Sides in a crib for newborns

Most modern parents buy a baby dowry even before the baby is born. A compulsory purchase will be a crib, as well as a mattress, pillow, blanket and several sets of bed linen and soft sides.

But is it really necessary to buy bumpers in a crib for babies?

How to choose them? How to care for protection so that it does not collect dust and does not lose its original appearance? Is it difficult to sew the sides in the crib for newborns?

Why do we need bumpers?

The sides of the crib for newborns are a kind of soft flat pillows tied around the perimeter of the baby’s bed. The fashion for this accessory came to us not so long ago. Many mothers enjoy using it in their baby’s crib. But there is an opinion that the soft bumper is a completely useless purchase that does not perform any functions other than decorative ones. So why do we need bumpers in the crib for newborns?

Their main purpose is to protect the child during sleep and wakefulness. The soft bumper prevents bruises from crumbs and sticking of legs and arms in the bed grill.

Stylish sides in the crib for newborns make the interior of the children’s room more beautiful, allow you to create a closed space, comfortable for the baby.

Pros and cons

Do I need bumpers in the crib for babies? To understand this, you should analyze all the pros and cons of their use.

Soft bumper is a useful device.

Using it has the following positive aspects:

  • The sides of the bed for newborns protect the child from accidental injuries that he may receive both during wakefulness and during sleep.
  • This accessory allows you to ventilate the room without worrying about what the baby can blow.
  • A soft bumper traps dust from the outside.
  • You can buy bumpers of soft tones that will have a calming effect on the baby. Or purchase an accessory with attached soft toys. This will develop and entertain the child.
  • If the crib performs additional functions of the arena, then the bumper will delay the toys, preventing them from falling out.
  • The accessory creates an additional place to store children’s accessories at the expense of pockets sewn onto it.
  • The sides allow the baby to quickly fall asleep, because they create a cozy, comfortable environment in which nothing distracts him.

Along with the advantages, we highlight the main disadvantages of this accessory for a crib:

  • The beads are capable of collecting dust, which can cause allergies in the baby.
  • They restrict the access of fresh air to the crib.
  • They close the tiny view of the room, preventing him from exploring the world around him. Parents also do not see the baby in the crib.
How to choose crib sides

One of the determining factors when choosing the sides in the crib for newborns is their height. A soft bumper higher will provide optimal protection for the child from injuries. The lower side will allow the baby to see what is happening around, not closing the review, but it does not protect it from falling badly.

The sizes of the finished sides in the crib for newborns may vary, since the parameters of cribs of different manufacturers do not always have the usual 120 by 60 cm. This aspect is also important to consider when buying them.

When purchasing protection in the crib, you need to carefully consider the method of attachment. It can be ties, Velcro, buttons and locks. The most reliable option is the locks. Growing up, the baby can tear off buttons, Velcro or ties and hit. In order for the bumper to really become a protection, and not harm the child, pockets should be located on its outer side. Otherwise, the baby, trying to get up, may get entangled in them and fall.

Choosing the sides, you should pay attention to the material from which they are made. The main requirement for it is safety and high quality. The material should not cause allergies, be toxic. Preference should be given to fabrics that are easy to wash. This is chintz, calico, flannel, vinyl.

The filler of the sides is usually synthetic winterizer, holofiber, polyester or foam rubber.

How to sew the sides yourself?

You can buy soft protection in the store separately or purchase a set in a crib with sides for newborns, including a pillow, blanket and bedding. But if the expectant mother likes needlework and she has some free time, then it is better to sew the sides in the crib for newborns with your own hands.

To do this, you need to stock up only with a beautiful suitable fabric, filler, patience and love. To protect the crib will require a dense natural material. You can choose universal calm tones of the fabric or choose a color suitable for the newborn boy or girl for the sides in the crib, if the mother already knows who she will be born. Before starting work, the material should be washed and ironed with a steamer. This need is due to the ability of natural fabrics to shrink.

Sewing the sides into the crib for babies is easy. To do this, carefully measure its size. Then transfer the received data to paper and draw the desired protection option. After this, you need to make a pattern of the sides in the crib for newborns and cut out the fabric on them. The next step will be the stitching of all the seams except one edge.

After the outer part of the bumper is ready, proceed with the manufacture of the filler. If it is foam, then it is cut out 0.5 cm less than the fabric cover. The cut foam must be inserted inside the cover and sew up the remaining edge.

The sides of the handmade crib for newborns will create comfort and safety for the baby for many months. To the finished product you need to attach the ties, decorate with lace or ribbons. On the protection covers, you can make bright applications, sew Velcro and attach soft toys to them. Do-it-yourself bartons-houses in a crib for newborns will look original.

Side Care

You need to know how to properly wash the sides in the crib for newborns so that they do not turn into a dust bag and do not lose their original appearance after the first wash. The main rule of care for this accessory is a weekly wash with each change of bed linen.

At the same time, it doesn’t matter whether it is hand or machine wash if foam rubber acts as a filler. This material is not afraid of water and will not lose its shape. If there is a synthetic winterizer inside the bumper, it is better to wash the products manually so that the filler does not crumple. For washing, it is recommended to use baby powder.

The sides can not be dried on a battery or in a washing machine with dryer, it is better to just hang them. Foam absorbs water, so it will dry longer than other fillers. In order for the beautiful sides in the crib for newborns to retain their original appearance longer, it is necessary to choose the mode of hand or delicate washing.

A soft bumper in the baby’s crib is a useful acquisition that helps prevent child bruises. This stylish accessory, provided that it is properly maintained, will create a cozy, comfortable and safe sleeping place.

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