Cocoon for newborns

In order for the newborn to develop correctly, it is necessary to create optimal conditions for him. This is especially true for babies born prematurely or with low weight.

Ergonomic cocoon for newborns will provide a comfortable, close to intrauterine position, help healthy weight gain and growth of the baby, reduce the likelihood of developing neurological complications.

This modern device is becoming increasingly popular among parents. Which cocoon for babies to choose? Is it really necessary? What is the best way to sew a cocoon for a newborn with your own hands or buy a finished one in a store? Let’s try to figure it out together.


The main purpose of the cocoon is to help the newborn in adapting to new conditions for him. They are used from the first day of life by crumbs for several months. The device helps the baby to be in the fetal position – the most suitable for him at this stage of development, provides coziness, comfort, acts soothingly, creates an atmosphere of reliability.

The cocoon bed does not hamper the child’s movement and allows the baby to lie, slightly rounding the spine. This helps to relieve colic in the abdomen easier, reduces muscle tone, reduces the likelihood of malformation of the skeleton. The device is relevant until the baby learns to roll over on its own, that is, up to about 4 months.

Types and Types

Cocoon for a baby is not one device. This name combines several models. Parents can purchase the option that suits their baby more. It is advisable to study in advance the advantages and disadvantages of each type of cocoon, as well as consult with a pediatrician.

The following types of cocoon are distinguished:

  • mattress;
  • diaper;
  • nest;
  • the envelope;
  • carrying.

In the first weeks of a newborn’s life, a cocoon mattress can be used instead of a crib. It does not restrict the movement of crumbs, does not fix the arms and legs, has a convenient shape and does not allow the baby to fall out of it.

The diaper-cocoon for newborns is made from different materials for each season: from thin fabric for summer, from fleece for off-season, on fur for winter. It can be used both at home and on a walk. The diaper-cocoon does not hamper the movement of the crumbs, so it is preferable to the usual tight swaddling for many.

One of the varieties of the device is a cocoon-nest for newborns. The advantages of this model are the presence of soft sides-limiters, ensuring the safety of the baby, as well as the possibility of freedom of his movements.

An envelope-cocoon for a newborn can be used as an alternative to swaddling. The shape of the envelope-cocoon resembles a sleeping bag, sewn from soft fabric. The advantages of this model are that the baby can move its arms and legs, but at the same time it does not wake itself up with chaotic movements and experiences a light soothing tightness. Usually preference is given to a knitted or crocheted cocoon for newborns.

Carrying is convenient for transporting a newborn, protects the baby from the wind and cold during a walk, creates a feeling of comfort in him.


The cocoon can be produced in various sizes, depending on the size of the newborn and the model of the device. For example, a cocoon nest for newborns can be 50 cm long if it is intended to care for a premature or small baby. If the baby has normal sizes, then the length of the nest’s berth can be 70 cm.

The famous brand of cocoon for newborns Cocoonbaby produces 3 sizes of mattresses:

  • 1 size  – for children weighing from 1.2 kg. Designed for nursing deeply premature babies in medical institutions.
  • 2 size  baby cocoon for a newborn is designed to care for babies weighing 2 kg or more at home.
  • 3 size  baby cocoon is suitable for babies weighing from 2.8 kg.
How to sew a cocoon for a baby yourself

Some models of a cocoon for a newborn are easy to make with their own hands: a cocoon nest, a diaper and an envelope. If mother has a desire, you can watch one of the workshops on the manufacture of such devices, widely available on the Internet, and telling in sufficient detail how to sew a cocoon for newborns.

The easiest way is to sew a diaper-cocoon with Velcro.

To do this, stock up on:

  • Material. Soft fabric for the inner layer, seasonally suitable material for the outer layer. It can be fur, fleece.
  • Heater for a comfortable temperature (holofiber, sintepon).
  • Drawstring for the hood.
  • Thread.

The pattern of the cocoon-diaper for newborns can be in several variations, for example, with Velcro:

When choosing, you should take into account the weight of the newborn, the envelope should not hang on the baby. First you need to cut a rectangle of fabric for the inner, outer coating and padding polyester for the interlayer. Then the parts must be fastened with pins and sew the product. At the end, you should insert the lace for the hood, sew on Velcro.

It is convenient to use this option in the fall and early spring – to wrap the crumbs in a cocoon from fils, and then in a knitted diaper. How to knit a cocoon for a newborn with knitting needles?

To do this, you will need:

  • Needles number from 3.5 to 5 (the number of needles depends on the thickness of the thread).
  • Soft threads. It is advisable to choose acrylic yarn. It is pleasant to the touch and does not lose its original appearance.

Smooth techniques are preferred – hosiery or shawl, but you can knit patterns according to the pattern that mom chooses to her taste. Depending on the skill, you can leave the diaper open, or you can make the product in the form of a sleeping bag.

It’s also easy to make a cocoon nest for a newborn or a cocoon jumpsuit with your own hands. In any case, a handmade cocoon for babies will have many advantages over a finished product purchased in a store. This is due to the fact that we sew it according to individual sizes, using high-quality materials, we select the color to our liking. This also adds tangible savings.

Cocoons of popular brands

The Red Castle cocoon cradle was invented specifically for premature babies. This model is in demand all over the world and meets safety criteria. A pillow in a cocoon is not needed. The model is 69 cm long and 40 cm wide.

A similar product is made by Woombie. The mattress of this company is comfortable, warm, designed for a baby up to 4 months.

Moms can appreciate the mattress Yawn. It has the same advantages as previous brands, but costs a lot less.

The Globex portable cocoon cradle is designed to carry babies weighing up to 7.7 kg. This world-famous model has a weight of just over 1 kg. It can be installed in any stroller. The cradle is equipped with an additional shoulder strap and comfortable handles, has a hard bottom.

Cocoon-nest for newborns HoneyMammy will create the most comfortable conditions for the adaptation of the newborn. It is sewn from organic unpainted cotton, which makes it possible to be sure of the hypoallergenicity of the product. The model is equipped with ties that make it easy to turn the nest into a mattress. This allows you to simplify the process of dressing the crumbs or changing the diaper. Suitable for any stroller and crib.

Among the popular models can be noted diapers-cocoon Kids Ukrainian manufacturer. Products are sewn from soft knitwear in a wide range of colors. Such diapers are an excellent substitute for unsafe tight swaddling, which ensures a sound and healthy sleep for the baby.

Precautionary measures

It is possible to transport a newborn in a cocoon carrier no more than continuously for an hour and a half. This limitation is connected with the fact that the back of the crumbs has not yet become stronger, staying in the cradle for a longer period creates an increased load on the spine.

If the baby is placed in a cocoon-mattress, then there is no need to cover it on top. Do not install the mattress on a high surface, in a stroller or cradle. The height of the side of the crib above it should be at least 20 cm. If the cocoon is planned to be used not in the crib, then it will be safest to put it on the floor. The cocoon should be systematically inspected for damage.

Proper cocoon care

Most models can be washed in the hand wash mode at a temperature of 30 ° C. The mattress can be washed with removable belts and a cover. If the mattress itself is contaminated, it must be cleaned with a mild detergent and not removed.

Cocoon for newborns will become a faithful assistant to mom in caring for a newborn. Due to the variety of models, you can choose a product for different purposes. This can be a mattress to create comfort at home, and a diaper for a good night’s sleep, and a nest for safety, and a carry to protect the crumbs from the weather. Most cocoons can be made by yourself. This will save and complete the product with love to your taste.

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