A unique experience for the whole family

You think where to go for a vacation, which hotel to choose… What about Turkey? The legendary Turkish hotels The Land of Legends Theme Park, Rixos Premium Belek, Club Privé by Rixos, each of which is able to please the most sophisticated tourist with its non-triviality, will be a great place for family vacations.

If you are young in soul and adventure – “this is yours!”, We invite you to get acquainted with a completely new and magical world that personifies The Land of Legends Theme Park, located near Antalya, in the village of Belek.

Going there together with your family, be prepared for the fact that instead of a regular hotel you will see a kind of “Turkish Disneyland” – a center with a huge territory and thematic entertainment areas, which can amaze any guest with a variety of active leisure activities.

The complex of The a Land of Legends Theme Park  includes a new Rixos hotel of the same name. All guests who check into this beautiful hotel can visit the park for free.

And it doesn’t matter who the guest is: a couple in love, a group of young people, a family with children – everyone who decided to relax in this wonderful place, regardless of status and age, will remember their stay at The Land of Legends Theme Park for a long time. And that’s why.

Next Generation Entertainment

As already mentioned, the park occupies a vast territory and is divided into several thematic parts. For the convenience of visitors, there are signs in many places. You can visit: Shopping Avenue, the water world of Legend of Agva, an animal park, a 5 D cinema, a roller coaster, a tropical island, a mysterious tower. Let us dwell on some places in more detail.

So, outdoor enthusiasts can start right away with The Legend of Aqua. To ride on high-speed water slides, take a swim in a crazy river, and at the same time, check the scale of your own heroism. Adrenaline and tremendous emotions are guaranteed to the daredevils.

Subject to safety precautions, this part of the park will leave only positive impressions for all guests. By the way, among the guests you can meet people in a special bright form – these are “guards” who monitor the maintenance of order in the park. Thanks to them, most injuries in dangerous situations are leveled.

If desired, guests can enjoy surfing – among the white beaches of the park there are swimming pools with waves. And for less courageous, but no less thirsty adventures of tourists there are areas with animals where you can watch real African penguins, dolphins, whales and even a proud tigress.

These “guys” prepared funny performances for their guests!

And with these tailed inhabitants you can even swim together and get a lot of pleasure. Dolphins – the smartest creatures, will cheer guests for a long time!

Perhaps there is one “but”, which is desirable to take into account. In the park you can get carried away and completely forget about time, which is not surprising! And there is still so much interesting ahead that I want to visit. In order to be in time, it is better to follow the clock. Since everything is nearby, you can first go around all the places in the park, and if you wish, return to your favorite places.

Grandiose shopping

For example, you can head to Shopping Avenue. If you love shopping, this place is not hidden from your eyes. Going to this “shopping paradise” you will get a unique experience: the opportunity to walk around sites designed like famous shopping streets and look at shops such as adL, Atasay, Beymen, Beymen Club, Brandroom, B&G Store, Carter’s, Colin’s, Desa, Divarese, Edwards, Ferruh Filiz, Flo, Gizia, Gratis, Jeans. And this is far from all.

There will be no time to be bored. You can walk through all your favorite shops or watch the show – such a spacious atmosphere allows you to arrange them in this part of the park daily, regardless of the number of guests.

Pleasant bonuses for the whole family

On the territory of The Land of Legends Theme Park there are free services for children of all ages with games and events.

There are restaurants and bars on site, where you can enjoy unique dishes and drinks. Here you can visit the SPA center and relax in a more relaxed atmosphere after an active busy day. Or go to fitness to, on the contrary, cheer up.

Holiday program

In addition, The Land of Legends Theme Park organizes many thematic festivals (festivals of flowers, light, art and others) all year round, which guests from all over the world can admire and, if desired, take part. The park has a program of colored fountains. And evening shows are held with invited celebrities. And this is not all the pleasant surprises that await the guests of The Land of Legends Theme Park.

A pleasant “fairy tale” decorating your vacation in The Land of Legends Theme Park will be the unusual themed hotel Kingdom, the first and only one of its kind, designed specifically for children in the form of a palace.

The rooms in it are made in a special, attractive design with the image of funny cartoon characters.


