Demi-season overalls for newborns

Daily walks for a newborn are necessary for him to grow up healthy and develop normally. With the onset of cold weather, they should not be stopped.

It is important to dress the baby correctly, because his heat regulation is not yet sufficiently developed. The demi-season overalls for newborns should ensure a comfortable stay of the child in the fresh air in autumn and spring.

A large assortment of models is on sale. In order not to get confused when buying, let’s figure out how to choose the best demi-season jumpsuit for a newborn.

How to choose a jumpsuit?

When choosing a jumpsuit for newborns for the spring-autumn season, it must be borne in mind that the weather at this time is changeable. Therefore, demi-season clothing for infants is subject to no less high demands than winter clothing.

The main thing when choosing a jumpsuit is to choose the right size. No need to buy its size in size – the risk is great that the baby will outgrow the jumpsuit before the end of the season. Outerwear should be loose and the collar tightly fastened.

The back-to-back overalls can hamper the baby’s movements. As a rule, the size of the outerwear of the newborn is 62-68 cm. If the baby was born in the summer, then in the fall he may need the next size overalls.

If the baby was born in the spring or autumn, it is better not to purchase a separate jumpsuit for discharge, but to buy immediately demi-season. After all, children’s things are not cheap, and there are still a lot of expenses for new parents.

Autumn overalls for the newborn should be comfortable for his mother, who will have to dress the baby daily. Therefore, it is desirable that it be equipped with two zippers on the front bar.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the quality of the filler and lining. The filler in the baby’s demi-season outerwear should not be too warm. Indeed, in this case, the child may overheat and sweat, as a result of which, most likely, it will get cold.

Filler from different manufacturers is different. Well-known brands use modern thin heaters that will ensure the comfort of the baby on the street in autumn and spring. The lining should be moisture-absorbing, and the top layer of the overalls should be waterproof and windproof.

It is desirable that the lining can be unfastened, then the jumpsuit is suitable for both warm spring and cold autumn. If the hood has an adjustment, then this will be an additional plus.

When choosing outerwear for a newborn, you should be interested in the quality and safety of the materials from which it is made. This will confirm the corresponding certificate.

Demi-season overalls for newborns are presented in different models, styles and colors. Here, mom is guided only by her taste preferences.

The following types of overalls can be distinguished:

  • In the shape of a bag. This option is preferred for newborns. Its bottom is sewn similarly to a bag, there you can put crumbs wrapped in a blanket.
  • Classical. Preferred for babies who are not swaddled.
  • The most convenient option is a transformer jumpsuit for newborns in spring and autumn. It is easy to turn the bottom of the transformer with a zipper into a bag and into regular trousers. Often, these models allow you to unfasten the lining.

When buying an autumn jumpsuit for newborns, it is better to give preference to well-known brands. Verified manufacturers guarantee compliance with the size indicated on the label, comfortable fit and quality materials from which the clothes are made.

Branded overalls usually contain a label that reflects the recommended temperature of the socks, indicates whether the top layer is wet and blown, whether the item can be washed.

Suitable material

It doesn’t matter what time of year the baby’s jumpsuits are made for newborns: for winter, autumn, spring or summer, the main requirement is the safety and quality of materials. The outer layer of demi-season clothing should be made of breathable and water-repellent fabric.

These include Dyuspo, Nylon and Hemi Tec. These fabrics not only protect against rain, but also protect from the wind. In cheaper models, in order to provide a water-repellent effect of the fabric, it is coated with a special composition. But at the same time, the ability to transmit air is lost.

Overalls made of membrane tissues are optimal for older children. Its difference is that each fiber is individually coated with a special Teflon layer, which makes it possible to achieve water resistance and preserve the “breathe” property. It is enough to wipe such a cloth with a damp cloth, and the dirt is gone.

As heaters for demi-season overalls, thermolight and sintepon are most often used. Thermolight – a modern filler developed by DuPont, is used both in ordinary conditions and in the manufacture of clothing for extreme sports. This material meets all the requirements of our time.

In cheaper versions of clothing, synthetic winterizer is used as insulation. This is somewhat outdated material, but it is much cheaper than the previous one. The same filler has another name – lavsan. Unlike thermolight, the synthetic winterizer gets wet and does not allow air to pass through well.

Its shortcomings include a short life, its original properties are lost with numerous washings. But washing demi-season overalls for newborns will have to, especially if the top layer is made of cheaper fabric without special impregnation that repels pollution. Therefore, when choosing them, attention should be paid not only to the material of which the top layer is made, but also to the type of filler.

In the manufacture of demi-season clothing for babies, fleece is most often used as a lining. It absorbs moisture well, soft and pleasant to the touch, does not lose its qualities during washing and during wear.

For children born in early autumn or late spring, you can buy jumpsuits made of fleece or fabric on a bike or fleece liner. If such a thing is bought at the beginning of autumn, then later you can use it, prying it under a warmer fall or winter overalls.

Features demi-season overalls

The main feature of autumn overalls for newborns is their special cut, the obligatory presence in front of two long snake fasteners, allowing mom to easily put on a very tiny child.

A prerequisite for the cut of such clothing is the expansion of its lower part. This is due to the fact that every walk at this age requires a diaper. The most suitable option is a transformer suit with booties and mittens included. For the smallest children, a jumpsuit bag will become a convenient model.

