How to breastfeed: tips for young mothers

Usually, owners of breasts of size D and more perceive it as a virtue that is emphasized in every way. Everything changes dramatically with the birth of the baby.

From this moment, the large breasts begin to cause inconvenience. If she does not strive to cover the face of the crumbs, then she definitely does not allow to take a comfortable position for feeding. And it’s difficult for a newborn to capture a large halo of a nipple as recommended by breastfeeding consultants and pediatric books.

All this causes a young mother a real panic, and we realized that it would be better to transfer the child to the mixture. Pull yourself together and do not rush to interrupt lactation due to the first difficulties. Our tips will help you make breastfeeding comfortable.

Comfortable feeding position

To get rid of the inconvenience of breastfeeding, breastfeeding consultants recommend taking comfortable poses for mom and baby:

  1. It is most convenient to feed lying on your side. Find the most comfortable position for yourself on the bed and lay the baby so that its face is on your chest, while holding the baby’s head and neck with your hand. Remaining in this position, try to relax and do not make sudden movements.
  2. You can put the baby to the chest, and lie down yourself, turning a little on your side – so that the chest slightly deviates to the side. In this position, the baby, who does not yet hold the head, will be more convenient.
  3. Sometimes it’s more convenient to feed the baby on the changing table. In this case, the chest is completely on the table. The only negative – mom has to stand.
  4. Optimal for a lush bust to feed from under the arm. Put your baby on a pillow, take a comfortable position on the bed and place the child in your armpit.
  5. The classic “cradle” pose will be convenient if you lay the crumb not on your knees, but on the pillow. You need to feed, leaning back in the sofa or chair.

Proper baby grip

A serious problem when breastfeeding is created by enlarged halos of the nipples. The baby does not manage to capture such a halo completely, so it may not be full, although it sucks for a long time. Moms often have cracks in their nipples because of this.

That is why it is important to insert the nipple into the baby’s rock as deep as possible. To achieve this, make a crease from the chest parallel to the lips of the baby and insert the nipple when it opens its mouth wide. The halo entirely will still not be in the mouth, but most of it will be involved.

Accessories for comfortable feeding

Quickly arrange breastfeeding, get rid of discomfort and learn how to enjoy the process itself will help you useful devices.

Pillow for feeding

During pregnancy, you probably used a C-shaped pillow (How to choose a pillow for pregnant women). It will come in handy when feeding crumbs. If you put it under the baby, then the chest will not cover his face. Even with such a pillow, you will not need to lean on your elbow, so that even a long feeding will become comfortable.

Nursing Bra

A special nursing bra helps maintain the shape of the breast during lactation. It also facilitates the process itself. Such a bra does not need to be removed – you can only expose the nipple to feed the baby.

Breast pump

Moms with a lush bust often stagnate, although this is not related to the size of their breasts (many people think that more milk will form in more large milk than in small). In fact, the cause of stagnation of milk is the improper grip of the nipple in crumbs. In such cases, a breast pump comes to the rescue. Express milk to them until the breast becomes soft – and gradually the feeding becomes comfortable.

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