Oncology Risk Reduction Products

In conditions of constant rush and enduring stress, we are frustrated by fast food, alcohol and other harmful food hobbies. Meanwhile, even one serving of french fries increases the risk of anomalies in the body by several tens of times.

In addition, the sedentary lifestyle, which leads a large part of the population, can also lead to unpleasant diseases.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should give up fats: after all, not all of them are harmful, for example, linseed oil or olive oil contain polyunsaturated fatty acids, which our body needs for normal functioning.

In addition to pure oil, doctors recommend eating fatty fish, nuts and pumpkin seeds. However, control the intake of fats in the body, as excess weight will also not add to your health.

What fats do the most harm?

According to doctors, the worst in our health are trans fats – those that are formed during the frying process, as well as those contained in margarine and ghee. And you can get an unnecessary dose not only by visiting a network of popular fast food restaurants, but also “poison” yourself at home. Try not to abuse fatty meat and dairy products. And moreover, fry as little as possible – it is best to bake the same chicken in the oven.

Is it really necessary to give up meat?

No, but definitely need to cut. According to statistics, lovers of sausages and smoked foods are most often found among patients with bowel cancer. Naturally, on holidays you can afford a few sandwiches with smoked sausage, but this should be limited.

The same goes for consuming kebabs and steaks on a daily basis. Of course, once a week you can treat yourself to your favorite chop, but on an ongoing basis you should include fish, poultry or rabbit meat in the diet: a great substitute for red meat.

What foods can help reduce the risk of illness?


You can use them both fresh and in the form of juice or tomato paste. Tomatoes contain a healthy substance called lycopene.

Cauliflower and Broccoli

Yes, many people choose cabbage from salad, but maybe you should try this incredibly healthy product? Broccoli contains sulforaphane, a substance that delays the development of cancer cells well.


Probably the most enjoyable product, with the use of which few people have problems. However, the drink should not be abused by people who suffer from pressure surges. Be careful!

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