When choosing children’s overalls for newborns for the fall-spring season, it is not always advisable to buy an expensive outerwear option for a baby lying in a stroller. Most likely, the child will vilify this thing for a short time, and by the next season the size will change. Therefore, you can focus on the budget option, and look at a more expensive model for next year.

Popular brands

Consider the most popular brands that produce demi-season clothing for newborns.

Lenne and Kerry (Estonia)

Clothing of these brands is sewn at one factory, Lenne for the domestic market, and Kerry for the foreign one. The Kerry collection includes luxury models that use more expensive fabrics. Therefore, the cost of autumn overalls for newborns in this line is higher.

All demi-season clothing of the manufacturer is designed for air temperatures above 5 ° C. For colder weather, the Lenne and Kerry brand offers winter models.

The brand’s clothing is popular among domestic buyers, since materials that are most suitable for the climatic conditions of Russia are used for its production. All fabrics from which the top layer of overalls is sewn through pass air, but remain impervious to water, wind and pollution.

The pluses of clothes for babies Lenne and Kerry include:

  • Quality materials. This applies not only to the top layer, but also to the insulation and lining. Their overalls Lenne and Kerry are insulated with isosoft – a modern material consisting of the finest fibers, warm and resistant to deformation. Such isosoft properties allow the manufacturer to use it in a limited amount, which makes clothes for babies easy and convenient.
  • Affordable cost.
  • Each model has a label that indicates how much insulation is contained in the product. So, for demi-season clothing, you need to focus on the figure 40-70 g / m².
  • Clothing is easy to wash and does not require complicated care. If the jumpsuit is slightly dirty, then just wipe it with a damp sponge; washing is not required.
  • The sizes correspond to the real ones, they even have a small margin to ensure the freedom of movement of the baby.
Reima, Finland

Another well-known manufacturer that produces clothes for children from birth to 12 years old is Reima (ReimaTec). The brand name can be translated as “lively”. It fully justifies itself, since the products of this manufacturer allow the kids to remain mobile, to walk at any time of the year with comfort and warmth.

Reima’s high-quality products are designed for a variety of weather conditions. For its production, innovative material Reimatec is used, which allows you to maintain optimal temperature, warms the baby well and does not create a greenhouse effect.

The manufacturer did not focus on the amount of insulation in clothes, but on its layering. Details included in the set of demi-season clothes can be combined at your discretion, focusing on the weather. For older children, this becomes a big plus, because parents no longer need to buy different sets of outerwear, you can do one for a year.

Pluses of Reima demi-season overalls for newborns for spring and autumn :

  • All seams of the clothes are treated with a special compound that prevents it from getting wet in the fall and spring. And if this is not so important for newborns, then by the year the baby learns to walk, this feature of overalls will delight the mother very much.
  • Hoods and cuffs are adjustable, allowing you to keep warm.
  • Overalls can be safely bought the size you need. Models have a margin of 6-8 cm, kids in them will be free and comfortable.

The budget option for this manufacturer is clothing manufactured under the Lassie brand. Demi-season overalls for newborns in the fall are the best suited to the climatic conditions of Russia, so they are in great demand among our compatriots.

Lassie demi-season clothing allows you to protect your baby from moisture and wind, as well as keep warm while walking. As the upper layer of overalls, membrane tissues are used, which, on the one hand, do not allow water to penetrate from the outside, on the other hand, they allow steam molecules to escape from the inside, so that the baby will be comfortable walking. The advantages of this brand’s products include the affordable cost of products.

Huppa, Estonia

A worthy competitor in the production of demi-season overalls for newborns and older children is Huppa clothing of an Estonian manufacturer. Products manufactured under this brand are distinguished by excellent quality, courage of design decisions, and brightness of colors.

Demi-season overalls are equipped with detachable hoods, appliqués, many fasteners and ties. The materials for their production are hypoallergenic. High quality products combined with affordable cost.

Gusti, Canada

The beautiful demi-season clothes for babies are released by the world-famous Canadian brand Gusti. All overalls of this brand are made from waterproof and breathable fabrics. Gusti products are conquered by the thoughtfulness of the cut and the brightness of the design.

Polyester fiber filler is evenly distributed, making clothes warm and weightless. Products are easy to wash and do not lose their original appearance. As a lining for autumn overalls for newborns, soft fleece or cotton fabrics are used.

Ketch, Sweden

The famous brand Ketch (Sweden) will compete with the above-mentioned manufacturers of children’s demi-season clothes. A characteristic feature of things of this brand is the almost complete absence of the need to wash them. The high ability to repel dirt from the fabric allows you to wipe the place of contamination with a damp sponge, and the product will return to its original form.

All demi-season sets are made of modern Teflon-coated membrane fabric. Clothing designed for children up to 2 years old is sewn taking into account all age features. It allows you to effortlessly change the crumbs or change the diaper. Demi-season overalls for newborns Ketch provide the baby with warmth, comfort, dryness and do not cause allergic reactions.

Speaking of well-known brands of manufacturers of children’s demi-season clothing, we note that the prices of products of world-famous companies are not available to every young family. Therefore, we can recommend paying attention to the products of KIKO and Mothercare, which provide decent quality at a low price. You can also note the domestic manufacturer (Kurnosiki, ILM), which allows you to purchase good demi-season overalls.

The modern market makes it possible to purchase outerwear for children in the spring-fall for newborns for every taste and budget. The main guideline for parents should be the quality and safety of materials, so the availability of appropriate certificates is required.

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