DIY metric for newborns

DIY gifts have become increasingly popular in recent years. One of them is a metric for newborns. Perform it from different materials, using many techniques. It can be a metric for newborns made of wood, embroidered with a cross, stitch or beads.

What is a metric for newborns?

In a broad sense, the term “metric” means a birth certificate. Today it is important to produce decorative certificates – pictures containing information about the newborn: name, date of birth, weight.

Hand-made metrics for newborns, made of wood or printed on paper, become a real decoration and amulet in the children’s room. They can be done independently or bought ready-made, made by the master to order.


Metrics are made from different materials. They are embroidered with a cross, beads, painted, made of plastic and wood.


Most often, decorative metrics for newborns are embroidered with their own hands. In this case, you can use various techniques, but usually cross stitch is used. To make such a gift, you will need inexpensive materials (canvas, hoop, thread, pattern) and free time. You can buy ready-made patterns for embroidery metrics for newborns in specialized stores or come up with an original pattern.

The classic version is a metric that depicts a stork with a baby. Embroidered bears, children, bunnies, prams, zodiac signs are popular. An inscription must be attached to the picture indicating the name of the newborn, date of birth, weight and height. It can be embroidered in advance, before the crumbs are born, leaving room for information about the baby. Finishing it will not be difficult after the birth of the baby.

Embroidered metrics for newborns will decorate a small pillow, which will be nice to put in a crib or stroller.

Craftswomen, who are fluent in embroidery techniques, can portray a child from his photograph. To do this, using a special program from the baby’s photo, a scheme is performed.

From wood

A worthy alternative to embroidery will be wooden metrics for newborns. Such wood products can be created by yourself or you can order ready-made ones if you do not have enough time or there are no skills.

To make a metric for newborns from a tree with your own hands, you will need:

  • a piece of wood or plywood of suitable size up to 2 cm thick;
  • jigsaw;
  • stencil;
  • drill;
  • pencil and paints for decor;
  • sandpaper;
  • scissors.

A tree metric for newborns can be made in the form of a name and date of birth. A lot of interesting ideas are posted on the Internet. Downloading a suitable template and video tutorial is easy.

The stores offer a wide range of finished products. You can order jewelry according to individual designs. But even if none of the finished goods came up, and the gift idea did not form, you can study the stencils and metric templates for newborns from wood that the manufacturer offers, and make an order for them.


A poster is a metric poster for newborns. Production will require a computer, printer and knowledge of special programs. Computer metrics for babies are much faster than the previous two options. It can be made in the form of a large poster, to leave a free place where, during the first year of life, the baby will be able to add new photos to the baby. So it turns out a poster metric of achievements of the newborn.

Photo frames

If there is no time for cross-stitching a large picture with a stork, cubs or a portrait of a baby, you can make a beautiful frame for photographs from canvas. As a basis for the picture, you can take individual fragments of pictures of metrics for newborns. Even a novice craftswoman can embroider a frame.

You can advise making a photo frame of a metric for newborns to those who do not enjoy embroidery at all, but who loves to craft something with their own hands. The painted wooden frame with pendants or decoupage made looks beautiful. Stencils and patterns of a metric-frame from a tree for newborns for every taste can be found on the Internet.

Other options

You can give a custom, original metric. For example, make it in the form of a postcard or a small picture, which will adorn the cover of the first photo album of the crumbs. Very appropriate and festive beadwork metrics for newborns.

Metric for a boy

According to the technique of the work for the boy is no different from others. As usual, first of all, the name of the newborn is embroidered, and then the composition is arranged. Differences may be in the color of the canvas. For example, you can embroider on a blue fabric.

The subjects of drawings for boys may vary slightly. A toy bear, a bunny, a stork, a blue stroller, a baby sitting on the moon, etc. will be appropriate. Today, without problems, you can choose the appropriate metric schemes for newborn boys. The color scheme of threads will most often be in blue, yellow or green shades.

Metric for girls

For girls, metric schemes for newborns can have their own plot decision. Drawings for them more tender. Often embroider princesses, butterflies, flowers, hearts, bows. The color scheme involves the use of pink, white and red shades.

Universal circuit

If the embroidery is done in advance, and the mother still does not know who will be born – a boy or a girl then it is better to choose a neutral pattern. Universal cross stitch patterns metrics for the newborn contain images of prints of children’s legs or palms, booties. Pictures of baby in cabbage are popular. You can embroider a pram.

How to make the circuit yourself?

If nothing came of the ready-made image options, you can get your own cross-stitch patterns for newborns from any picture you like using computer programs. The program will help to correctly divide the image by shades and choose the right color scheme, determine the size of embroidery.

If you yourself can’t master such a program, you can turn to the services of a specialist. The only caveat in this case is that you do not need to select images with a lot of colors. With the independent development of the scheme, the transmission of halftones can cause difficulties, and the embroidery will turn out not quite realistic.

Do-it-yourself metric is a wonderful gift for the peanut parents. It will become a reminder of the experienced bright moments of the appearance and growing up of the baby. It doesn’t matter in which technique the gift is made. The main thing is that it is made with love and contains a piece of your soul.

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