Artificial feeding of a newborn

The baby was born and should eat mother’s milk, as nature arranged. However, it does not always work out the way you want. There are circumstances when some mothers are forced to transfer their beloved newborn baby to artificial feeding.

Indications for artificial feeding

The transition to artificial feeding (IV) depends on the course of pregnancy and childbirth. Some young mothers are forced to take medications after surgical delivery, gain strength. But it is known that absolutely all drugs have the ability to penetrate into breast milk, thereby harming the health of the newborn baby.

Sometimes the cause of artificial feeding can be an infectious disease of the woman in childbirth, which also excludes breastfeeding. According to statistics, many women today are faced with the problem of insufficient milk production. This can happen due to poor ecology, improper lifestyle and many other factors. Subsequently, the baby can significantly underweight, unlike its newborn peers.

Feeding a newborn baby with a mixture will not harm him, as people and relatives can consider. On the contrary, the child will gain weight well and develop actively. In addition, if desired, when the young mother recovers, it will be possible to save breast milk and feed them the baby for some time.

Types of Existing Mixtures

Each breast milk substitute is divided into partially or fully adapted. Artificial baby food can be considered fully adapted if, by its basic composition, it is maximally close to breast milk. Quite often you can find manufacturers who put on sale goods of an approximate composition that do not fully mimic mother’s milk.

Of course, it is almost impossible to completely copy and make a mixture, but it is half possible. Some manufacturers produce baby food made on the basis of goat’s milk. Today he was recognized as the most useful and nutritious. But most manufacturers use cow’s milk as a basis, which can cause an allergy or diathesis in a child.

Some mothers consider it appropriate to use acidophilic mixtures for artificial feeding of a newborn, which can be equated to ordinary kefir. But doctors from the World Health Organization believe that kefir is a complementary food product and cannot be used as the main food.

Mixtures in their structure are of several types :

  1. Dry or powder. They retain their basic properties much longer and cost a little cheaper. They can be easily transported and are lighter. Today, many young mothers give their preference to just such a species, considering it as convenient as possible;
  2. Liquid or ready-made. This type has an advantage – such a mixture does not need to be specially prepared and bred. Therefore, even during night feeding, a young mother will never make a mistake with the proportions.
Breast milk substitutes

Absolutely all breast milk substitutes can be divided into several main types – casein and whey. Such a separation was invented, because the protein component that is found in breast milk is also conditionally divided into its groups – it is casein and whey protein. Moreover, unlike casein, protein occupies a leading position for the manufacture of a mixture and milk replacer. In fact, all proportions should be observed in equal amounts, but not all manufacturers of baby food take this important point into account.

In addition, mixtures for artificial feeding of an infant are specialized and standard. Standard formulas for babies are soy based. Reception of such a substitute can be given to a child only as directed by a doctor. Most often, indications for use can be anemia, anemia, which is associated with a lack of iron in the body. Therefore, to increase the iron index, the baby will be assigned a mixture with a high content of such an important element for harmonious development and growth.

But it is worth noting that such substitutes can be given only after three months. Young mothers love to make decisions on their own and believe that they know better than to feed their baby. But you should not think so, as only pediatric doctors can objectively assess the state of health of the infant, as well as help you choose the optimal mixture for feeding. Otherwise, you can not only choose the wrong mixture, but also damage the health of your crumbs.

Specialized infant formula for babies was made using special technologies, because most often they are prescribed for children who have some problems with the digestive tract. Such mixtures are intended for premature babies, allergy sufferers, crumbs with low weight or food intolerance. The pediatrician also prescribes adapted products for children who often spit up and suffer from constipation.

Special care must be taken with soy based formulas. Such a food product can only be prescribed by the attending physician. You can not give the child such a mixture without any special reason.

