Jolie and Pitt kids want to be with their father during a pandemic

Jolie and Pitt’s children are worried about the threat of coronavirus

All six children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt live with their mother. Recently, the oldest son of the Maddox couple flew to Seoul from their families, who decided to quarantine with his family.

Jolie along with the children respects the regime of self-isolation, and also donates large sums to fight the virus. However, it became known that the actress’s children are so scared of what is happening that her 13-year-old transgender daughter, Shiloh, begs her father to be with them.

Note that recently, Pitt has finally been able to establish communication with children, so now Shiloh constantly calls his father and says that in this difficult period for the whole world, she would like to be with him. Brad is not opposed to Shilo and other children temporarily moving to him, but it is unlikely that Angelina will support such an initiative. The actress carefully monitors that during quarantine the children do not relax, comply with the regimen and study according to the school curriculum.

According to insiders, Shiloh always turns to his father when he feels anxiety.

Angelina Jolie’s children violated quarantine for father’s sake

Angelina Jolie’s children want to spend more time with their father

All six children of  Angelina Jolie  and  Brad Pitt  live with their mother. Recently, the eldest son of the Maddox couple flew to Seoul from their families, who decided to be with their relatives in this difficult period.

Now Angelina Jolie and her children observe the regime of self-isolation and almost do not leave their homes, but still they break the rules for the sake of meeting with her father.

As you know, Jolie is not particularly enthusiastic about the fact that her children see her father, and for several years she fought for the right of sole custody, but failed. And in recent months, relations between the children and Pitt have noticeably improved, so that during the quarantine, the heirs of the artists do not want to leave themselves without the attention of their father. Angelina can not influence the decision of the children, so they come to visit Pitt.

All the children are with Angelina now ,  but they see Brad according to their usual schedule. They spend a lot of time together ,  watch movies and just enjoy chatting, ”the insider told  E! News.

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