Medicinal properties of chamomile: indications, contraindications, applications

Лекарственные свойства ромашкиChamomile or chamomile medicinal known to all – it is used for gargling in angina, decoction of this plant is bathed babies, it can help treat inflammation of the joints and to rinse the oral cavity. What do we know about this plant?

General information about chamomile

Consider a plant long known to mankind – they were treated a hundred years ago the most common diseases. Modern scientists have clearly identified, what is the secret of useful properties of chamomile – in its unique composition. In the study of this plant were identified in essential oil, coumarin, phytosterol, fatty acid glyceride, izovalerianova and nolova organic acids, bisabolol oxide, polysaccharides, and many others. The most amazing nature in the recutita inherent nutrients in optimal proportions, this complex and offers wide possibilities in terms of treatment of the disease.

Gather chamomile flowers, and need to choose a dry and warm weather. Procurement work carried out from the end of may and the month of July, more medicinal power of those flowers in which the petals are horizontal to the yellow core, but did not fall down.

Useful properties of chamomile

Полезные свойства ромашки аптечнойIt is well known that the plant is very useful for colds – this fact is confirmed by official medicine. It is advisable to treat the chamomile drug with the development of angina, acute respiratory viral infections and even the flu.

Few people know that chamomile drug has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. But the decoction of this plant helps to cope with increased flatulence, relieves pain in intestinal cramps, increases appetite. In addition, it is useful to use a decoction of chamomile with intoxication on the background of the food and/or alcohol poisoning – its unique composition of active minerals promotes rapid removal of toxins.

Doctors recommend the use of products based on chamomile in the treatment of gastritis, diarrhea, diseases of the gallbladder and liver, kidneys. In General, it is believed that the plant helps with respiratory diseases, and pathologies of the endocrine system.

But even if a person is healthy, chamomile medicinal are useful for the normalization of the emotional background will ensure a restful sleep, reduce negative impact on the body’s stress.

Ромашка лекарственнаяChamomile drug is used not only in medicine – it is part of many means to care for skin and hair manufactured by the cosmetic industry. The ability of the considered plants exert anti-inflammatory effects has been successfully used by therapists in the treatment of various skin diseases, and ordinary children’s cream contains in its composition extract of chamomile – it helps to relieve the delicate skin of the baby from irritations.

Also experts recommend regularly steam facial with a decoction of the considered plants – this will help to open and cleanse pores, to get rid of acne, restoring the natural color of the skin. You can use a strong decoction of chamomile as a rinse for the hair – this will lead to the restoration of structure of hair after overly aggressive treatments (dyeing, perming and so on), stop hair loss, will return to the curls shiny and silky.

Contraindications to the use of chamomile

Despite these wonderful properties of the plants, you need to know and always be mindful of the need to apply caution in the chamomile drug. The fact that it is contraindicated in the propensity to diarrhea on the background of benign/malignant tumors in the gut and increased acidity of gastric juice. Very often chamomile medicinal notes allergic reaction – in this case you need to abandon the use of plants within the medical procedures, because it will only worsen human health, reduce the immune system.

Please note: if decoctions/infusions chamomile take a person a long time, you can do the complaints of increased irritability, unmotivated weakness, a slow, but constant headaches. In this case you need to stop taking medicines and consult your doctor.

How to prepare a decoction of chamomile

It would seem that it is easier to prepare a decoction of chamomile? It turns out that in medicine there are 3 method of preparation of such medicines. Moreover, doctors insist on the purchase of dried chamomile flowers at the pharmacy for self-collection and drying of plants need to know a few nuances.

Prescriptions of decoction of chamomile:

  1. Chamomile flowers pour boiling water and steep in a ratio of 1 tablespoon of dry raw material with 300 ml of water. Infused with this means 60 minutes – this is the easiest recipe of decoction of chamomile.
  2. You need to take 2 tablespoons of dried flowers of chamomile and 200 ml of water, in a water bath the mixture need to soak for half an hour, then the broth is filtered through cheesecloth. Thus is prepared a strong decoction of chamomile, which if necessary can be diluted with water in the correct proportions – beneficial properties are retained.
  3. In an enamel pot you need to boil chamomile flowers with water (ratio: 1 tablespoon of raw materials to 300 ml of water), literally, just bring to a boil. Then the broth is removed from heat, cooled and filtered.

Chamomile for kids

Ромашка для детейEvery mother knows that to bathe the baby in water with a decoction of chamomile is very useful. And to make this healing bath is easy – just take a tablespoon of dried flowers pour boiling water (1 liter) and leave to infuse. Usually quite 60 minutes, but the main indicator of readiness infusion for bathing the baby will serve as descended to the bottom flowers.

Note: before pouring of infusion of chamomile in bath water will certainly strain the tool – contact of materials with skin of infants is highly undesirable, as it can trigger the development of severe irritation.

