Wardrobe for the newborn

Before the birth of the first child, any mother thinks about a set of clothes that will be required as soon as the child is born. At such moments, young parents have to rack their brains on the topic of what, in what quantity and what things need to be bought by the time the baby is born.

Often, parents seek advice on the Internet, after which they do not receive the desired information and act on the principle of “we will understand the situation.”

A lot of what is indicated in the standard “lists of things for the newborn” is most likely not to be used, since the purpose of certain things will be unclear due to the availability of an analogue to them. So, slip-on overalls can make unnecessary vests, sliders, sweaters and socks.

The monetary side of the issue also does not go unnoticed by future parents. Many believe that at the birth of the first-born, it is worth a fair amount of money, and that having a child is an expensive pleasure because of the things that you need to buy.

In this article, we decided to make it easier for mothers and fathers to select clothes for babies, namely, to make an approximate list of really necessary things needed when planning a wardrobe for a newborn.

The list of things is based on the fact that the house has a washing machine and disposable diapers will be used.

In addition, in the cold season, some summer things may simply not be useful.

  • Thin knit bodysuit with snap fasteners and soft neck – 3 pcs.
  • Thin knit overalls – 3 pcs.
  • Jumpsuit-insulated (with fleece, from terry, fleece or velor) – 3 pcs.
  • The jacket is warm on the buttons, fastens on the front – 3 pcs.
  • Summer cap of thin knitwear (for protection from the sun) – 1 pc.
  • Hat knitted and well-stretched and covering ears – 1 pc.
  • A scarf is warm (although it may not be necessary if the jumpsuit covers the neck well) – 1 pc.
  • Booties stretching with a wide elastic band – 2 pairs
  • Off-season jumpsuit with two zippers and closed feet – 1 pc.
  • Winter overalls with a hood, closed feet and detachable mittens – 1 pc.

All items of clothing should have a soft neck and, preferably, cuffs of sleeves with elastic.

As you can see, there should not be many things, but they should be of good quality and, preferably, well-known and reliable brands. Comfort for the newborn is above all, but the fashion trends of the season should also be taken into account by parents.

This season, the primary colors in clothing for newborns are natural and muted: beige, gray, pale blue and pale pink. Famous foreign designers of children’s clothing take as a basis the classic retro silhouette a la 1970s. Drawings on children’s clothing items are quite minimalistic. Also in the trend of clothes for newborns are stripes, bows, flowers, funny inscriptions and all kinds of prints. The undoubted favorites of recent years in children’s fashion are light yellow, pink and turquoise, although over the past few years they have become less popular.

On the websites of famous clothing retailers you will find a wide variety of clothes for babies of any price category. Quelle.ru online store provides inexpensive and high-quality clothing for newborn European brands.

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