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The average modern kid regularly spends a certain time in the car. Most likely, even from the hospital, the baby will arrive in the car. Since the safety of the child is above all, mom and dad need to purchase a car seat for the newborn in advance.

If the crumbs did not buy it before birth, then for its safety you can use a taxi with a car seat.

Choosing this item can be confusing for parents. Do I need to buy a car seat or can I save money? What qualities should be put at the forefront? Which chair is better? How to use it? We will answer these questions in our article.

How to choose a car seat for a newborn?

And today, some mothers believe that their hands are able to ensure the safety of the baby in the car. This widespread and very dangerous misconception can lead to irreparable tragedy. At the time of the collision, subject to the movement of the car at a speed of not more than 50 km / h, the load falling on the hands of an adult will exceed the weight of the child by about 30 times.

Given that the accident happens suddenly, it is unlikely that the mother will hold the baby in her arms. In addition, the newborn is very vulnerable and fragile, so the question of buying a car seat for babies in the family should be addressed positively.

How to choose a car seat for newborns? For babies there are seats marked “0” and “0+”. Both options will do. Consider their differences, advantages and disadvantages.

Car Seat Marked “0”

Car seats for newborns “0” are like a block from a stroller. The position of such devices is perpendicular to the movement.

A distinctive feature of the car seat for babies marked “0” is the ability to provide the crumb lying position when moving. This is especially true for premature babies or babies who have problems with the spine. Such a chair is also suitable for traveling long distances.

Typically, a car seat in category “0” is used for children up to six months, and small passengers from 6 months old will have to choose a different model.

A car seat for a newborn with the mark “0” has also disadvantages that can determine the choice of parents in favor of other models :

  • The device is designed for a maximum baby weight of up to 10 kg. Usually this leads to the need to purchase another “0+” chair.
  • Takes up a lot of seat space. An adult nearby can be uncomfortable.
  • The safety level in most models of these seats is lower than that of the “0+” models.
  • The high cost of the device with a short life.
  • Armchairs in this category are heavy and uncomfortable to carry.

Car seat marked “o +”

Baby car seats for newborns “0+” are familiar to most parents. A prerequisite for operation is installation against movement. Many ignore this, arguing that the child is more pleasant to ride face forward. It is very dangerous. A sharp jerk during movement can harm the baby’s health, since his cervical vertebrae are not yet formed.

The car seat for newborns “0+” is a carrying with a handle, its weight is not more than 5 kg.

The advantages of the device include :

  • Light weight, which allows you to carry the crumbs in it from home to car.
  • Compactness.
  • A wide range of safe and quality models.
  • Affordable price.
  • The ability to combine a stroller with a car seat for a newborn (many models can be installed on the chassis). This makes it easier to visit the clinic or store.

Disadvantages of the chair “0+”:

  • Not fully horizontal back position. Such chairs are necessarily performed with a bias. This is due to the need to evenly distribute the load on the back of the baby in an accident. There are models in which such a bias is minimal, but for long trips you still need to stop and hold the crumbs in your hands. You can purchase a special orthopedic insert so that the position of the back and head of the baby is correct. From about 5 months, the child will feel much more confident in the chair.
  • Limited by weight up to 13 kg. In fact, most models are designed for a child under 9 months of age. Therefore, you may need to purchase another seat “0 + / 1”. This can lead to the temptation to immediately purchase a car seat for a child from 1 year, which is not permissible. Such a model does not provide adequate security.
How to mount a car seat

After purchasing the device, a logical question arises: how to install a car seat for a newborn? If everything is clear with an armchair in the “0” category, then a lot needs to be clarified with “0+”.

The question of how to fix the seat is one of the most important, since it is the position of the chair in the car that ensures the safety of the crumbs. A necessary condition is installation against the direction of travel. You can ride forward only in a car seat for children from 1 year old. It is fastened with regular belts or the Isofix system. It is recommended to install a baby seat in the back behind the driver’s seat.

The backrest of the chair for the baby should not exceed 45 °. This is due to the fact that a larger angle makes it difficult for the baby to breathe. And when the angle of inclination is less than 30 °, impact safety is reduced. The angle of inclination depends not only on the model of the car seat, but also on the model of the car seat.

To correct the position of the child, you can use the liner in the car seat for newborns. In this case, it is advisable to use only those inserts with which the child seat is equipped. For the same purpose, a special anatomical pillow is used.

How to seat a baby

A newborn child in the car seat must be correctly positioned. This is one of the conditions for safe travel of the baby. The easiest way to deal with a seat category “0”. In the infant carrier, the baby simply lies, maintaining the anatomical position, the same as that of the mother in her arms. To the baby’s basket itself, it should be attached with built-in straps.

But how to put a newborn in a “0+” car seat? From the first days of the baby’s life, you can transport it at an angle of 35-40 °. The baby is attached to the seat by built-in straps.

Sometimes mom may have difficulty with the location of the newborn in the chair due to his clothes in the winter. You can recommend a special blanket that will allow you to place the child in the seat without problems.

Overview of the most popular models

Rating of the five most famous models of car seats for newborns:

  1. Recaro Privia is one of the most successful car seats in the 0+ category. When tested by TCS, ADAC, ÖAMTC, this model received high marks, allowing you to not doubt its safety. The pluses include the system against twisting the belts and remembering their length, which saves time on the child in the car.
  2. Maxi Cosi CabrioFix is ​​the most popular model for the last year in Russia. This armchair favorably combines quality and price. Test results confirmed its high safety performance. One of the significant advantages of this model is the volume larger than that of its counterparts. A child in such a seat will be more comfortable. The chair has various mounting options.
  3. Maxi Cosi Pebble is one of the leaders in its category. Its only drawback is its high cost. If the financial issue in the family is not worth it, then this model can be safely recommended. High safety, quality materials, thoughtful details will make traveling with your baby comfortable.
  4. Recaro Young Profi Plus is characterized by excellent performance. A couple of years ago, the chair was one of the best. Today, more advanced models have appeared, but high security provides a high demand for it. The disadvantages include the heavy weight of the car seat.
  5. Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio Tri-Fix has the advantage of fastening. You can install it in two ways (using isofix or stationary). The chair is made of high quality materials that will retain their appearance after numerous washings. Pego Perego is an excellent value for money, which makes it popular for many years.

Among the successful models in the “0+” category is the Baby Baby car seat. Its main advantage is its light weight (less than 3 kg). The seat is reliable, comfortable and made of high quality materials. It can be used as a rocking chair and as a carry.

A car seat is not a luxury, but a necessity, allowing to ensure the safety of the baby in the car. When wondering how to choose a car seat for a child under 1 year old, parents should understand that there is no universal model for babies of any age. For a newborn, it is necessary to choose a model marked “0” or “0+”, even if it seems economically unfeasible.

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