How to cook semolina porridge for a child

Semolina is a product that is a symbol of healthy nutrition for several generations of residents of our country. Someone loves her from childhood, and someone remembers her with a shudder.

Manka was the most popular porridge of the Soviet Union, it fed all children from infancy and older. How to cook semolina porridge the child knew not only in kindergartens and school canteens, but even the most inexperienced young mothers could cook it.

And suddenly the children who grew up on the “little porridge” and themselves became parents, are surprised to learn from pediatricians that there is one sheer harm from it.

“Semolina is very useful,” nutritionists argue with them. And in no way can they come to one opinion, and the scales are constantly leaning in one direction or the other. So can you give it to children or not?

Semolina porridge: pros and cons

If you look at the chemical composition of semolina, then doubts about its benefits immediately disappear: vitamins, proteins, fiber, minerals – all that is so necessary for a growing body. The plus is the fact that porridge is quickly cooked, which means that beneficial substances are stored in it.

It is well absorbed, digested and ideal for children who are too low in weight for their age. A low fiber and starch content helps to quickly saturate, but there is no feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

Thanks to these qualities, therapists fearlessly recommended that parents include semolina in the diet for all children, even infants.

Nowadays, in connection with the development of new technologies, the composition of semolina has been revised, and scientists have concluded that this product is harmful.

They substantiated this by the fact that :

  • the phytin in it interferes with the absorption of vitamin D, iron and calcium;
  • high content of gluten (or gluten) causes allergies;
  • carbohydrates harm the unformed intestines of the infant.

The secret to making semolina porridge

Even after hearing the opinion of scientists, and after listening to the advice of a pediatrician, many mothers still continue to believe that semolina for infants is a familiar product that has been tested for years and is difficult to refuse. Therefore, they both cooked it and will continue to cook it for their children. Just whether they do it right, that’s the question. Oddly enough, but even such a simple dish needs to be cooked strictly according to the recipe.

So, how to cook semolina porridge baby – a recipe for a baby up to a year:

  • sift 2 tsp semolina;
  • 0.5 tbsp. bring the water to a boil;
  • salt a little;
  • pour semolina;
  • 10 minutes. cook, stirring continuously;
  • add 100 g of milk and a little sugar;
  • mix, bring to a boil, turn off.

The porridge recipe for a baby older than 1 year is slightly different:

  • mix 100 g of milk and water;
  • bring to a boil;
  • carefully pour art. a spoonful of semolina;
  • cook for 20 minutes, not forgetting to stir;
  • pour in 0.5 tbsp. milk (hot);
  • bring to a boil;
  • put 5g. butter and turn off.

From everything written above, parents should make a simple conclusion: everything is good in moderation, and it is possible, even necessary, to feed a child with semolina, but starting, nevertheless, is better with a year, and no more than 2 times a week.

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