Choose a gift for the nine-year-old birthday

Nine years old – a time to enjoy life and discover new facets. It’s great when a gift gives a birthday boy sincere joy, while at the same time benefiting him and expanding the circle of interests.

The choice will become easier if you know the tastes of a boy or girl well, but there are things that are always relevant and will appeal to even the most selective children.

Birthday for a child is always the expectation of a miracle. And the task of adults is to help the fairy tale come true. Especially when it comes to the age of nine, when a boy or girl already has its own tastes and preferences.

Active games with friends are combined with calm hobbies among children, many seriously engage in sports or have a different hobby. Nine-year-olds already know a lot, are able and quite picky about choosing toys and other things.

Toys are still relevant

Nine years is no reason to refuse toys. Choosing a present, it is necessary to consider not only age, but also the nature and interests of the child. Girls do not cease to love dolls, and boys do it with cars.

Adult games

There are game sets on sale that help children try themselves as adults and learn various professions: cook, designer, doctor, auto mechanic, etc.

Therefore, appropriate gifts will be:

  • toy furniture;
  • a set of dishes or clothes for dolls;
  • radio-controlled car (an interesting option – moving along the wall);
  • children’s workshop for car repair.

Unlike toys for babies, these will already be more realistic options: the same set of dishes you need to choose more intricate, including a whisk, rolling pin, baking dish, egg container, slotted spoon, etc.

Robots and dolls

Nine-year-old children already have a sense of responsibility, so they can already be given ceramic or clay figurines – they will teach how to take care of things.

It can be graceful dolls or cartoon characters:

  • a robot (for example, based on the movie “Iron Man”) that can move, make sounds and give light signals (moreover, it can be just luminous parts, or shots with a laser beam);
  • stylish transformer;
  • Baby Bourne is a doll that you can feed and change clothes. This toy can laugh, cry, call mom. Many models eat from a bottle and require a timely change of diapers.
Constructors for developing spatial thinking

Nine years is the time to develop design skills. Recently popular:

  • 3D designers with which you can create not only models of ships and aircraft, but also dolls, castles, the Eiffel Tower, etc.;
  • variations on the LEGO theme. For example, the Mignon constructor will allow the birthday man to “revive” the beloved cartoon character, while developing fine motor skills;
  • LEGO with electronic components: the control unit is included in the kit, which makes it possible to program the created model (animal, human, equipment, etc.) to perform specific actions. They control such a robot using a computer or smartphone (via a USB cable). It should be noted that such a toy is not cheap.
Toy pets

Many boys and girls ask parents to have a pet. If this is not possible, you can give the child:

  • electronic pet: kitty or dog. Such a smart toy not only moves and makes sounds, but also executes the owner’s commands and, due to built-in programs, reacts exclusively to his voice;
  • cute fluffy little animal furby boom with funny ears and big eyes. In addition to various functions, non knows how to fall asleep, if you do not touch it for a long time, be indignant (if you pull the baby by the tail), sing along to tunes, build faces, etc.
  • a toy of a new generation – nanobugs The built-in battery creates a strong vibration that makes them move. You can play with such toy insects by building mazes and obstacles, or you can arrange collective races with friends, guessing whose bug will come to the finish line first;
  • interactive cartoon doll characters: for example, singing Elsa (from the movie Frozen), equipped with an ice microphone, or mischievous Masha (Masha and the Bear), who also sings and speaks 100 characteristic phrases from the cartoon.
We develop motor skills

Useful gifts – toys for the development of fine motor skills:

  • spinner. With it, you can surprise friends by performing various tricks. In addition, this is a stylish accessory that helps to calm down (after all, in order to recover, adults and children often twist the handle in their hands, fiddle with keys, etc.), it will be useful to children who have problems with focusing their attention. As a gift to a nine-year-old boy or girl, you can choose an original expensive model, for example, made of copper, titanium, brass, an unusual design or glowing in the dark;
  • Rubik’s Cube – a toy on which more than one generation has grown;
  • ball labyrinth – a volumetric system of paths and pipes, along which you need to roll the ball to the finish line;
  • a fingerboard is a mini-board for skating fingers, various obstacles can be attached to it.
Board games

For a birthday boy who likes to spend a lot of time with friends, various board games will become a good present.

In stores today they are presented in a huge assortment:

  • sports-oriented games – portable football, hockey, billiards, golf, etc.;
  • developing intelligence, attention, logical thinking – “Monopoly”, “Manager”;
  • games for quick reaction – for example, during the “Big wash” game of 70 cards with socks, you need to choose the right number of pairs as quickly as possible;
  • developing imagination – in the game “Impromptu” you need to make a mini-story from the proposed pictures.
Useful gifts

Of course, adults always want a gift to be beneficial, to have some practical value. Therefore, you can choose:

  • a tablet that is useful to a younger student in school;
  • computer accessories:
    • flash drive original design;
    • high-quality headphones;
    • Columns
    • a wireless mouse and a beautiful mat for it;
    • Webcam;
  • camera (budget digital model) – with it the child will be able to try himself as a photographer;
  • mobile phone;
  • stylish watches – will help a boy or girl to feel the value of time. You can choose an interesting model, for example, with a built-in navigator or geolocation (parents can see where their child is currently located through a laptop or tablet );
  • high-quality stationery, for example, a set of gel pens of various colors or a stylish pencil case;
  • a set of a home master (the kit includes a hammer, screwdrivers and other “male” accessories) – the boy will like it, and the girl will like something from the culinary field (a set for making milkshakes or ice cream).
Photo gallery: useful gifts for the birthday
Educational gifts and books

