Can’t stop: mother of 21 children is waiting for the twenty second

British Sue Redford is simply unstoppable. Their family and spouse are already the largest in the UK, but soon there will be even more. The woman has already given birth to 21 children and at 44 she expects a twenty-second.

More than once, a woman makes a public promise in social networks that no more, but another fruit of love does not take long to wait.

Once, Sue and her husband Noel were thinking of staying with 9 children, and the head of the family even made a vasectomy, but after that he played everything back and the birth of the children started again.

The first-born named Chris was born in May 1989, when her mother was only 14 years old. And the 21st child, a girl Bonnie Ray, was born last year. The two oldest children already have their own families and live separately.

Noel and Sue Radford

Now there are 11 girls and 10 boys in the family, if the boy is the 22nd child, then there will be gender symmetry in the family.

Income Redford brings its own bakery, as well as a blog and children’s benefits. But in general, they live modestly: “Picnics are considered to be our best days of relaxation, when we are just going for a walk, or to the park, or to the beach, because it is free and accessible all year round,” says Sue.

The family cooks a lot of pasta and stew, buying meat and vegetables at a discount from a local greengrocer and butcher.

Today, Redford with 19 children resides in an old Victorian 10-bedroom house that they bought 11 years ago in Lancashire in northwestern England.

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