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When buying a children’s dowry, many parents try to optimize their expenses without purchasing expensive things. But it is not worth saving on some items, since they ensure the safety of the baby.

Car seat for newborns is not a momentary tribute to fashion. This is a legal requirement to reduce the likelihood of injury to a child while traveling.

What car seat to choose for a newborn? Of course, suitable for age, consistent with basic safety requirements. We will consider the rules and instructions for use, the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular models, and also learn how to attach the device and put the newborn in an infant carriage.

Do I need a baby carrier for a newborn?

For the modern parent, the answer to this question is obvious. Yes, a baby carriage for newborns is necessary. There are two reasons for this.

The first and the main one – a newborn in a car seat acquires safety when traveling in motor vehicles. In the first year of life, especially immediately after birth, the baby is very vulnerable. Even a small car accident can lead to serious consequences. The baby has fragile bones, a lot of cartilage, weak neck muscles and a large head. Any sudden sudden movement, push, shake can cause head injury.

The second reason is that the obligation to use special devices for transporting children in a car is recorded in the SDA. Without using a car seat for an infant car seat, parents break the rules.

How to choose the right one?

How to choose a suitable car seat for a newborn? First of all, you need to pay attention to the specified age. If the model is intended for newly born (labeled “0”), then the baby can be placed in it in a completely horizontal position. Externally, this option is similar to a cradle from a stroller and is optimal for newborns born into the world with low weight.

If the marking is “0+”, then the baby can be reclined reclining. This car seat is designed for a full-fledged child from birth to 13 kg. It is believed that in both models, children can be located up to about 10-12 months. But, as practice shows, the car seat in the amount of “0” becomes uncomfortable by the end of the first half of the year, and “0+” will last no more than a year.

When studying which car seat is better for newborns, it is important to consider the design features of the model, the presence of seat belts, the method of fastening, the shape of the product, the strength of the case, weight and ease of use.

Car seat or car seat?

To choose the right car seat or car seat, you should consider the characteristics, positive sides and disadvantages of each option.

Characteristics Car seat Car seat
Baby age With the marking “0” – from birth to six months, “0+” – from birth to one year The size “0 + / 1” is designed for a baby from birth to one and a half years
Shipping Position The kid lies on a flat surface in the model “0”, in “0+” the angle of inclination is 110 ° Almost sitting, the angle of inclination is 90 °. This creates a mismatch between the minimum age of the child specified in the instructions and the parameters of the safe position of the torso of the baby. It is recommended to buy it after 6 months
Method and place of attachment In the rear seat, perpendicular (“0”) or against movement (“0+”) In the back seat both against the movement, and vice versa. With the airbag deactivated, installation in the front seat is allowed
Benefits Models in the size of “0” provide the optimal position of the newborn, “0+” have the ability to adjust the position of the crumbs using a special insert High degree of safety, takes up less space than the “0” size infant carrier, long-term operation
disadvantages Short period of operation, high cost. This type of device requires a lot of space in the car. The safe time for continuous use of car seats for a newborn is an hour and a half. A longer period of stay of the baby in this position creates an increased load on the fragile spine. Size “0 + / 1”, declared from birth, is suitable only for children who know how to sit

So, what is better for a newborn – a car seat or car seat? While the child has not learned to sit, definitely – the infant carrier.

Instructions for using the infant carrier

How to use a baby carrier for a newborn?

The basic rules can be summarized as follows:

  • It is possible to fix the car seat with the marking “0” in the car only in the back seat, perpendicular to the movement, and “0+” – against the movement.
  • The baby carrier for babies is attached either to the seat belts in the car or to the Isofix special device.
  • The transport device is recommended to be installed at some distance from the side door. This increases the child’s protection in the event of a side impact.
  • Near the baby in the back seat you can not carry any foreign objects. They need to be folded into the trunk.
  • If it becomes necessary to transport the baby in the front seat of the car, the airbags must be deactivated.

The infant carrier can be mounted using the integrated seat belts or special clips for Isofix rigid mounting. Before installing the device, carefully read the instructions. It contains instructions on how best to mount the infant carrier for the newborns of this model in the car. If the chair or cradle can be moved to the side by a few centimeters, it is installed correctly. Do not use Isofix belts and rigid mounts at the same time.

How to transport a newborn in an infant carrier?

How to put a newborn in an infant car seat to ensure its maximum safety? An important criterion is the angle of inclination of the seat, which should provide a uniform load on the body of the crumbs.

The next criterion is the position of the body of the newborn in the infant carrier during movement. The child should be placed with his back in the direction of movement (“0+”) or perpendicular to him (“0”), according to the instructions. This is the only way to achieve maximum protection against injury in the event of a sudden stop of the vehicle.

