How to put on a May Sling

Each mother strives to surround the baby with warmth and care, to give all the best. But, in addition to caring for a child, there are daily activities. May-sling will help to combine both of them – a fabric construction that many women have long been using to move with children.

Thanks to the use of carrying, the baby is always nearby, and the mother can do household chores – this is a good time saver. Sling helps in a situation where it is inconvenient to move with the stroller, but it requires free hands, for example, in a transport, a health center clinic, etc.

How to dress, tie and wear a May Sling? Let’s try to figure it out.
What is May Sling?

There are several varieties of baby carriers, and each has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Many mothers prefer May Sling – this is one of the most popular models.

The product is a fabric rectangle with wide straps. One of them is waist, fixes the May-sling horizontally at the waist. Usually it is narrower than the upper shoulder straps.

The design of the May Sling combined the advantages of an ergonomic backpack and a Sling scarf. May-sling is quickly and easily put on; it is safe and comfortable for the baby. The child is placed vertically, in a physiologically correct position: the legs are widely divorced, the weight is distributed evenly, there is no load on the hip joint. This pose of the baby is a good prevention of dysplasia.

At what age is May Sling recommended to use

As for how many months in May Sling you can start wearing your baby, there are different opinions. In general, carrying can be used from birth, but this model has one feature – the child is worn vertically, the lying position, which is considered more convenient for newborns, is not in this sling. Another stumbling block is the lack of rigid fixation of the head. It is because of this that many believe that it is better to start using it from 3-4 months of age.

On the other hand – the vertical position of the “column”, and this is how the baby is located in this model, laid down by nature itself. In this position, children have always been worn from birth, it helps to form the correct posture and strengthen the muscles of the back. And in order to prevent the baby’s head from tilting back, it is enough to follow the correct winding of the May-Sling.

May Sling Benefits

To choose the right sling, you need to figure out how popular models differ, what features, disadvantages and advantages they have. Many moms choose May Sling for the following reasons:

  • it is easy to learn to use;
  • it can be easily and quickly wound up – the main thing is to figure out how to tie a May sling correctly;
  • there are different models: with wider and narrower straps, with ties and fasteners, with headrests and without;
  • May-sling is worn on two shoulders – the load on the mother’s back and shoulders is distributed evenly, she is less tired;
  • the child is in a natural position, his weight is correctly distributed;
  • in the May Sling it is convenient to carry the baby behind his back;
  • the product looks stylish and neat.

How to choose a May Sling

May-slings have no size, they are regulated by straps-ties. There are several recommendations for choosing, using which, mom will provide comfort and safety for both herself and the baby:

  1. When choosing a carrier, you need to pay attention to the width of the shoulder straps, it should be at least 10 cm. Wide straps will cut less into the shoulders when carrying the child.
  2. The straps with gasket from the seal are much softer. For models without such a gasket, the straps should be at least 15 cm wide.
  3. In a quality sling, the straps are securely fastened to the base with special clips or additional stitches.
  4. Carrying with tapered ends of the straps is easier to tie.
  5. Carrier made of natural fabrics should be preferred. Synthetics that conduct air poorly and absorb moisture are unacceptable, it can cause an allergic reaction. Choose products from plastic, but not very stretchable materials, they better support the back and withstand more weight. May-sling from a special scarf fabric is very convenient. Choose material according to the season.
How to put on a May Sling

They carry the baby in a carrying of this type behind his back or on his stomach. Learning to wrap it correctly and quickly is not difficult, just a few times to train.

How to tie a May Sling for a baby 1-2 months old:

  1. We adjust the volume of the sling to the size of the baby. To do this, we twist the waist strap.
  2. We attach it to ourselves, like an ordinary apron, only with the front side inward and tie a strong knot at the back at the waist.
  3. We take the baby in our arms and press it to the stomach in the “frog” position: its legs should be tightened and widely apart, while the knees will be higher than the priests. Gently cover the child with the back-square of the carrying.
  4. Throw the upper straps on the shoulders and cross them on the back.
  5. We take one of the straps, pull and pull out, so that it is in front. Do not forget to hold the child with your second hand.
  6. We do the same with the second strap, without letting go of the first. The child will already be firmly pressed to the stomach by the back of the sling thanks to the first stretched strap.
  7. We pull both straps well.
  8. Once again we cross the straps, only now on the baby’s back. Make sure they are well straightened.
  9. It remains only to put them behind their backs, check the tension and tie them firmly.

The baby is securely attached to her mother’s stomach. Please note: it is completely hidden in the sling, neither the legs nor the head should peep out.

Instructions on how to tie a May sling for a three-month-old baby are no different. Everything is done by the same analogy, the difference lies in the position of the baby: he is also located in the “frog” position, only his legs and head are peeking out of the sling. From 5-6 months, the pens are left free. The upper part of the sling should not be lower than the shoulder blades. Make sure that there are no distortions; the position of the child in the sling should be symmetrical.