Studying at the age of nine takes a lot of time from the child, and school successes become an incentive to deepen their knowledge:

  • a child prone to research, you can give a set of a young physicist or chemist to conduct experiments. Also suitable are the sets “Science of Magnets” or “Miracles in the Kitchen”;
  • creative nature will please a burning device, an easel or a potter’s wheel. Finally, it can be a drawing case containing pencils, wax crayons and felt-tip pens of a wide variety of colors;
  • for a young intellectual, chess. It can be a set with figures of unusual design or a set with magnets, which is convenient to take on the road;
  • a variety of puzzles are suitable for developing logical thinking. For example, using the game Bad Balance you can have fun with friends. The set is a wooden hemisphere (base) and 55 figures. Players take turns taking parts from the bag and putting them on the base so that the rest of the pieces do not fall. At the same time, interesting and unique designs are obtained each time;
  • for lovers of secrets – a puzzle box for children who like to keep secrets. It was invented in China many centuries ago. The casket consists of three parts, and opening it is not so simple: first a small side shelf is pulled out, then a fastener is pulled out. Only after that access to the main department is opened, where the birthday man can put his secret things.

As always, books are a universal and developing present. Reading will broaden the horizons of the child and distract him from electronic gadgets. A nine-year-old intellectual will be delighted with a colorful encyclopedia on a topic of his interest: dinosaurs, insects, space, history, technology, etc.

A new edition of a popular children’s writer is also suitable, for example:

  • A. Volkova “The Wizard of the Emerald City”;
  • V. Dragunsky “Deniskins Stories”;
  • A. Lindgren “Carlson, who lives on the roof”;
  • S. Lagerlef “Travel of Niels with Wild Geese” and others.
Photo Gallery: Gifts for the General Development and Maintenance of Hobbies
fashion clothes

At the age of nine, the guys pay attention to their appearance. Therefore, it will be appropriate to give the boy or girl stylish jeans, sneakers, a tracksuit, a fashionable cap. A win-win option is a certificate of purchase at a clothing store.

With the help of a certificate for the purchase of clothes, the birthday boy will choose a wardrobe

Sports Gifts

At the age of nine, many children are seriously interested in sports, attend various sections. Such a hobby will facilitate the choice of a gift. It could be:

  • soccer ball;
  • folding gates (for playing outside);
  • skates;
  • rollers;
  • scooter;
  • stylish skate;
  • big gymnastic ball.

Another category of sporting goods is accessories for a particular sport that a child is fond of:

  • for a cyclist, for example, a helmet to protect his head;
  • a roller skate enthusiast will always find new knee pads useful;
  • for the karateka, by the way there will be overlays, because they periodically fail;
  • A young football fan will love the scarf with the logo of their favorite team.

A good gift option is a sports bag or backpack, where it is convenient to fold accessories for visiting the section.

Even if the child is prone to have a good time, it’s always appropriate to give him things such as a badminton kit, a treadmill for the hands or a dance mat that will help the baby show physical activity. The homebody will be interested in a treadmill, which can be put in the child’s room.

An unusual gift with a sports bias is to invite a birthday boy to play bowling.

Intangible Commemorative Presents

A birthday man is able to sincerely please not only a material gift:

  • You can simply gather his friends and invite everyone to a cafe or an amusement park;
  • imagination can be shown at home:
    • decorate a child’s room;
    • hang balloons and holiday posters;
    • put on caps for young guests;
    • invite a magician;
    • arrange contests with the presentation of mini-prizes, etc.

Impressive gifts such as:

  • visit to a shooting gallery or rope park;
  • karting;
  • a trip to the circus;
  • swimming with dolphins;
  • fascinating tour.
Original Birthday Surprise Gifts

A nine-year-old child will also enjoy small surprises. Usually they are given by peers. It could be:

  • Chinese flying lantern;
  • cool keychain;
  • fashionable luminous laces;
  • trolley stationery stand.

More expensive creative gifts with a touch of fantasy and good-natured irony:

  • T-shirt or sweatshirt with a portrait of a birthday man (which is written by a professional artist based on photography). Such a thing will take its rightful place in the wardrobe of a boy or girl;
  • bath towel, plaid or pillow with a collage of photos of the child.

As for the pillow, this element of the home interior can be very stylish, for example, in the form of a delicious donut with strawberry glaze. The birthday boy will be delighted with such a bright and soft gift.

At nine years old, many guys still do not like to go to bed in the dark, so a miniature night lamp will be very helpful. You just need to choose a model of unusual design – in the form of a small animal, fountain, planetarium, projecting light onto the ceiling and walls. The night lamp can also include the function of a piggy bank – it will not only illuminate the child’s room, but also store his “treasures”.

Younger schoolchildren like to build houses from furniture, blankets and spend time there. Therefore, the birthday boy will be very happy about the tent, for example, in the form of an Indian wigwam, all the more equipped with various attributes (rug, flags, etc.). You can take your favorite toys there and invite your friends.

An original gift for the ninth anniversary is a pirate set “In search of treasure” for holding a party. This is a large magic box containing a ready-made birthday script, props, music discs. There are games and competitions in which many children can participate at once. The party coordinator (parent, older brother or sister) just needs to run through the text of the instruction, turn on the selected music and put the pirate messages around the house. A fun pastime for children is provided, and the birthday person will definitely remember such a holiday for a long time.

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