Envelope for newborns: how to choose

The choice of outerwear for a newborn baby should be approached with particular responsibility. Its most convenient and modern version is an envelope.

A correctly selected thing will warm the baby in the winter on a walk, protect it from the wind in spring and autumn, and provide a comfortable sleep on a summer evening.

Therefore, you need to carefully choose not only a warm envelope for the newborn, but also a demi-season and summer one. Consider the main selection criteria, varieties and ratings of popular manufacturers.

What is important to consider when choosing?

The envelope intended for newborns should be not only beautiful, but also practical, high-quality, appropriate to the weather. Therefore, when choosing it, many criteria must be taken into account.


The first criterion for choosing a jumpsuit is the time of year. In autumn and winter, you need a winter envelope insulated with artificial fur, sheepskin or down. It will provide warmth to the baby in frosty weather.

In the off-season, a demi-season envelope based on fleece or sintepon will be optimal. He will protect the baby from wind and rain.

In the summer you will need a light walking envelope made of natural materials. Most of these models are made with ties or fasteners, easily transformed into a blanket. They can always protect the baby on a cool summer day or in the evening.

Clasp reliability

The next criterion for choosing children’s envelopes is the simplicity and reliability of the fasteners. With their help, modern models can be easily transformed into a blanket, jumpsuit or soft mattress, adjusted to size. It is reliable and simple fasteners that make it possible to use envelopes for newborns for several seasons in a row. Therefore, the quality and good work of zippers, Velcro and ties should be carefully checked. If their reliability is in doubt, it is better to choose another option.


The fabric on the envelope for newborns must comply with certain rules. The outside should be practical, easy to care for and waterproof. Internal parts are sewn only from natural, environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials. In addition, envelope fabric varies by season. If in the summer natural cotton fabrics are used for lining, then in the spring – fleece or flannel, and in winter – down or sheepskin.

Seam smoothness

Particular attention when choosing children’s envelopes for newborns should be given to the smoothness of the seams. Sticking threads, uneven stitches, skipped stitches, and rough edges are not allowed in children’s clothing. And if defects in tailoring from the outside simply worsen the appearance of the product, then a marriage of work in the inside can cause discomfort to the baby when it comes into contact with delicate skin clothing.

The size

You should not choose an end-to-end envelope. If it is not spacious enough, a dressed baby will fit there with difficulty. It should be borne in mind that the newborn is growing very quickly, so the thing that today is just in a month can become small. Given the high cost of this part of the children’s dowry, we recommend that you leave a small margin of a few centimeters. This applies to the summer stuff. If it is planned to put on overalls or an envelope in the winter, the supply can be 10 cm or more.

If this item of clothing is bought with a large margin, then the baby may be uncomfortable in it. Fasteners and ties will be fixed loosely, the baby will freeze in such a thing.

When determining the size of an envelope for a newborn for discharge, you can focus on standard ones produced by trusted manufacturers. Well-known expensive envelope brands for this case offer three options: for crumbs weighing up to 3.3 kg, from 3.3 to 3.5 kg and for warriors more than 4 kg.


Not always attractive appearance should be given priority when choosing children’s clothing. Beautiful envelopes are suitable for an extract for newborns. But they are not very convenient for daily walks with a child. If the family budget does not allow you to purchase both a solemn and everyday option, it is better to sacrifice elegance in favor of practicality.

The most preferred in this regard will be transformers, which can easily be changed into overalls, a blanket, a cover on the legs or a mattress. Such an envelope can be used in different cases for a long time.


Consider the pros and cons of different envelope models.

Envelope blanket

An envelope blanket is suitable for newborns from the first days of life. Most often, summer or thin demi-season blankets are found in this form. But you can buy a warm fur or a syntepon envelope for newborns.

Such models are made in the form of a blanket, which is folded in a certain way and fixed with fasteners, ribbons or zippers. When the need for an envelope disappears – it can be used as a blanket or blanket.

Care must be taken in choosing the fabric from which the outer layer is made. For example, the atlas looks very elegant. Such an envelope is ideal for a newborn to a solemn discharge from the hospital. But the atlas glides, so the baby in it must be kept extremely carefully.

Benefits include envelope reliability due to simplicity. But the same simplicity can be attributed to its shortcomings.

Envelope bag

The envelope bag is ideal for everyday walks of newborns. Such models are available for any season. The upper layer of winter and demi-season walking envelopes for newborns is sewn from waterproof fabric, so that the crumb is comfortable even in bad weather.

The bags include a sleeping envelope, which earlier many parents considered an unnecessary purchase for a newborn. Today, this device is appreciated. It allows you to provide comfort and warm crumbs, does not allow it to open and freeze.

A sleeping envelope and a bag for newborns have one drawback – the baby grows quickly from them. Therefore, their service life is only a few months.

Envelope jumpsuit

The envelope jumpsuit, which is also a transformer, is optimal for active and moving kids. In the early days for newborns, the envelope is used in the form of a zipper bag. As the baby grows, usually after 3 months, the bag transforms into a jumpsuit.

Such models as a transformer envelope with handles for newborns are sewn for each season of the year from various materials. Very comfortable options with a detachable lining.

When choosing a jumpsuit with a zipper, you need to pay attention to the width of the lower part. The wider it is, the more convenient it will be for the baby to move in the envelope.

