Round crib for babies

Choosing a crib in a nursery is not a simple matter. There are many requirements for this subject. This is an attractive appearance, and functionality, and a suitable price.

Recently, a new model is gaining popularity – a round crib for newborns. It is available in different versions, each of which has its own advantages. In order not to make a mistake in the choice, you need to carefully study the advantages and disadvantages of the presented models.

A round bed for babies is in demand. Their advantages explain such popularity. First of all, it is a modern look. This bed fits perfectly into any interior. It can be placed in the center of the room. Then the baby will be able to freely view the world around him.

Advantages and disadvantages

In a round crib, the baby is more comfortable, he feels calmer. She has no sharp corners, so this model is safer than its classic rectangular counterparts. Even if the baby sleeps restlessly, spins, sharp corners will not disturb him.

A round cot is comfortable for newborn parents. You can approach the baby from any direction. This allows you to quickly respond to what is happening with the child.

But, when deciding on a choice, one should remember the disadvantages of this option. In the first place are the sizes of a round bed for newborns. The more functional it is, the more space will be required for it. You should not really hope for drawers in a round crib. Alas, they lose in roominess to other models. This must be taken into account by those whose apartment is not large.

If there is a desire to purchase a transforming bed, then you need to understand that as the child grows older, her length will increase, but the width of the berth will remain equal to 60 cm. This may not be enough for a child of older preschool age.

Round cots for babies are expensive. There are few options for economy class. Therefore, the price of round models also refers to their shortcomings.

When buying a round crib, you need to understand that a mattress in a round crib for newborns, unlike bedding sets, can not be bought in every store. Still, a round bed is still exotic for many regions.


Speaking of such beds, most often mean an oval shape. Directly round models are impractical, because, as a rule, they are small and designed for very recently born children.

Since the crib is bought for a long time, it is important to correctly determine its size. The most common form of round beds is the transformer. The standard size of this sales leader is 190 × 80 cm. As a rule, such a bed is combined with a chest of drawers.

If you plan to buy a round cradle for a newborn in the first months, then the optimal size of the crib will be 90 × 45 cm. In it, the baby will feel comfortable for up to six months.

If you are not planning to replace the crib in the first few years, then it is better to buy something more. In this case, a size of 120 × 60 or 120 × 65 cm is suitable. Roughly in such a crib the baby will be able to sleep up to 3 years.

A semicircular bed for newborns with a size of 140 × 70 cm is suitable for those who are not going to change it before school.


Round crib can be presented in various versions.


Hanging round or oval cribs create the same coziness and comfort for the baby as the mother has in her tummy. In such a crib, the baby will be calmer. She will become a reliable assistant for mom.

But you need to consider that with a high cost, the hanging bed will not last long. As the baby grows up, the cradle becomes cramped and ceases to be safe. The kid will need a bigger bed, with high sides. Therefore, such a model is suitable when there is no financial constraint, and buying a second bed during the first half of a child’s life will not become difficult.


The classic round bed is made of wood. Such models have the usual removable wheels and a height-adjustable bottom. Of the minuses, it is worth noting the short life. And if bedding for a round crib for newborns will not differ from that for a regular one, then a mattress for it is not always easy to find on sale. This is minus all beds of this shape.


A cot pendulum is safer and more useful for crumbs than rocking. As the baby grows older, he may fall out of the swaying bed. Pendulums have a special mechanism that does not allow the child to swing himself.

Of the minuses, it should be noted that the mechanism of the bed often breaks, starts to creak, and objects in storage boxes can rattle, rolling. Pendulum beds cost more than classic round beds.


There are also round round beds. Their advantage is that they make it possible to sleep with the baby side by side. At the same time, the baby has its own separate place. It is both hygienic and safe. In recent years, such proximity has been particularly favored by psychologists.

The disadvantages of the models include the short duration of use. But if the family budget allows, then such a purchase will be a real find for the family.

Convertible bed

Such models are bought for children from birth to 5 years. Their advantage is that as the baby grows, the crib transforms. You can get a round cradle for a newly born baby, and an oval crib, and an arena, and a sofa, and a table with chairs. It is easy to rearrange it in the room, since the crib has wheels.

The big advantage of transformers is the ability to control the bottom height. By lowering it, an arena can be easily made from an ordinary bed. Such models necessarily have a removable part. Thanks to this, it’s not difficult for mom to get crumbs or change clothes.


Round crib is made of different materials. It can be wood, metal or MDF. The main requirement is that the material must be safe for the child.

The best choice would be a round wooden bed. The most suitable types of wood are birch, alder or maple. A more economical option may be pine. It is not so strong and solid, so the furniture from it will be scratched, but it costs much less. If the wood is varnished, there should be no pungent odor.

Do not buy a bed made of plywood or wood-based panels. Such material is toxic and dangerous to the health of the crumbs.

Crib Requirements

The main requirement for both round cribs and other models is the safety of the child. Therefore, you should pay attention to the strength of fastening of all parts. If the bed is made of wood, it should be smoothly sanded, not contain chips chipped paint, varnish or chipping.

The sides of the crib must be raised to the height necessary for the safety of the baby (at least 26 cm). In this position, the crumbs will not fall out.

Special requirements are imposed on the materials from which children’s furniture is made. They must be non-toxic and completely safe for the baby.


In most cases, the mattress is sold with a round bed. If it is not available in the configuration, then you need to choose the right one.

The requirements for mattresses for children are universal. It doesn’t matter what shape the bed is. The main thing you need to pay attention to is product stiffness, environmental friendliness and material safety. Coconut fiber combined with foam rubber or holofiber is best. This option is not amenable to deformation, does not absorb moisture, creates optimal rigidity.

Choosing a mattress, do not forget about the size. Parameters of cots of different manufacturers may vary. The height of the product does not really matter.

Of great importance is the material from which the top layer of the mattress is made. You should not choose a product whose cover is made of synthetic fabric. Preference should be given to cotton.

When buying a mattress, it is advisable to immediately purchase a set of bedding and sides in a round crib for newborns.

Good sleep is one of the main conditions for the proper development of a newborn. For the baby to grow up healthy, the berth must be comfortable. A round crib is a great modern alternative to familiar models that meets all the criteria of safety and reliability.

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