On which broth to cook soup for the baby?

Soups in Russia have long been endowed with healing properties. But, according to experts, the traditional recipe is not so useful for a small child. Therefore, in order for this dish to benefit the crumbs, something in it will have to be changed.

Modern nutritionists recommend introducing soups into the baby’s diet after 1 year. At first it should be vegetarian soups, and closer to 1.5 years, the first dish can already be cooked in meat or fish broth.

You should not depart from this scheme, because in such soups the concentration of extractives is much higher than in vegetable ones. And since extractive substances have great stimulating activity, they create an excessive load for the immature digestive system of the crumbs. That’s why over the recipe for such soups, especially on meat broth, have to conjure.

Healthy diet

Soups on meat and fish broths are best given crumbs no more than 3 times a week. Start with 1-2 tsp. and in 7-10 days, bring the portion to 20-30 ml. After a couple of months, focusing on the baby’s appetite, you can already give soup in the range of 180-240 ml.

Fluid and light

If you cook meat broth according to the usual pattern, the concentration of extractives in it will be too high. The “right” soup should be fluid and light. Due to the fact that it lacks nutrients, vitamins and mineral salts, it will not create problems for digestion. Moreover, he will perfectly fulfill his main mission – to stimulate the production of gastric juice and thereby significantly facilitate the assimilation of subsequent dishes.

In order for the meat broth to acquire such useful qualities, it must be prepared on the “second” broth, in which the concentration of fat and extractives is much lower. To achieve this effect, it is necessary to pour meat with cold water and immediately after boiling, when most of the flavoring substances pass into the broth, drain the broth and again pour the meat with cold water. If you put the key ingredient in boiling water,

Boneless only

In order for the soup to be “right,” the source products must meet certain requirements. Meat broths for children should be prepared from lean and necessarily sirloin parts of beef, veal or pork. Fatty mutton and bones are not suitable for such purposes. Substances harmful to the digestive system, which impede the functioning of the pancreas and gastrointestinal tract, are digested from fat and bones.

But the turkey, chicken and rabbit can be safely used with bones: they are small (just remember to remove the skin from the chicken). For the first fish broths, choose low-fat varieties: cod, perch, pike perch. You can cook the fillet or just the head and tail. Before serving, any fish soup should be filtered to remove small particles of bone.

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