After these baths with infusion of chamomile is noted more deep and peaceful sleep of a child, his gentle/sensitive skin will always be healthy, and the signs of irritation (putnicki) will disappear.

Very good help chamomile drug in the fight against intestinal colic child – this baby give the tea of this plant. Preparing the tool as follows:

  • 1 teaspoon dried chamomile flowers dosage pour a glass of boiling water (300 ml);
  • tea infused for 30-60 minutes;
  • the resulting tool strain and dilute with boiled water in proportion 1:1.

The result is a beverage weak yellow color, which give children to drink 3-4 times a day immediately after meals in small quantities.

Please note: the intended use of the funds from chamomile should do the children specialist. And in any case, to abuse such measures can not – for example, to bathe the baby in the bath with a decoction of chamomile can be not more than 1 time a week.

Douching chamomile

Chamomile drug often used to treat some gynecological diseases of women know that vaginal douching decoction or infusion is considered a medicinal plant helps to get rid of discomfort. Most gynecologists recommend the procedure douching in the following diseases:

  1. Спринцевания ромашкойCervical erosion. It is only on the very early stage of development of this pathology – douching decoction of chamomile will help to relieve discomfort and promote rapid healing.
  2. Vaginal candidiasisor thrush. Thanks to its unique composition, camomile medicinal (decoction) helps relieve inflammation and irritation of the vaginal mucosa. The most amazing thing – even a series of chamomile douches does not causes of vaginal dryness that is the main problem of various candles/tablets for the treatment of thrush.
  3. Inflammation of the bladder, or cystitis. Usually doctors recommend in this disease to baths with a decoction of chamomile, but douching will come in handy – this procedure will prevent the penetration of infection in the reproductive tract, cystitis happens quite often.

Important: do Not own to make a decision about douching decoction of chamomile with the above gynecological diseases – such appointments should be done by the doctor. For example, it is impossible to carry out such a procedure during pregnancy, and completely unimportant in this case the time. It is not necessary to douche chamomile women aged 40 years and older, to abandon the procedures in the need and during menstruation.

Tea from chamomile

Camomile tea perfectly removes tension and gives solace doctors recommend to use a tool, even perfectly healthy people after a hard days. It is noted after drinking tea of chamomile improve sleep – he becomes a full-fledged, deep, disappear spontaneous awakening. But remember – at the same time to take any sedative drugs, and chamomile is not recommended.

The tool also has a weak analgesic effect of the tea can be used to rinse the mouth in certain diseases of the gums.

Chamomile quickly and effectively relieves spasms of the intestines, relieves diarrhea on the background of eating fatty foods or dairy products, reduces the level of cholesterol. But be very careful – one of the properties, chamomile has the ability to affect the density of blood, a tea of this plant to liquefy. Therefore, if a person is already taking any medication with a diluting effect, chamomile is contraindicated for him.

How to make tea of chamomile:

  1. чай из ромашкиClassic. 200 ml of boiling water you need to put 2 teaspoons of dried flowers of chamomile and cover the vessel with a lid. Tea infused for 20-30 minutes, then filtered and used. For improvement of flavouring qualities of such tools, you can add honey or raspberry plant.
  2. With mint. Chamomile flowers and peppermint leaves are taken in equal proportions – 1 teaspoon, pour a glass of boiling water and infused for 30 minutes. To take such a tea as a sedative and in the framework of the prevention of the formation of gallstones.
  3. Melissa. Preparing it as tea, camomile with mint, taken in arbitrary order, has not only a calming effect – chamomile with lemon balm has beneficial effects on the respiratory system, so it will be relevant in the cold.
  4. With the herbs. If you mix clover, chamomile medicinal, peppermint and St. John’s wort in equal proportions (1 coffee spoon) and pour a glass of boiling water, after steeping will get the facility to reduce appetite, has cleansing properties.

Chamomile during pregnancy

Pregnant women are contraindicated to use most drugs, limits are imposed on treatment plants. Many doubt whether it is possible to use chamomile in the period of carrying a child – the answer to this question can be given only by experts.

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General guidelines:

  • chamomile decoction can be used for washing and baths;
  • with chamomile, it is advisable to conduct inhalation – this will help to quickly cure the common cold or respiratory infection;
  • chamomile (and in its pure form, and with the addition of other components) pregnant you can drink, but in extremely limited quantities.

Please note that Matricaria recutita promotes the release of large amounts of the hormone estrogen, which can cause miscarriage in early pregnancy or premature birth in late. If there is no urgent need to drink tea from chamomile, it is better by this means to refuse the whole period of carrying a child.

With all the positive qualities of chamomile is necessary to consider the need to obtain a preliminary consultation at the doctor – it may be a constraint in the use of this plant.

Yana Aleksandrovna Tsygankova, medical columnist, the therapist of the highest qualification category.