Description of creams and ointments that help fight nipple cracks

The joy of applying a baby to the chest often accompanies an unpleasant phenomenon – cracks in the juices. A woman experiences quite painful sensations.

Therefore, instead of watching with emotion how the baby sucks milk, Mommy dreams that the feeding will end as soon as possible.

Tolerate this is not worth it. There are many tools that help get rid of the problem. Special creams work effectively. Their components contribute to the healing of cracks, prevent the penetration of infections and have an analgesic effect.

The details of these products will be interesting for women experiencing discomfort while the baby is gripping the nipple.

Breastfeeding for joy

One of the happiest periods in a woman’s life is when the baby is breast-fed. Moments of applying crumbs to the chest should not be clouded by pain and other troubles. Sometimes, especially in the first stage, the nipples crack. If you leave this problem unattended, it is exacerbated.

Often women make the wrong decision: endure and wait until everything goes by itself. But the cracks formed on the nipples during feeding each time become deeper. There is a serious threat to health. An infection can get into the wounds. Then the inflammatory process will follow. This will call into question not only the health of the mother, but also the possibility of further breastfeeding.

It is necessary to treat cracks in the nipples without fail. Fortunately, in the modern world there are many means for this purpose. The only question is which ones to use. Some women use gels. Others buy balm at the pharmacy. But most nursing mothers prefer ointments or take cream from cracks in the nipples.

It is difficult to say unequivocally which drug is the most effective. Means intended for healing cracks in the nipples of the nursing, differ in composition. For example, Bepanten and Panthenol have a wound healing and antiseptic effect due to dexpanthenol. And the ointment from cracks in the nipples of Vulnuzan works thanks to components of natural origin. Quite popular are preparations based on lanolin – animal wax, which is obtained in the process of sheep wool digestion.

A lot can be understood by studying the feedback of those who already have similar experience. Lactating women praise creams such as Bepanten, Sudokrem, Lanovit, Purelan. All of these drugs are safe. They are specially designed to treat damaged tissues of the skin, including nipples. But if a woman independently finds it difficult to make a choice, it is better to ask the doctors how to treat.

What is the principle of choosing a remedy?

If it comes to prevention, an ordinary baby cream may well come down. It will soften and moisturize the skin. But the main reason for the appearance of cracks is drying out.

Nipples will not crack in the case of the use of creams with such active substances:

  • Group B vitamin (pantothenic acid derivative);
  • lanolin;
  • vegetable oils;
  • Centella asiatica.

It is recommended to buy a cream for the prevention of cracks in the nipples even before childbirth. It is best to start using it from the first days of feeding the baby.

When cracks have already appeared, a special tool smear the nipples regularly. Panthenol or any of its analogues is suitable. It is also appropriate to use PureLan 100, Sanosan or Mama Comfort for healing. This list can be continued.

Deep cracks in the nipples with gua should be treated with stronger drugs. In such cases, Actovegin will help. And a drug based on an antibiotic will be needed if bacterial flora has already joined, inflammation has begun and a woman complains of severe pain. In inflammatory processes, a synthomycin ointment is prescribed. She successfully fights bacteria due to the presence of an antibiotic.

It is the doctor who can determine what to treat the damaged surface with. A specialist should first examine a woman to understand how serious the problem is.

Rating of remedies for nipple cracks

To alleviate the problem of choice, it is worth knowing the features of popular drugs created for the healing of cracks in the nipples. Consider the options for the best creams and ointments.

