Children’s room for a newborn

When a small child appears in the family, all the attention of adults is riveted to his person. Parents try to create a warm home-like atmosphere for him, so that it will be easier for the baby to adapt to the world that he has not yet seen.

Preparing for the birth of a child includes many functions: buying small clothes and diapers, selecting and purchasing a crib and bedding, but the main task is to prepare a room for the baby.

And for the nursery for the newborn to be properly furnished and cleaned, you need to consider some factors that we will reveal in this article.

Microclimate – an important feature

While the child was in the mother’s stomach, his environment was always monotonous. After birth, he enters a world that is constantly changing, like light from the change of day and night, and temperature. Kids very painfully endure such changes at the very beginning of their lives. That is why the room for the newborn should have a certain microclimate in which it will be easier for the child to adapt.

Factors to consider when arranging a room for a newborn :

  • Air humidity. It should be at least 50%, because if the air is less humid, then the baby’s delicate skin will begin to dry out, and then it may crack. This will lead to a decrease in immunity and diseases that will have to be treated.
  • Air temperature. You can check it with a room thermometer, and it should be at least 18 ° and not more than 22 °.
  • Air purity. This indicator is very important. He talks about the need for constant wet cleaning, dust removal and the need for ventilation.

Safe environment

In preparation for the birth of the baby, future parents should pay special attention to the safety of the children’s room. In the first months of life, babies are inactive, but growing up, they begin to move more actively. They face a very important task – to know this world, and for this you need to learn how to crawl, walk, run and jump. Therefore, it is important, when mastering motor skills and mastering the physical capabilities of your own body, so that the kids do not harm themselves. Those. the nursery for the newborn should not have sharp and angular objects, sills, steps, the presence of which can lead to undesirable bruises, cuts or injuries.

And of course, any room for a newborn is awash with toys. Among them should not be small objects that the child can put in his mouth and choke. At such a time, it is better not to leave the baby alone for a long time, because he learns the world, and can climb into any unexpected place.

How to better finish the room

In ordinary life, we make repairs, not really thinking about what materials are used for it. But the nursery for the newborn requires a special approach, and it should be repaired taking into account all safety measures.

Building materials should be selected only from natural components that cannot cause allergic reactions in the baby. This also applies to floor, ceiling and wall coverings. Wallpaper is better to choose paper or, as an analogue, you can use cork.

It is better not to cover the floor with any carpets, in addition to the fact that a large amount of dust accumulates in them, the composition of the material may be rubber with any inclusions that are unsafe for the baby. Whitewashing is ideal for covering the ceiling. It consists of chalk and water, the most natural and environmentally friendly components.

Particular attention should be paid to windows. They should be easy to open at any time, so that mommy has the opportunity to ventilate the room as needed. After all, access to fresh air is very important for the well-being of the baby. However, for the future it is better to install such handles for windows that a grown up baby will not be able to open on his own.

The arrangement of furniture in the nursery

An organically furnished room for a newborn should include a minimal amount of furniture. The middle of the room should be free so that air flows to the crib unhindered. The necessary items of furniture include: cot, changing table and wardrobe for baby items and bedding.

Do not hang carpets and heavy curtains in the room. They strongly absorb dust and can become sources of allergen accumulation. The nursery for the newborn should be cleaned very often, so while the child is not walking, there is no need to lay any tracks there, it is much more convenient to wipe the floor with a damp cloth than to vacuum the carpets.

The crib should be chosen by parents, taking into account safe operation and the presence of a quality certificate. Its mechanisms should be metal, and be outside so that the child could not open them from the inside. A changing table is best purchased with a safety belt. Using it, mommy will be able to leave the baby for several minutes when it is necessary to take the diapers to the bathtub or go to the kitchen for a bottle.

What colors are suitable for the baby

A room for a newborn should be made in soft and gentle pastel colors. Bright colors can cause a fragile psyche quite a lot of harm, show a strong sense of aggression, which then will remain for life.

A room for a girl can be decorated in soft pink or peach colors, and for boys, bluish or greenish tones are well suited. In the event that the parents do not yet know who they will be born to, the nursery for the newborn can be framed in a beige tone.

However, bright accents still can not do in the design of the room. It can be an element of decorative design: a picture or a bright bow hanged in the visibility zone of the child. They are necessary for concentrating the baby’s attention, and developing an understanding of contrast.

In addition, the room for the newborn should have good lighting. It can be a central chandelier or a spotlight located around the entire perimeter of the room. However, for the period of the child’s sleep at night, it is still necessary to provide an additional nightlight so as not to wake the baby with very bright light.

When decorating a nursery for a newborn, it is necessary to make every effort by the parents so that the baby who is born in it is convenient, comfortable and safe in it.

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