Massage for constipation in infants

Massage for constipation in infants is one of the effective ways to treat and prevent this condition. Stroking and moderate pressure on the anterior abdominal wall improve peristalsis and promote the movement of feces to the exit.

Breastfeeding newborns empty their intestines in the first days of life up to 6 times a day, which corresponds to the number of feedings. Artificial kids poop 3-4 times a day.

There is a group of symptoms, upon detection of which the baby can be argued that he suffers from constipation, and abdominal massage will help to cope with them.

Signs of constipation

The manifestations of problems with bowel movements include :

  • a tight, hard stomach that looks swollen;
  • restless behavior of the child;
  • during crying, the baby squeezes the legs to the stomach, bends, groans and pushes;
  • violation of sleep and wakefulness;
  • lack of bowel movement for more than 36 hours;
  • decreased appetite;
  • a chair resembling glued balls;
  • feces with blood.

When at least some of the symptoms are found in the baby, you can begin to stroke the front abdominal wall in a clockwise direction. Massage for constipation in infants can improve the passage of feces through the loops of the colon, stimulating the activity of the gastrointestinal tract.

When is massage necessary?

There are certain conditions when a massage of the abdomen in newborns is recommended, because it can be done not only with constipation.

For preventive purposes, massage can be performed in the following situations:

  • when transferring a baby from breastfeeding to artificial or when switching from one adapted milk mixture to another;
  • the introduction of new complementary foods;
  • the child drinks a little liquid;
  • the baby is diagnosed with lactose intolerance;
  • the baby is prescribed iron supplements, a side effect of which is often constipation;
  • mother’s use of medicines when the baby is breast-fed;
  • a radical change in the diet of a lactating woman.

With the beginning of massage sessions for constipation in a child, all possible factors leading to the occurrence of such a condition should be excluded.


It is necessary to massage with constipation in a newborn several times during the day, as one-time manipulations will not bring the desired result. To complete the procedure, it is not at all necessary to have a medical education or to complete special courses – parents can independently cope with this matter.

Preparation for massage for newborns with constipation includes some features :

  • a person who will conduct a massage of the tummy should have clean hands and nails to be cut short so as not to injure the delicate skin of the baby;
  • Before performing the manipulation, apply a small amount of baby cream or oil on the palms and rub them against each other to evenly distribute the product and warm your hands;
  • in the room where the massage is performed for constipation in the baby, it must be warm so that the child does not freeze;
  • hold the crumb “column” so that excess air comes out of the stomach;
  • the procedure is not recommended to be carried out immediately after the child has eaten – this can cause him vomiting, after feeding it is better to wait at least an hour;
  • For manipulations, select a suitable surface, given that it is rigid enough, because on a soft base the child will not have adequate support for the back.

It is important to take into account the mood of the child during massage of the abdomen, because if he is calm and in a good location, then the anterior abdominal wall remains relaxed and soft, and the intestines are accessible for deep palpation, which will allow to work out all its departments well.

How to massage?

Uncomplicated movements during massage of the abdomen in a child with constipation increase contractions of the smooth muscles of the gastrointestinal tract, facilitate the excretion of feces and contribute to the passage of gas. The duration of the session should not exceed ten minutes.

How to massage the tummy of the newborn with constipation?

Follow a certain sequence of actions:

  1. Place your baby on the changing table belly up.
  2. Do 10 light circular strokes clockwise.
  3. Position your wrist in the navel, and use your free palm to make spiral movements with light pressure on the tummy.
  4. On the left and right side of the abdominal wall, where the loops of the colon are projected, massage more intensely, trying to penetrate deeper.
  5. In the lower abdomen, work with your fingertips on the large intestine along a path resembling the letter “P”: from the right iliac region through the lower ribs to the left.
  6. Perform soft vibrating and jerky actions.
  7. Put the crumbs on the tummy and stroke the back from the shoulder blades to the sacral region.
Nuances to consider

When preparing to massage the abdomen of a baby with constipation, you need to know in which situations it is forbidden to do so, so as not to harm his health.

Do not massage with constipation in infants if:

  1. The baby begins to cry harder even with a light touch to the anterior abdominal wall.
  2. Strong muscular tension of the abdomen and its asymmetric bloating are determined.
  3. Violation of bowel movement is accompanied by hyperthermia.
  4. The baby is lethargic, the skin on the face is pale.
  5. There is an admixture of blood in the feces.
  6. On the skin of the abdomen, lesions or rashes are noted.

If you have not noticed the described violations, then you can safely proceed to massage the abdomen of a newborn with constipation. After the procedure, it is recommended to carry out a set of gymnastic exercises, which will allow you to get rid of bowel problems even faster and more efficiently.

In addition to gymnastics, you can use other methods of exposure to the intestines of crumbs. Put your baby on the mother’s belly and provide close bodily contact. Exerting pressure on the abdominal wall stimulates the gastrointestinal tract, and heat relaxes the muscles and eliminates spastic pain.

Every mother should know how to massage a newborn baby with constipation, because such procedures will not only help with difficulty in defecation, but also ease the condition of the crumbs in case of colic, and allow gaziks to get out. This is an effective and painless technique that will not only improve the mood of the child, but also help to cope with intestinal problems.

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