Now we will consider how to carry the baby correctly behind the back in the May Sling. This method is a little different. Crossed straps on the chest can cause mom discomfort, so many people prefer to place them in parallel:

  1. We tie the sling at the waist like an apron. Then we twist it so that the knot is on the stomach.
  2. We place the child on the side at the waist, his legs should be widely divorced.
  3. Now you need to bend over and move the baby behind. To do this, we straighten and raise up the hand near which the baby is, and the second – carefully move the child behind his back.
  4. We take the upper straps and cover the baby with the back of the May Sling.
  5. The straps are pulled over the shoulders. Do not forget to support the child with one hand.
  6. We stretch the straps until the child is pressed firmly against the back.
  7. We stretch the straps under the armpits and put it behind the back.
  8. We straighten, cross them on the back of the child.
  9. We bring the straps forward (they should go under the baby’s knees) and tie a strong knot at the waist.

Some allow the possibility to apply the position of the “cradle” in the May-Sling. The winding method is slightly different from the usual one. The child is placed not vertically, but half-sided to mom and diagonally. He is in the same position as if his mother just held him in her arms while feeding. But still, this carrying is designed for the vertical position of the child. To carry a baby in a May Sling in the “cradle” position, experience and consultation with a specialist are needed.

Which May Sling is Better

Carriers are produced by different manufacturers. They differ in design, fabric, width and strap design. To determine which of the May slings is better, you need to get acquainted with the models of popular manufacturers.


There are May-slings of the domestic manufacturer “Mother Echidna” or Mum’s Era. For their tailoring, natural fabrics of double diagonal weaving, the so-called scarf fabrics, are used. It is a very soft material with good properties. The width of the straps is 23 cm, their ends are narrowed. May slings of the brand “Echidna” have a headrest. Cost – from 2500 rubles.

Diva essenza

This is the line of the famous Italian brand Diva Milano. Diva Essenza May Slings feature a headrest that can be easily fixed with special laces. The items are sewn from a natural fabric designed specifically for scarf slings. The fabric is soft, medium density. The straps are wide. Huge selection of colors. Cost – from 4000 rubles.

Love carry

Thick cotton is used to make Love Carry May Sling. A soft seal is inserted into the straps. There is a headrest and a hood, which is regulated by fastexes. The ends of the upper straps are cut obliquely to make them easier to distinguish. Soft rollers are provided to support the legs at the landing site. Producer Love & Carry – Ukraine. The cost is from 2800 rubles.

TM “Guslenok”

In the May Sling of the Guslenok brand there is a removable headrest that is easily fixed with buttons and is adjustable in all directions. It can be used as a hood. The straps and side parts of the back of the product are padded. The width of the upper straps is 13 cm. Tucks are provided for a more comfortable fit of the child. The cost is from 2600 rubles.


Ellevill May Slings are presented by a Norwegian manufacturer. The items are sewn from a special cotton scarf fabric with a national ornament. For reliable fixation of the head, a headrest-hood is provided, which can be adjusted. The straps are wide. Cost – from 6000 rubles.


This German manufacturer produces May fasting sling. The upper straps of the product are tied, and the lower ones are fastened. It turns out a hybrid of a backpack and a sling. A scarf fabric is used for its manufacture.

The backrest can be adjusted in width and height. This May Sling has a headrest and a hood. They are also easy to adjust. A seal is inserted into the straps, their width is 8-9 cm. Cost – from 7600 rubles.


May-sling Modamam is made in Russia. This is a classic product. The carrying straps are not very wide, but a seal is inserted into them. The May Sling has a detachable hood-headrest. Interesting prints and embroidery are used as decorations. The product is made of their 100% cotton. Cost – from 2500 rubles.


May-slings of the French brand Neobul are made of soft, not very dense scarf fabric. The backrest is adjustable in width and height. The width of the straps is 8 cm. There is a hood that is easily adjustable. Plain colors predominate. The cost is from 9990 rubles.


The Minizone May Sling is the most affordable carry in terms of price. The model is made of pure cotton. The width of the shoulder straps is 10.5 cm, they are laid padding polyester. Their ends are beveled so that it would be more convenient for mom to tie. The top of the back is also padded with padding polyester and is used as a headrest. The back of the sling is decorated with applique with embroidery. The cost is from 1500 rubles.

Which is better: may-sling, ergo-backpack or sling-scarf?

When choosing a baby carrier, parents compare similar models. Therefore, the question often arises, which is better: may-sling or ergo-backpack? These two carryings have a much similar design.

It is more convenient to fasten the backpack, and the sling is softer, it better supports the back. A significant difference between the products is that May Sling can be used from birth, but a backpack can’t. The baby should weigh about 8 kg, the baby gains such weight by about 5 months.

If there is a choice: buy a May-sling or a sling-scarf, keep in mind that it is harder and longer to wind a scarf. But he has a prone position. May-sling is more suitable for carrying a child upright.

When choosing a carry, of course, you need to build on how comfortable the child is in it. But mom should not forget about herself: the simpler and more convenient to use the product, the more pleasant it will be to spend time with the baby.

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