Hard bottom

A kind of envelope bag is a model with a hard bottom, in which a dense mattress is embedded. This allows you to easily fix the back of the baby and helps new parents to properly hold the crumbs in their hands.

For moms and dads, keeping up with the times, a special envelope for swaddling newborns is suitable. This option was invented to replace the classic swaddling. Most of these products are designed for babies from birth to six months. Their main purpose is to limit the freedom of movement of the crumbs. You can buy an envelope with free handles. Such swaddling envelopes are a convenient option for clothes for newborns, come with zippers, Velcro or ties. But it is worth noting that they are not cheap.

Fur or fabric envelope?

When choosing a winter envelope or a transformer with a zipper, the question arises, which insulation is better – fur or artificial fabric filler?

Sheepskin, wool, goose down are used as natural fillers. Sheepskin envelope is good for newborns for its environmental friendliness. Being an excellent temperature regulator, it will warm the baby even in the most severe frosts.

But along with the advantages of natural fillers, there are such disadvantages :

  • Such things can trigger allergic reactions.
  • They require additional care in the form of dry cleaning (sheepskin). Wash them is not recommended.

Synthetic fillers such as sintepon, holofiber, isosoft, hypoallergenic and practical. They are easy to care for. Transformers with artificial insulation warm the baby at an air temperature of -25 ° C.

Definitely say which envelope will be better – fabric or fur, will not work. When choosing, you should consider the season for which it is purchased, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of the insulation.

Rating of the best envelopes

Now let’s get acquainted with the most popular brands.


The Kerry envelope for newborns will be an excellent choice for those parents who want to be sure of the quality of children’s things and do not feel constrained in the means. The product of the Finnish manufacturer is insulated with isosoft and fleece lining.

This envelope jumpsuit for a newborn compares favorably with its peers in the following:

  • Lightness and softness.
  • Detachable hood.
  • Fur lapels on trousers and cuffs.
  • It is safely recommended for a temperature of 25 ° frost. The kid in such an envelope will not freeze.
“Kinder Surprise”

An excellent choice for creative parents will be an envelope for a newborn girl or boy, “Kinder Surprise”. You can buy both winter and demi-season option. The envelope for the newborn “Kinder Surprise” is made in the form of the famous chocolate egg. The main advantage of such a product is its brightness, colorfulness and originality.

Womar zaffiro

A very warm bag on a natural sheepskin is close to the standard of quality. In this model everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Slots for seat belts allow you to easily use the jumpsuit in a car seat, stroller, sled. This option compares favorably with its counterparts at an affordable price and convenience for both mom and baby. The front bar comes unfastened, so the crumb is not difficult to put in an envelope.

The pluses include:

  • Correspondence of price and quality.
  • Natural high-quality insulation.
  • Many colors.
  • Ease of dressing.
  • Possibility of use in a car seat.

But such an envelope may be great for a small cradle. Also, caring for it is difficult, it is better to use dry cleaning.


Another high-quality version of the envelope-transformer for newborns is REIMA BABY Corbus. Country of origin – Finland. First of all, it is characterized by high quality. The top layer is made of dense waterproof and windproof fabric, cuffs with lapels, the hood is adjustable. This envelope for newborns fits in a car seat, as it has special slots for seat belts.

It is worth noting that the jumpsuit is designed more for cold autumn than for winter. Therefore, if it is very frosty on the street, you need to warm the crumbs under the envelope.

Among the minuses, we highlight the modest choice of colors and the high cost of clothing, standard for the Finnish manufacturer.

Golden goose “Arctic”

A product of a domestic manufacturer that is not inferior in quality to envelopes of well-known foreign brands.


  • The thing is very light and at the same time warm.
  • Attractive appearance and high quality workmanship.
  • Convenient side closure.
  • The tightening hood.
  • Modern stylish design.

Such a jumpsuit is not suitable for a warm winter. The baby in it will be hot. Of the minuses, there are difficulties in leaving. The item is not recommended to be washed.


A good choice for the fall is the demi-season envelope for the newborn Mikkimama. This transformer is distinguished by bright saturated colors, simplicity of design and convenience. The jumpsuit is insulated with alpolux, the inner lining is made of fleece. Of the minuses, it is worth noting the budgetary cost.

Sleepy Gnome “Baby”

Smart envelopes for discharge for newborns, equally suitable for both boys and girls. The top layer is made of satin, the bottom is made of cotton. Such envelopes for newborns with a bow or ruffles are distinguished by a solemn appearance, made of natural high-quality materials, have a removable lining. The disadvantages include the impracticality of the model.

Ramili Light Denim Style

Such an envelope-changer can be safely recommended for a summer evening. It differs from analogues in its original design. This is a blanket in the shape of a petal. If necessary, you can easily assemble a cozy cocoon from it for a walk. The jumpsuit was equipped with special slots for seat belts. Therefore, the crumbs in it is easy to put in a car seat or infant carrier.

The envelope is the first outfit for the baby. Therefore, they choose it very carefully. You can purchase jumpsuit for discharge or for everyday walks, especially for a newborn girl or boy, or universal, envelope-blanket or transformer. When buying it, the fundamental should be not only the appearance, but also the quality of the material, tailoring, size.

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