Mlekoin for lactation, features and rules for admission

Lack of breast milk is becoming a problem for many young mothers. According to statistics, half of women in labor experience a decrease in lactation. You can cope with the situation with the help of special lactogonics, which include Mlekoin.

Features of the drug Mlekoin

Mlekoin is not a medicine. This is a homeopathic medicine that helps to establish lactation in the first week after birth.

Mlekoin – a homeopathic medicine that is taken to increase lactation

Mlekoin is recommended for use with:

  • reduced lactation;
  • stagnation of breast milk, mastitis;
  • lactational crises;
  • agalactia – a complication of the postpartum period, which is characterized by a complete lack of nutrient fluid in women.
Composition and form of release

Mlekoin is available in the form of whitish granules. In one pack 10 g of substance.

Mlekoin produced in the form of small granules of white color

The preparation uses only natural ingredients:

  • lumbago (pulsatilla pratensis) – helps to eliminate venous stasis, which often occurs in women in the postpartum period, helps to improve lactation, has a calming, bactericidal effect;
  • agnus cactus (vitex agnus castus) – has a calming and easy laxative effect, accelerates the healing of cracks in the nipples, increases lactation, removes feelings of anxiety, improves the functioning of the endocrine system;
  • stinging nettle (urtica urens) – has an antiviral effect, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, enhances the production of breast milk, helps to normalize metabolism.

The composition of Mlekoin contains only plant components that have a mild effect on the woman’s body

Admission Rules

Mlekoin is recommended to eat before meals in the morning and evening. Granules are placed under the tongue and dissolve until completely dissolved. The duration of therapy and dosage are calculated individually. The instructions indicate that with insufficient volume of milk, the intake of the drug can last throughout the entire period of feeding.

To quickly increase lactation, other techniques to increase milk production should be additionally applied: observe the schedule for putting the baby to the chest, drink more liquid.

Contraindications and side effects

There are no special contraindications to taking Mlekoin, as well as side effects. Only if a woman has hypersensitivity to certain components, the drug is not recommended. This can lead to an allergic reaction, rash, or itching.

The active components of the drug are added to sugar grains, which

Advantages and disadvantages of granules

The main advantage of Mlekoin is that it is a completely herbal preparation without various chemical additives. Therefore, only in rare cases can it cause unwanted symptoms in the form of an allergy. In addition, granules reduce the risk of mastitis, have a calming effect on the nervous system, contribute to the normalization of hormonal levels, reduce pain, have a beneficial effect on the functioning of the mammary glands and help to establish the process of breastfeeding.

But official medicine is skeptical of homeopathic medicines, considering them a “dummy”. Doctors say that the production of milk when they are taken by a nursing mother increases only due to full confidence in a positive result.

Mlekoin helps young mothers solve problems with a lack of breast milk

Analogs, comparison with Apilak

Currently, there are no analogues of Mlekoin in composition, however, there are products on sale with a similar effect:

  • Apilak;
  • Lactogon;
  • Leptaden.

Often, lactating women have a choice between Apilak and Mlekoin, since the price for them is almost the same. It should be borne in mind that Apilac is not a homeopathic remedy. It is a certified medical product. It contains bee milk, which is the strongest allergen, so the medication can not be used immediately after childbirth. In addition, they take it in a strictly limited course, unlike Mlekoin.

Apilak has a general tonic effect, increases the body’s resistance to stress, helps to increase lactation in the postpartum period. Lactogon is recommended for women who have a shortage of breast milk. Leptaden – an Ayurvedic drug recommended for the normalization of lactation

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