How to choose the right mixture

Before buying any mixtures for newborns, you need to carefully study its composition:

  • Squirrels. If a doctor prescribes a baby food in the form of a substitute for breast milk, then you should ask what protein dominates in it. Doctors from the World Health Organization recommend giving preference to substitutes that contain a large amount of whey.
  • Fats. They are able to maximize the calorie content of the finished product in the most important period of a child’s life.
  • Carbohydrates. Breast milk contains the main carbohydrate to maintain immunity and the health of the baby – lactose. It accounts for approximately 89% of the total amount of carbohydrates. A healthy baby can drink a mixture in which carbohydrates are presented only in the form of lactose. In addition to lactose, some part of breast-milk substitutes also contains glucose polymers. Many pediatricians advise parents not to buy a milk mixture or milk substitute containing sucrose.
  • Iron. This component is quite important and essential in any baby food. The total amount of the content of such an element in the product can vary within various limits. If the baby does not have any indications, then you should not specifically buy a mixture with a large amount of iron content. This can lead to frequent regurgitation, changes in the consistency of the stool in the child and significantly impair the taste properties of the finished product. But iron is an excellent environment for the development of intestinal bacteria, which can subsequently lead to a rather dangerous and harmful disease – dysbiosis.

It is worth noting that choosing a mixture for newborns, relying only on reviews, is not worth it. The final selection and determination of the optimal mixture depends on two factors:

  1. Appointment only according to the testimony of a pediatric pediatrician, who must objectively assess the weight indicator, the peculiarity of the child’s development, current circumstances during childbirth and pregnancy, determine the tendency of a small patient to allergies and many other indicators;
  2. Careful monitoring of the reaction of the child. If he perceives and digests the finished mixture well, then he will eat it with great pleasure. Otherwise, he will not take in his mouth even a bottle with its smell. After eating, she can spit up a lot and cry periodically. In this case, the mixture must be replaced immediately.

Some mothers like to change infant formulas without good reason, because they believe that others may be better or cheaper. They can also be advised by a particular manufacturer of girlfriends and praise the composition. In such cases, each mother believes that she knows better which mixture to choose for her newborn baby. But you can’t do this categorically, because the mixture is selected individually, and if one child fits it, then the other crumbs may not like it.

Possible situations that say that the mixture needs to be changed :

  1. General individual intolerance to a component. Most often, it can manifest itself in the form of an allergic reaction;
  2. Reaching a certain age, which requires changing one mixture to another, is older. Baby food changes at 6 months and per year. In addition, each mother should remember that if a child ate a mixture of a particular manufacturer, then the other should be similar. Do not change the manufacturer along with the age number;
  3. The need for the appointment and use of the treatment mixture. Such a case occurs during the manifestation of an allergic reaction, frequent spitting up and other possible problems. The treatment mixture must be administered only after a thorough examination of the child by a doctor. He will draw conclusions and designate the most optimal option for artificial feeding;
  4. Switching directly from treatment to an adapted mixture. In this case, the mixture can only be changed after all the problems have been eliminated.

It should be noted that during artificial feeding the child can be given a little water, but do not abuse it. And the total volume of drinking water does not add up to the total indicator of the drinkable mixture.

How to make a mixture

First you need to carefully read the instructions that manufacturers always print on the packaging. It should be carefully studied and observed during preparation, since many young, and in some cases already experienced parents, are interested in this question: how to properly feed the newborn with a mixture. If you pour too much powder, then the finished mixture will have a thick consistency, as well as a rich taste. Such an inattentive attitude to the cooking process can lead to a high content of nutrients, and the child will subsequently often spit up.

If you pour a little powder, the mixture in the final result will be low-calorie. This is also not considered the norm, because the crumbs will often be capricious and poorly gain weight. To dilute the mixture, water should be boiled well. Many pediatricians and manufacturers indicate the optimal temperature regime of water for the preparation of 36 or 37 degrees.

Therefore, after boiling, the water must be cooled to the required temperature. Using a measuring spoon, which is available in each pack, pour the right amount into a separate container, it can be a plate or a bottle. The powder is poured into water and quickly mixed until completely dissolved.

To check the temperature you need to drop a few drops on your wrist. Each mother must strictly observe the temperature regime of the prepared mixture. Because too cold or hot liquid will not bring the expected benefits.

