Transforming overalls for the child

Among all types of clothes for newborns, transformer jumpsuit is one of the most universal: it can change not only in accordance with the season, but also increase in size with a growing baby.

Modern models provide complete protection for the child from rain, wind and low temperatures.

Choosing a transformer jumpsuit is not an easy task. It is important not only to choose the right size, but also to make sure that the clothes will be comfortable for the baby and convenient to use.

What is a transformer jumpsuit?

Transformer jumpsuit for a newborn differs from the usual in greater functionality. As a rule, it is equipped with additional zippers that make it possible to change shape. The design of some models allows you to use them as an envelope, combining trouser legs, while others can be unfastened at the waist, due to which the size of the overalls changes. Overalls practical and economical.

Transformer overalls are especially relevant for children born in winter or spring: the baby is comfortable in an envelope, and by the next cold season it will be possible to use the lower part as panties. Many models allow you to adjust not only the version of the legs, but also the size and thickness of the lining. Therefore, you can wear a transformer jumpsuit for more than one year.

What are overalls

The most popular transformer overalls for wearing on the street.

Depending on the season, they are divided into several types:

  • Winter, warmed by a stationary lining. It can be made from holofiber, fluff or sheepskin. Often such models have a hood with fur, mittens, booties.
  • Demi-season. Insulated with a thinner lining, it is usually made of artificial material – synthetic winterizer, fleece. They warm the baby in the autumn-spring period and are breathable at the same time.
  • Universal. They consist of a small layer of insulation, often artificial, and a thicker lining of down or sheepskin, which comes unfastened. Due to this, they can be used in winter, spring and autumn.

In addition, transformer jumpsuits for newborns differ in structure.

By this criterion they are:

  • Integral, which can be transformed into an envelope, as they are equipped with a zipper on the inner seam of the legs and on their lower edge.
  • Separate  – representing a set consisting of a jacket and two detachable bottom options: pants or an envelope. Such models can be used from birth to 2-3 years. Sometimes the pants are simply fastened to the bottom edge of the jacket, sometimes they are made in the form of semi-overalls on the straps.

How to transform overalls

The transforming overalls for the newborn are simple and convenient in use. It has many fasteners – zippers and buttons, fastened in several ways, which makes the model universal. But the most difficult manipulations need to be performed not so often: when the season changes or when the baby grows up. Daily use does not cause moms difficulties.

Models that transform into an envelope have a central zipper. It can be fastened in two ways: to connect two front halves and two rear (envelope), or back from the front along the line of the inner leg seam. When using an envelope, the bottom edge is fastened with buttons; when using panties, booties are attached to it.

Models of transforming overalls for newborns with a zipper along the waist line are even easier to put on: depending on age, an envelope or panties can be fastened to it. If they have a bib and straps, then, often, they can also be unfastened.

How to choose a model

Choosing a baby transformer jumpsuit for newborns is worth several criteria:

  • The quality of the material.  It is optimal that the top of the transformer overalls for the newborn be made of synthetic fabrics, since they repel water well, do not blow. The choice of insulation and lining depends on what minimum temperature the overalls will be used. Typically, the manufacturer indicates this information on the label. Modern technologies make it possible to produce synthetic materials according to their heat-saving characteristics that are in no way inferior to natural ones.
  • Size.  If the baby was born full-term, then models with a size of 62-68 are suitable for him. The “runaway” of the size can be different – up to 80-86 cm. If the child was born large (more than 4 kg), it is worth purchasing models 68-74 in size.
  • The quality of tailoring and accessories.  The seams should be even, whole and without protruding threads, especially at the ends of the stitches. In the store you need to check if all the fasteners are working. The most vulnerable places of overalls are plastic “runners” on lightnings and the bases of rivets.
  • Appearance.  Much depends on the gender of the child and the preferences of the parents. Dark and medium brightness shades are considered more practical, although light shades will be more hygienic: it is easier to assess the level of contamination of the overalls and wash it in time.
  • Price.  In most cases, the rule “the more expensive, the better” applies to transforming overalls for newborns. But if the budget does not allow you to purchase an expensive model from a well-known manufacturer, you can find a suitable option among budget brands.
Advantages and disadvantages

Transformer jumpsuit for newborns has become in demand among parents due to a number of advantages. The main thing is its functionality, the ability to use it as an envelope for walking with a stroller and as panties for riding in a car seat.

In addition, the presence of fasteners makes dressing the baby faster and easier, the child does not have time to burst into tears. Different density of insulation and lining allows you to choose the option most suitable for the season. The hood and collar with a fastener protect the baby from the wind, while a regular envelope must be tied with a scarf, wrap, fasten with a pin.

The only significant drawback of the transformer is its price. It is higher than envelopes and regular jumpsuits. But given the fact that you can use it for 2-3 years, the purchase will be profitable.

Overalls care rules

The rules for caring for transformer overalls depend on what material it is made of. Any fabric should not be bleached; only soft and hypoallergenic powders should be used for washing. Synthetic heaters, such as synthetic winterizer, holofiber, tinsulate and others made of polyester, can be machine washed with an extraction at a temperature of no higher than 40 ° C.

Natural materials are more whimsical. If the jumpsuit is full of fluff, then the washing water temperature should be no more than 30 ° C, drying in a machine at low temperatures is recommended. After these manipulations, you need to manually knead all the formed lumps. Wool, including sheepskin, can be severely deformed during washing, so it is better to give it to dry cleaners.

Transforming overalls for newborns are convenient, functional and comfortable for the child. Due to their design, they can be used for several years and in different seasons. This avoids unnecessary expenses. With the right model, the process of putting on and wearing will be pleasant for parents and the baby.

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