the participation of family members is desirable. As a rule, the baby really likes them, and he is fond of them for a long time.

Games with a child of 8 months – mobile, preparing the child for an important stage of development – walking:

  • Hide and seek.
  • Catching up.
  • Games in the bathroom. In addition to the usual transfusion of water, give the child a sponge soaked in shampoo “no tears”. Squeezing, unclenching the sponge is very useful for the muscles of the hand.

How to play to develop more accurate coordinated actions? Continue classes with pyramids, boxes with different holes in the form of a circle, square, triangle and corresponding figures to them.

At eight months, the baby is already available for manipulation with nested dolls. Show how a little nesting doll hides in a big one. Start with two, gradually increasing the number of nesting dolls.

Educational games for 8 month old children include building with blocks. Cubes should be light, colorful. In addition to practicing precise coordination of movements (construction of paths, towers), the child will remember colors.

At home for children of 8 months, you can come up with a large number of educational games. In the process of caring for the baby, accompany all your actions with comments, for example, “Now we wash the clean hands, wipe each finger. Where are our fingers? ” If this is done continuously, the baby will quickly learn to distinguish between parts of his body and household items.

Joint games with an 8-month-old baby strengthen family relationships. Let dad take on outdoor games and activities:

  • A game of horse. The kid lies on his father’s back, hugging his neck with his hands. Dad on all fours moves around the room, making sounds imitating a horse neighing.
  • Riding on the “swing”. Dad, sitting on an armchair, sits the baby on his foot, holds him by the arms. Swings the leg up and down.
  • Obstacle course. On the carpet on which the baby crawls, scatter a mass of small pillows. Observe the action of the child when approaching the obstacle – it will go around and try to push it by hand. A very useful quick-witted game with an 8-month-old baby.

You can organize musical dance games with an 8-month-old baby. By the eighth month, the baby with support is already standing, provocative music is turning on, the parents begin to dance, the baby, imitating them, begins to squat or stomp a leg.

The development of a child at 9 months is associated with the expansion of his living space. He carefully watches the adults, reacts to their facial expressions and gestures. Upon request, shows some items that can play with several toys. Games with a child at 9 months are complicated.

Two identical pyramids are selected, but of a different color. Mix colors, the task is to collect a one-color pyramid.

Games for a 9-month-old baby include reading short rhythmic verses (children’s classics Barto, Marshak).

Educational games for a 9-month-old child are presented with a set of finger puppet theater. It is a set of different characters made of fabrics. They put on their fingers, and the performance is played out according to simple fairy tales “Turnip”, “Ryaba Chicken”. At first, the 9-month-old baby acts as a spectator, but then he is entrusted with a “role without words”.

Games with a child at 9 months should encourage the baby to actively participate in them. During reading, the child at the request of an adult points to a particular subject. Reproduces gestures with genre songs: “Shu, flew, sat on my head.”

In a game with a 9-month-old baby, we develop fine motor skills, vestibular apparatus, imagination, and hearing. In games with a 9-month-old child, more complex toys are already participating – dolls, cars. The foundations of role-playing games are laid – the doll is rocking, the car is traveling.

Games for the development of a child of 9 months are held with the obligatory presence of adults. Otherwise, the child’s attention quickly dissipates, and interest in the game disappears. Read more about the development of a 9-month-old baby →

Games and activities for a child of 10-12 months

At the tenth month, the baby makes obvious progress – with the support of the hand walks, imitates some movements of adults, partially understands the speech addressed to him. Educational games for children of 10 months are selected taking into account already achieved skills. More about baby development at 10 months →

You can play with your child in large puzzles consisting of 3-4 parts with animal fragments. The kid will develop well during games with children close in age.

How to play with a baby in 10 months? There are a large number of educational games for children, including a 10-month-old child.

Educational toys for children 10-12 months:

  • Carts, wheelchairs in the form of animals and birds – coordination of movement is being worked out.
  • Musical instruments – a toy piano or xylophone – enhance motor-visual coordination.
  • Toys imitating technical devices – phone, tablet, imitation of an adult conversation with sounds and gestures (elements of game activity).
  • Yula – type of carousel with animals.

Games with a 10-month-old baby are already meaningful. Until very recently, the kid, regardless of the purpose of the toy, acted the same way – he knocked, waved, threw, now he rolls the car, cradles the doll, “speaks” on the phone.

How much to play with a child

Playing with a 6–7-month-old baby is possible for 10–15 minutes. According to their physiological characteristics, playing with a child for 7 months cannot last for a long time due to insufficient development of the infant’s nervous system. An effective method of retaining a child’s interest in classes is the alternation of calm games with noisy, moving ones.

Games with a 9-month-old baby can be played for up to half an hour, at this age the baby is able to independently play the game that interests him. Games with a child of 10 months and older resemble role-playing games.

Attentive parents will notice signs of fatigue of the baby and stop the game in time. Overexcitation is dangerous for the child’s nervous system. Instead of joy and fun, you can get crying and tantrum.

The upbringing and development of the child is a creative process. Imagine, invent, invent, create. Even if you fill up the entire nursery with beautiful and expensive toys, but you yourself will not play with the baby, they will not bring him any benefit.

With love and zeal, having made many toys with your own hands, studying and playing with your baby every free minute, you will give him the most important thing – the happiness and joy of communicating with you. And although now he is such a crumb – the memory of your mother’s warmth will warm him all his life.

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