If you want to switch to a more relaxing holiday, pay attention to the pride of Turkey – Rixos Premium Belek Hotel or Club Privé by Rixos. Both are located in Belek. You can move into one of them. This will allow you to relax from the noise and enjoy the luxury apartments and views. If desired, you can always get to The Land of Legends Theme Park from here.

New Horizons

For those who miss the calmer and quieter rhythm, Belek will hospitably open its doors to the world of luxurious relaxation, the updated and elegant Rixos Premium Belek Hotel.

After renovation, the hotel will delight all guests with an expanded range of services and better infrastructure, the addition of cozy areas and a larger outdoor pool “Adults Only”.

Among the main advantages of this hotel, one can single out a special approach to classic relaxation, which is felt through tradition, the highest level of service, and, most importantly, through the maintenance of useful trends regarding a healthy lifestyle.

Where, if not here, can one find so much happiness from walking along the beach and swimming, from playing sports and dancing ?! And at the same time, get a quality vacation in an atmosphere of luxury and beauty.

The hotel has a spacious beach area. A 700-meter long coastline with a soft and delicate coating reminiscent of sugar, a pier for bathing and sunbathing, comfortable sunbeds and a canopy, chic pavilions on the beach and around the pool with individual service.

Right message

Since 2017, the list of sports events held at the hotel has been supplemented by new areas and disciplines, such as anti-gravity yoga, half-dance (the latest fitness trend), crossfit, tabata (one of the most effective methods of interval training), martial arts and meditation. The sports academy “Rixos” conducts them, in whose team only professional trainers with successful sports and pedagogical experience work.

The hotel’s spa center, a two-story complex, is in great demand among guests. The design, atmosphere, quality of procedures, like everything else in the hotel – everything is at the highest level.

Bon Appetite

And of course, we could not help but mention the hotel restaurants, where you can have a hearty and tasty meal. In the main restaurant you can try modern Turkish cuisine: here you will be offered both classic dishes and exquisite creations from the chef Rixos Premium Belek. Also, excellent gastronomic novelties can be tasted in other local restaurants, for example, in Meat and Love.

The perfect alternative

Club Privé by Rixos has no less noble simplicity, elegance and sophistication.

Is it worth repeating that all the hotels of the legendary Rixos chain are thought out to the smallest detail…. Of course! After all, having got here, you will also find many pleasant moments and opportunities that can radically change the idea of ​​a luxurious and comfortable stay.

Fascinating comfort

Club Privé By Rixos in Belek is one of the most popular tourist destinations due to its nature and climate, 38 villas and various categories. Club Privé By Rixos’ most prestigious villa, called Paris Residence, has separate outdoor and indoor pools. On the beach for this villa there is a special beach house and butler services.

Privé villas with a private pool and terrace, beach pavilions and butler services provide guests with a comfortable and secluded stay.

Club villas with direct access to the shared pool provide an opportunity to use a separate pavilion on the beach and paid butler services. Guests can take a free shuttle to the golf course, a free shuttle service and entrance to the Land of Legends Theme Park theme park, and many other exclusive privileges.


For breakfast, Club Privé by Rixos in Belek offers traditional organic food and a selection of homemade cakes. For lunch and dinner, the À la carte à la carte menu offers delicious snacks, grilled dishes and a variety of drinks in a pleasant atmosphere in the privacy of nature.

All meals at Club House and The Beach Lounge are prepared by the talented Club Privé by Rixos chefs.

All the subtleties

Spices and spices used in the preparation of exclusive drinks in specific Club Privé by Rixos bars, as well as most of the vegetables grown in our own garden, are completely natural products. Vegetables and spices are prepared without the use of a knife and served on the table in the framework of the philosophy “on the table directly from the garden.”


If you have any questions, for example, regarding hotel reservations, you can contact a personal assistant who will kindly agree to help you throughout your stay at Club Privé by Rixos.

All the charms of life

If you want to be alone with nature in a great atmosphere, you will have the opportunity at Club Privé by Rixos. Moreover, if you like animals, the hotel will accept your pet in a friendly manner, subject to all conditions.

If desired, the hotel guest can create an individual package of services, choosing the level of comfort at their discretion.

Best compliment

Of course, The Land of Legends Theme Park, Rixos Premium Belek and Club Privé by Rixos have much to be proud of! And satisfied guests and a large number of positive reviews on profile sites (booking.com, otzovik.com, etc.) confirm this.

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