Circle for bathing newborns

Circle on the neck for bathing newborns? This is a modern and very convenient device for bathing children from birth to two to three years.

The circle is intended for use at home, as well as for use on natural water sources with a depth of not more than 1 meter. Being simple and convenient to use, it serves as an excellent assistant for parents while bathing a child.

The circle for taking hygienic baths by infants is not only practical, but also useful.

What is the use?

The beneficial effects of the bathing circle on the body of a newborn baby include the following:

  1. Strengthens the muscles of the child. While the baby is swimming in a circle, his movements are not obstructed or fettered. As a result, the child begins to master motor skills faster, earlier begins to sit, crawl and walk;
  2. Normalizes intracranial pressure;
  3. It activates the body’s defenses and strengthens the immunity of the child;
  4. Serves as a means of preventing digestive problems, reduces the incidence of intestinal colic and constipation;
  5. Improves baby’s sleep. The baby sleeps harder and longer than usual.

The convenience of using the circle for newborns is:

  • simplifying bathing procedures. Parents do not need to bend over and keep the child slipping out of their hands;
  • the baby gets complete freedom of movement (unlike slides and hammocks for bathtubs);
  • parents do not need to ensure that the child does not accidentally draw water into his ears and mouth;
  • there is no need to buy a baby bath, because an infant can swim in an adult;
  • You can take a circle with you on vacation, for swimming in the pool or at sea.

The technique of bathing a child with a circle

The bathing circle must be carefully removed from the package and, having slightly spread it, inflate. The product must not be inflated too much. Dressing and removing it is necessary when the child is already taken out of the water. It is most convenient to wear a bathing circle when the baby is lying on his stomach.

After waiting until the child raises his head, you need to gently pull the swimming device on your neck. If a child actively resists such an innovation, it is necessary to let him get used to a new thing. The baby can hold her in her arms, play a little with her.

To put on a swimming circle for a child, you must :

  1. To unfasten fasteners.
  2. Dilute their edges in both directions.
  3. Carefully put the circle on the baby’s neck, be sure to pay attention to whether his chin is in a special recess for fixation.
  4. Fasten Velcro by adjusting the desired density of contact with the neck.

After the baby’s bathing device is dressed, you need to slowly lower the child into the water and let him go. It is not necessary to hold the baby, just look after him. You need to get used to swimming with the circle gradually, because when using it, the child spends a lot of energy swimming in water and can tire quickly. For the first time, it is enough to take such hygienic procedures for 5-7 minutes.

When using baby swimming circles, it is important not to forget about precautionary measures. The child should not be left alone in the water, an adult must be supervised by him. The circle must be protected from various mechanical damage: scratches, punctures, cuts. In order to use the product for a longer time, it is not recommended to get it out of the packaging in the cold, pump it up, or inflate too tightly.

A bathing circle for newborns will give the child the pleasure of taking daily hygienic baths and facilitate the cares of caring for the baby.

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