If you use an insert in the infant car seat for newborns, then you do not need to make it yourself. Only one that is included in the kit and designed by the manufacturer will be truly safe.

The important rule is how to use a baby carrier for newborns – the child should be fixed with seat belts. But between the belts and the baby you need to leave a small gap. The baby should not “hang out” in the chair, but it is also not necessary to fasten it too tightly.

Model Overview

Consider the rating of the best infant carriages.

Recaro Young Profi Plus

Thanks to the comfortable form of sitting, the newborn in the infant carrier is comfortable. The chair can be installed if necessary in front, provided the airbags are deactivated.

The kit includes an insert in the infant car seat for newborns, which allows you to adjust the torso angle and use the device from the first days of the baby’s life.

Three-point seat belts are equipped with soft overlays. They can be customized according to the height of the child. The carrying chair is characterized by double reinforced protection against side impacts, equipped with side cushions, a handle, a visor for protection from the sun, wind or rain. Upholstery makes it easy to care for the fixture.

The Rekaro Young Profi Plus baby carriage for babies is designed for babies from birth to one and a half years old (maximum weight – 13 kg).

Recaro privia

The device is characterized by the optimal position of the belts, making it easy to fasten the baby. The chair is equipped with additional protection for the baby’s head in the event of a car accident, as well as five-point belts. Recaro Privia is one of the lightest among analogues, its weight reaches 3.7 kg. The upholstery is easily removable and machine washable. The chair can be fastened with straps and with the help of the Isofix system.

A positive feature of this model is the ability to adjust the length of the belts in one motion and remove the cradle from the base. Thanks to the headrest design, the belts do not twist.

Maxi-Cosi Pebble

This product was created specifically for the safe transportation of the youngest passengers from birth to one and a half years. “Maxi-Cozy”, thanks to the integrated liner inside the seat, allows you to change and select its depth in accordance with the age of the baby. The back has 5 positions. The chair has high sides, which provides additional protection against shock.

The length of the three-point seat belts is adjustable in one motion. Maxi-Cosi Infant Carrier has a rubber bezel on the body that prevents slipping.

Heyner SuperProtect Comfort

It is characterized by comfort, safety, light weight, wide, long orthopedic seat. The weight limit for using the chair is 13 kg. The cradle is equipped with a convenient carrying handle.

The chair cover is made by hand from environmentally friendly materials. Soft fabrics are used for upholstery, comfortable for the baby’s delicate skin.

The chair is not heavy, it allows mom to carry the baby independently. It can be used as a rocking chair, a feeding table.

Nania BeOne SP Plus

Speaking about this model, it should be noted a rare case of low cost and excellent performance.

The model is characterized by the following advantages:

  • Orthopedic form.
  • Light weight.
  • Convenience in operation and maintenance.
  • High security guarantee.
  • Low price.

In addition, a universal insert for a car seat for newborns, universal for all models of this manufacturer, is added, which allows minimizing the load on the spine. The chair can be used as a deck chair, a carry or a feeding table.

CBX by Cybex Aton Basic

The chair is designed for babies up to 13 kg. Among the characteristics should be highlighted safety, functionality and ease. The kit has an additional liner that allows you to give the newborn the most comfortable position.

The chair can be used as a deck chair and a rocking chair. It has high safety ratings.

BRITAX RMER Baby-Safe Plus

Among the advantages are increased protection against side impacts, the ability to unfasten the seat with one hand, adjustable five-point seat belts, a system for changing the angle of inclination of the back, a soft headrest for the comfort and safety of the child.

Peg-Perego Primo Viaggio Tri-Fix

The peculiarity of this model is that it consists of two parts – the base, which can be constantly left in the car, and an easily removable cradle, which can be used as a rocking chair or high chair.

The base is designed so that you can choose the optimal position for the baby. Seat belt tension is regulated by a special button. The chair has an additional reducing liner that increases the safety of the child, five-point seat belts. Removable covers make the maintenance of the device as simple as possible.

Inglesina huggy

The chair can be easily fixed on the highway strollers without disturbing the baby’s sleep. With the same simplicity, the seat is installed in the car. It provides increased protection for the child’s head from side impacts, is equipped with a pillow and a special insert, three-point seat belts, and has good safety characteristics. It should be noted a wide seat, soft comfortable armrests, a removable upholstery, an ergonomic handle. The device can only be installed in the back seat of the car.

Car seat is the only acceptable way to transport a newborn. Maximum security will be ensured by the correct choice of such a device. But it is important to study not only which model to prefer, but also how to put a newborn in an infant carrier. After all, the wrong position of the crumbs during movement can lead to injuries.

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