How to prescribe a newborn baby

The birth of a child is a very joyful and exciting event, entailing a lot of important and urgent matters.

Not only that, parents are in a hurry to find out everything about him to the smallest detail, to get acquainted with a new member of the family, every minute they are ready to fulfill his every whim, so you also need to deal with documents!

First of all, it is necessary to get a birth certificate as soon as possible, register a newborn baby, get a medical policy and an insurance certificate. The largest number of questions is precisely the registration of registration.

What awaits parents when registering?

With poor preparation, parents will repeatedly have to visit the housing office, public electricity service and the passport office before they receive the coveted status of a citizen registered at the place of residence. To avoid wasting extra time and nerves, it is best to familiarize yourself with:

  • the schedule of the necessary specialists of these structures;
  • a list of required documents;
  • the nuances of registering a child’s registration.

Registration of a newborn child in itself is a simple procedure: the documents collected in the Housing Office and the REU documents, as well as copies and originals of the documents of the parents and the newborn are handed over to the passport office and are picked up at the indicated time.

What you should pay attention to?

The law does not regulate the timing of registration of a child’s registration, but involves a fine on parents for registration too long. In addition, without registration it is impossible to draw up other necessary documents, to receive certain payments, compensations and assistance from the state.

A child can only be registered with parents, regardless of the size of the available space and the consent of the owner of the housing or other persons registered in it.

When registering a child with one of the parents, the consent of the second parent cannot be dispensed with.

At the time of registration, the passports of parents are seized, upon delivery to the owner on the page “Children” appears information about the newborn.

What documents will be needed?
  1. Originals and copies of the birth certificate and passports of parents.
  2. Original and copy of marriage certificate.
  3. Application from the parent for registration of the child. In case of registration with one of the parents, the second is required written consent and a certificate stating that the newborn is not registered with the second parent.
  4. Extract from the house book (house books) from the place of registration of the parents.

If you are planning to register with a newborn child, it is advisable to prepare the documents in advance and have a couple of additional copies “just in case”.

Registration of the child to both parents

If the parents of the baby are registered together, the procedure for preparing documents is greatly simplified, since an additional set of certificates is not required. When applying, the presence of both parents is still necessary, since everyone must provide their passport for entering information about the child.

Registration of a child with one of the parents

Increasingly, parents find themselves registered at different addresses, so the child is registered where it is more convenient for parents. The registration of the child with the mother requires the same set of documents as registration with the father.

The most important thing that is necessary in such cases is the written consent of the second parent to register the child with the first and confirmation of the absence of registration of the newborn with the second.

When asked about how to prescribe a newborn child, one should not be afraid of difficulties and bureaucratic delays: with timely preparation, the process will not take much time and labor, in most cases it will not even cause any inconvenience.

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