Infant Scoliosis

In the last century, scoliosis was usually found in children 10-12 years old, now doctors are increasingly talking about infant or infantile scoliosis, which is diagnosed in babies under the age of 3 years. This is most likely due to regular visits to the clinic in the first year of life and strict medical supervision in kindergartens.

Scoliosis is the curvature of the spine to the right or left in the frontal plane. Most often, a simple curvature occurs with one bend in one direction or another. Complex curvature with several bends in different directions is a rare phenomenon.

Usually infantile scoliosis is associated with muscle dystonia. As soon as the baby’s muscle tone is normalized, the orthopedist removes the diagnosis. The cause can also be complications during pregnancy and childbirth, a deficiency of calcium, vitamins D and B, a hereditary predisposition, and insufficient motor activity of the baby.

Home test

At the initial stage, it is not easy to identify scoliosis, because the baby does not feel any discomfort. But parents can still notice something was wrong. If the child is not yet standing on his own, any asymmetry of the folds on the body and limbs requires consultation with an orthopedist or neurologist. If the baby can already stand, do a simple home test. Undress the baby, turn your back to yourself and ask to stand upright: to connect the heels together, to extend the arms along the body.

The line of the spine from the back of the head to the tailbone should be straight, the seventh cervical vertebra and tailbone should be on the same strictly vertical line, and the left and right ear, left and right shoulder pads, left and right shoulder blades should be at the same level. The blades must be symmetrical and equally convex. Invite your child to lie on his stomach. If the curvature has disappeared, then most likely it is not scoliosis,

If during the inspection, something is alarming, you need to go to the orthopedist. The correct diagnosis can only be made by a doctor. If there is a suspicion of scoliosis, an x-ray is prescribed, in difficult cases, an MRI diagnosis.

Physical education and massage

In the initial stage, scoliosis is not dangerous. If you see a doctor in time, the development of the disease can be easily prevented. Otherwise, the vertebrae will continue to move, which can lead to asymmetry of the muscles, pinching of the nerve endings that are next to the spine. Headaches, back pain, chest and lower back pain, malfunctioning of the internal organs begin.

As a treatment, physiotherapy exercises, massage, physiotherapy are usually prescribed, which help restore the correct position of the vertebrae and strengthen the muscles of the back. In rare cases, with severe curvature, a corset may be prescribed. Usually, improvements occur literally in 2-3 months. In the future, the treatment should be repeated periodically, and corrective gymnastics will have to be done constantly.

Strict requirements

All classes (modeling, drawing, application, etc.) with crumbs should be held at the table. If you engage on the floor, becoming taller, he, to reduce the distance from the eyes to the floor, will begin to stoop, twist and take an uncomfortable position for the spine.

Scoliosis Prevention

Natural curves of the spine are formed in stages. First, a bend is formed in the neck (cervical lordosis). For everything to go right, up to a year, the child should sleep without a pillow. You can buy it later, but it should be flat and small – reach the maximum to the shoulders. The baby should sleep on a solid, dense, but elastic mattress, so that during sleep the spine does not bend.

When the child begins to sit, another 2 bends form: in the thoracic and lumbar regions (kyphosis and lumbar lordosis). It is important to wait until the baby sits on its own, holding its back in an upright position; it is not necessary to plant it ahead of time, otherwise chest-lumbar kyphosis may form – the so-called “round back”.

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