The process of feeding a child on IV

Many women may also be interested in how to feed a mixture of a newborn in an artificial way. The child is gradually growing and he needs to increase the amount of the finished mixture. It is also necessary to take into account the baby’s physique, his appetite and metabolic rate. There are certain days in the week when the baby can eat less food than usual. To determine the optimal amount of baby food for a newborn baby, it is necessary to coordinate all the points with a pediatrician.

For each individual child, it is necessary to select a diet and the amount of the mixture, individually. But many mothers can periodically get involved and feed the baby more than necessary. This is not worth doing, because a newborn or a grown-up child may face obesity.

As you know, children sometimes do not notice the amount of food they eat. After eating, excess of the mixture can come out with regurgitation and is not completely absorbed in the small ventricle. Moms should take into account all the moments and rules of feeding, otherwise you can even harm the health of a little man. Hypoallergenic mixtures for newborns also do not bear any benefit.

Contact with mom while breastfeeding

Every mother constantly tries to catch everything and do it on time, but with a small child it is very difficult to do. Babies who are breastfed constantly have contact with their mother during lactation.

Some mothers manage to give the baby a bottle, and at this time do other housework. But then the baby has less contact with his mother. At a time when it is very important for a little crumb in the first days and months of life. Children are in great need of maternal warmth and care. This contact helps the baby to know the world around and perceive it correctly.

Therefore, all actions must be done slowly, slowly. Indeed, such happy moments pass quickly and you need to enjoy every moment spent together. Little children feel the mood of their mother, so you do not need to perceive all actions and care as aggravating moments.

Important Rules

In order to approach the process of artificial feeding as correctly as possible, you need to know how much to give the newborn mixture and follow a few simple and simple rules:

  1. The choice and purchase of a mixture or a substitute for breast milk should be approached responsibly so that the baby eats only high-quality nutrition. It must satisfy all the needs of the body;
  2. The mixture should be prepared with careful observance of all standards and quantities. It is better to do this process slowly, considering all the actions. Pediatricians from the World Health Organization do not recommend young parents to prepare the mixture in advance and store it in a cool place;
  3. Moms should constantly monitor how the children tolerate the mixture;
  4. Over time, you can adjust the amount and amount of baby food;
  5. After each meal, all bottles and nipples must be thoroughly washed, treated with hot water and sterilized. Modern young mothers give preference to sterilizers, which quickly and efficiently clean baby dishes from germs and food debris;
  6. Some babies may be capricious and not take the pacifier that their mother offers them. Sometimes it is required to change several types of nipples in order to choose the most optimal option for the child. During sucking, there should be no difficulty in getting milk;
  7. It is necessary to constantly monitor and analyze the consumed amount of the mixture and fluid consumed per day;
  8. Nutrition must be added to the diet of crumbs on time and gradually.

All the tips and rules for the introduction of complementary foods will tell the pediatrician at the next examination.

The best mixes for kids

According to the rating of mixtures for newborns, the list includes the most widespread products. On the 4th place is a mixture of Humana (Humana), the composition of which is as close as possible to the composition of mother’s milk. Thanks to this, the mixture is easily absorbed by the child.

In 3rd place is the Nutrilon mixture, the quality of which has been proven in clinical trials. This mixture is considered a good solution to strengthen the body of the child.

In second place is a mixture of Nan for newborns. It should be noted that the occurrence of an allergic reaction when feeding this product occurs less frequently than when using other products. Due to its composition, the microflora of the digestive system is restored, and vitamins form the immune system.

In an honorable first place is the baby mix for newborns. This product is a balanced diet that is available to everyone. It includes all the most necessary nutrients.

It is worth noting that when choosing a mixture for newborns, the price is not the most important indicator. In terms of the content of useful substances, many of them are similar to each other, the difference lies only in the fats and proteins themselves. However, this does not mean that some mixture is better, and some is worse – it all depends on the individual characteristics of the child’s body. This should be considered before you buy this or that mixture for newborns. You may immediately need a mixture of one manufacturer, or you may have to change several types of mixtures.

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