Product name The main active substance general characteristics Effects on irritated nipples and cracks on their surface
1 Bepanten Dexpanthenol The cream is available in 30 ml tubes. It is quickly absorbed into the affected tissue. Bepanten is the most popular drug in women in labor. The cream is so fast-acting that for the onset of the effect, the interval between feedings is sufficient. relieves irritation;
promotes healing;
normalizes the metabolic process at the cellular level;
accelerates regeneration;
relieves inflammation;
2 Panthenol Means for external use. It has various forms of release. The cream is sold in tubes. There is a choice of tube size (25, 30, 50 ml). It does not contain additives that can be harmful to health. Safe for both women and babies. destroys bacteria;
stops inflammatory processes;
accelerates healing by stimulating cell regeneration;
relieves irritation;
restores the strength of collagen fibers.
3 Mamacare Hypoallergenic cream-balm. The volume of the tube is 50 ml. The composition includes an omega complex, as well as sea buckthorn oil. Enriched with vitamin E. The product does not contain preservatives. Suitable for the treatment of nipple cracks and the prevention of this phenomenon. has a healing effect;
increases barrier function;
promotes tissue regeneration;
eliminates inflammation;
softens the surface.
4 Sudokrem Zinc oxide Means for topical use. Packed up in banks. In one can can be 60 or 125 g of a substance of dense consistency. After using the cream, a thin transparent film is formed. In addition to zinc oxide, the formula of the product includes components such as benzyl benzoate, benzyl cinnamate and benzyl alcohol. Additional ingredients are present, including wax, lanolin, lavender oil, citric acid. has an astringent and absorbing effect;
prevents the penetration of infections;
acts as an antiseptic;
relieves inflammation;
forms a protective barrier;
accelerates tissue renewal.
5 Medela PureLan 100 Lanolin Means based on medical lanolin. Smell and taste are absent. Safe for health. It does not cause allergies. It features a delicate texture. The substance is translucent in appearance. On the surface of the nipples melts. It is sold in tubes of different sizes: large – 37 ml, mini-version – 7 ml. nourishes;
prevents drying out;
creates a protective barrier;
eliminates the feeling of discomfort;
promotes fast healing.
6 Pigeon nipple care cream Thick cream of a pale yellow color. In contact with the skin begins to melt. The safety of the cream is confirmed by dermatologists and pediatricians. Does not provoke allergic reactions. It does not contain harmful components. Does not affect the taste of breast milk. Available in tubes of 50 g. heals cracks on the surface of the nipples;
takes care of dry skin;
softens the surface;
relieves pain;
prevents the appearance of new damage.
7 Sanosan Designed for outdoor use. At the heart of the product is animal fat. Cream thick texture. On the surface of the nipple begins to spread and forms a protective film. Packed in tubes with a volume of 50 ml. softens;
relieves irritation;
speeds up the healing process;
prevents the penetration of pathogens;
has a moisturizing effect;
stops the pain.
8 Lanovit The cream was created to treat cracks in the nipples and to prevent such. Health safe product. Natural product suitable for dry and irritated skin. There are no preservatives or other harmful substances in the cream. An additional ingredient is sea buckthorn oil. Has a mild odor. Sold at 30 ml per tube. heals;
makes fabrics soft;
relieves irritation;
relieves pain;
prevents drying of the surface of the nipples.
9 Mama comfort Lanolin and natural oils Means of liquid consistency. Yellow color. The product is hypoallergenic. It is quickly absorbed. Solves problems purposefully. The composition includes peach, buckwheat and wheat oils. Also contains aloe vera extract. Packed in bottles with dispensers. Volume 30 ml. stimulates regeneration;
accelerates the healing of cracks;
protects the surface from new damage;
prevents drying out;
eliminates discomfort;
makes the skin surface soft and supple.
10 Maternea Natural oils 20 ml of cream in one tube. Hypoallergenic. It does not contain harmful substances. It has a pleasant smell. The expected effect is due to the oils included (cocoa, coconut, jojoba). It can be used so that the nipples do not crack for the skin of the chest. soothing;
prevents cracking;
softens the skin;
promotes healing.
eleven Vulnuzan The mother liquor of Pomorie Lake Ointment based on natural ingredients. Product for external use. It is used strictly as prescribed by the attending physician. Among the additional components are lanolin and castor oil. Sold in tubes with a capacity of 45 g. relieves inflammation;
inhibits the vital activity of bacteria, prevents their penetration into the tissues of the human body;
accelerates cell renewal;
soothes irritated skin;
softens and moisturizes.
12 BABÉ Laboratorios Centella Asian Nipple care product for lactation. It is recommended to start using in the third trimester of pregnancy. Perfectly safe for mom and baby. In addition to the main component, it contains calendula and vitamin E. The cream is packaged in 30 ml tubes. eliminates irritation;
stimulates regeneration;
has an anti-inflammatory effect;
prevents the growth of bacterial flora;
increases elasticity;
prevents cracking;
returns a sense of comfort.
thirteen We see Retinol (Vitamin A) Topical ointment. One tube contains 10 or 35 g of the product. Among the additional substances: glycerin, wax, paraffin oil. Use is allowed only after consulting a doctor. restores damaged tissue;
qualitatively softens the skin;
prevents the compaction of the stratum corneum;
prevents peeling.
14 Radevit Product for outdoor use. The ointment in tubes of 35 g. In addition to retinol, contains two more vitamins, namely, E and D. The formula includes liquid paraffin, emulsion wax, glycerin. The product contains ethyl alcohol. You can apply, coordinating your actions with doctors. affects the process of tissue repair;
contributes to the rapid growth of epidermal cells;
stops inflammatory processes;
prevents coarsening of the surface of the nipples;
preserves the natural elasticity of tissues;
eliminates itching and other uncomfortable sensations.
fifteen Actovegin Deproteinized hemoderivative of calf blood. Cream of white color, medium consistency. Heals deep cracks in the nipples. Intended for local use. The tool penetrates deep into the tissues. stimulates metabolic processes;
has a pronounced wound healing effect;
relieves pain;
stops inflammation;

It is difficult to choose the right product yourself. It is not enough to know which cream is the most effective. You need to use a tool that will really work perfectly in a particular case. Therefore, if the nipple is cracking, it should still be shown to the doctor. No wonder they write on each instruction that self-medication can be dangerous.

How to use?

As a rule, a cream or other product recommended for healing nipple cracks needs to be smeared several times a day. It is better to do this after feeding the baby. It is enough to repeat the procedure 2-3 times during the day. Apply a cream or ointment with a thin layer.

Most products that are used to heal cracks need to be washed off before feeding the baby. Otherwise, the constituent substances will fall into the body of crumbs. If this does not bring significant harm, then it certainly will not be useful. Some ingredients can cause an upset digestive tract or an allergy in babies. It is not necessary to wash off only ointments and creams based on lanolin and natural oils.

Other applications

A cream acquired for the treatment of affected nipples may also be useful for other purposes.

The same products, depending on the composition, are used in such cases:

  • Dermatitis treatment;
  • Treatment of the skin of the baby in the presence of irritation, rashes, diaper rash;
  • Elimination of itching, irritation, inflammation after an insect bite;
  • Disinfection of scratches, cuts and other wounds;
  • Healing burns;
  • Skin treatment after mild frostbite;
  • Bedsores treatment;
  • Care for problem skin.

The presence in the medicine cabinet of a tool such as Bepanten or any other similar action is mandatory in every home. No one is safe from such cases as minor injuries, cuts, burns. A product purchased for the treatment of cracks in juices and unused for its intended purpose can be useful more than once in the future.

Do not spare funds for the purchase of a drug for the care of nipples during lactation. A good cream will bring the expected benefits. A woman will not have to cry out in pain when the baby grabs the nipple with her mouth. The process of breastfeeding will be comfortable and bring mommy true joy.

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