Motion sickness bracelet

Currently, almost any pharmacy sells acupuncture motion sickness bracelets. Thanks to them, you can easily transfer the trip on any transport to both an adult and a child.

This innovative tool aimed at combating motion sickness, successfully copes with all the unpleasant sensations caused by this condition.

The motion sickness bracelets are convenient and easy to use, besides they visually look like a stylish accessory.

Of course, other proven remedies are suitable for fighting seasickness, but it is easier for an expectant mother or young child to put on a bracelet on her wrist than to drink pills and dissolve lozenges for nausea.
Why should you choose a bracelet for children, not pills for motion sickness?

It is children who most often suffer from discomfort when traveling by car, on the bus or on the train. Wristbands for motion sickness for children significantly reduce bouts of nausea, dizziness and weakness as a result of a specific effect on the active points on the wrist of the child. By the way, a woman who is expecting a baby can also wear a bracelet, it will come in handy not only for combating seasickness, but also with bouts of nausea due to toxicosis.

The indisputable advantages of acupuncture bracelets are:

  • quick effect from the application – in just a couple of minutes the product has a positive effect on the well-being of the child, relieving him of unpleasant symptoms of seasickness;
  • the absence of contraindications for use, since the bracelet is a non-medication;
  • ease of use;
  • long-lasting result – buying a bracelet only once, you can use it as much as you like.

The bracelet worn on the baby’s hand will begin to act almost immediately – after 2, in extreme cases, 5 minutes after contact with the skin of the child. As an additional bonus, the baby will receive aesthetic pleasure from the color scheme of the bracelet, material that is pleasant to the touch, and most importantly – he will be able to enjoy the trip with his parents.

The principle of the bracelet from motion sickness

Before you buy a bracelet for your child, it is important to understand how it works. The work of this product is based on the subtleties of ancient medicine of the East, namely the acupuncture principle of action on points localized in the area of ​​the wrists.

As soon as the bracelet is put on the child’s hand, certain impulses will begin to be transmitted through the nerve endings to the brain, due to which the load on the vestibular system will be significantly reduced and, at the same time, the digestive organs will improve and the blood circulation will be stabilized.

The motion sickness bracelets have in their structure a special ball that gently acts on certain points of the child’s wrist – the pericardium. In eastern medicine, there is the oldest technique that can non-drug way can save a person from seasickness, digestive tract problems, increased nervousness.

The action of this technique is based on a constant, but rather moderate massage of certain points on the human body (not only on the wrists). These points are interconnected by nerve fibers with various systems and organs of the body. Each biologically active point is responsible for some vital process in the body: for example, to normalize the general blood flow, the work of the gastrointestinal tract, the state of the nervous system, and much more. The acupuncture point located in the wrist area is responsible for all of the above processes in the body. It is called the “point of the pericardium.”

If you wear an acupuncture bracelet with the appearance of symptoms of nausea, dizziness, weakness, a direct effect on the pericardial point occurs, and the person’s condition should improve. Of course, you can manually massage this biologically active point without a bracelet, but, firstly, you need to accurately determine it, secondly, the effect should be moderate, and thirdly, self-massage will take a lot of time and help for a short time. The bracelet will relieve all this trouble.

Instructions for use and price

Acupuncture bracelets are safe to use, therefore, have no age restrictions. It is important to purchase a bracelet, focusing on the exact size of the wrist of a child or adult. On sale you can find separately bracelets for very young children – from the age of three, for older children and for adults.

It is not recommended to buy universal models, since funds that are designed for “all occasions” usually work less efficiently, especially since a good bracelet cannot fit the size of a three-year-old child and with the same success as an adult man.

According to the instructions, a wristband from motion sickness is worn on the wrist before the upcoming trip, however, you can put it on even later – with the first symptoms of motion sickness.

In order to properly wear the product, you must perform the following steps:

  • put three fingers on the wrist so that the ring finger is in the area of ​​the fold of the wrist;
  • finding an acupuncture point is not difficult to do – it is located between the tendons of the wrist;
  • put on the bracelet so that the ball of the product exerts slight pressure on the pericardium.

After 2 minutes after putting on the bracelet from motion sickness, you can notice the first effect of its action. If nausea and dizziness are too pronounced, the child complains of weakness, you can use the additional bracelet, putting it on the other hand. There are no time restrictions on wearing this product, so there is no need to worry about when to remove the bracelet. This can be done after the trip.

Sometimes acupuncture bracelets cause side effects such as excessive sweating of the wrists, swelling of the hands, local discomfort. In such a situation, it is better to stop using bracelets and turn to other ways to combat motion sickness.

The cost of acupuncture bracelets in a pharmacy is on average 400 rubles.

In which cases it is necessary to use a wristband from motion sickness

An acupuncture bracelet will help to cope with all the symptoms of motion sickness and dyspeptic disorders associated with the following conditions:

  1. These bracelets will help to comfortably transfer the trip in transport, if there is a tendency to seasickness. Putting on a wrist bracelet before a trip in transport or during it, it is possible to exclude the development of such side conditions as nausea, vomiting, weakness.
  2. Toxicosis during pregnancy. Future mothers suffering from toxicosis, often experiencing nausea and vomiting during the day, can use acupuncture bracelets. They will help to get rid of the signs of toxicosis with the same success as with the symptoms of motion sickness. It is advisable to wear a bracelet in the morning, before getting out of bed, and remove it from your hand in the evening, before going to bed.
  3. After surgery. Nausea and vomiting does not bypass people who have had to go through abdominal surgery using general anesthesia. A bracelet worn on the wrist immediately after surgery will help prevent the development of unpleasant symptoms.
  4. After chemotherapy. Oncological diseases often require chemotherapy, which does not affect the human condition in the best way, including causing unpleasant symptoms such as nausea and vomiting. Acupuncture bracelets from motion sickness will help reduce their intensity.

Motion sickness bracelet Travel dream

The main cause of motion sickness is a serious disagreement between the two processes – visual and vestibular. As a result, for the brain there is a divergence of signals of nerve impulses: on the one hand, he sees that the room in which the person is located is motionless (the passenger compartment, a closed cabin on the boat, etc.), but on the other, he clearly feels vibration due to existing pitching and instability of body position. For this reason, a person is motion sick. Travel dream acupuncture wristband successfully fights this problem by acting on a specific area of ​​the wrist.

The bracelet can be used by children over the age of three. The colorful design of this accessory will surely appeal to the small owner. A wide range of colors will appeal to every child. Travel dream bracelets are designed to be reused, while they are not addictive. They are sold in a special plastic case, in which it is convenient to store product data. In one case are two acupuncture bracelets. Their cost in the pharmacy varies between 370-450 rubles.

Acupuncture motion sickness bracelets have many positive reviews. Many who have been able to take advantage of this invention claim that it works. Nausea and dizziness pass quickly, and with them the feeling of fear disappears. Bracelets equally successfully help both children and adults.

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