Newborn 3 months

The kid at this age not only confidently holds his head, but also easily turns over from back to side and vice versa.

The baby recognizes the faces of relatives, smiles at them, laughs, cooes, walks and conducts dialogue when communicating. He gets pens on toys hanging above the crib, tries to grab them and taste them.

A newborn who is already two months old is no longer a helpless creature. Now his body has grown stronger, his face is gaining a meaningful expression, and his reactions to the world around him are changing. Rapid development will occur throughout the first year of life, and the difference between a two and three month old baby is significant.

Mental development

The third month of the newborn’s life is marked by the fact that he begins to recognize the mother’s voice, distinguish objects and hear smells. Therefore, the reactions of a small child already make sense: he cries when he is ill and smiles, laughs when he is good, but if the baby does not like something, he starts to scream loudly.

Now, communication with parents and grandparents is becoming two-way: the newborn answers the words of adults in his own words, but so far with agukan. The child begins to understand that he is most comfortable in the arms of his relatives, therefore he can begin to demand this more and more often.

At three months old, the newborn likes to listen to music, therefore it is recommended to hang a musical toy over the crib that will spin so that the child can establish a relationship between what he hears and what he sees.

The nature of crying is changing, and parents can now determine what worries their baby:

  • hungry crying begins with a loud sob and quickly develops into a loud cry;
  • if the child rubs his eyes and turns his head, while crying him with capricious notes, then he just wants to sleep;
  • crying from pain begins abruptly, it is continuous and piercing;
  • if the child has increased intracranial pressure, then he can cry monotonously and regularly in the evenings, which should force parents to consult a doctor.
Physical development

There is a development of a 3-month-old baby in a physical plane, spasmodically. You can notice daily how his legs are getting stronger. The kid already independently turns over from the back to the barrel and holds in this position. He makes attempts to sit, but at the same time he needs to be held a little for the priest.

Now the child turns his head, watching his mother’s eyes, makes attempts to grab the toy, and lying on his stomach with his head raises his shoulders. If you hold the child by the armpits, then he is already able to lean on his legs, which he usually likes to do. But to use this technique as a constant exercise is not advisable, since the motor apparatus is far from ready for such loads.

At this age, a newborn plays with his arms, reaches for rattles, brings objects to his mouth and face, learns to clap his hands.

The main games of a newborn baby in 3 months :

  1. “Roll call” with mom, that is, parents talk with the child and wait for an answer from him. The mother pronounces affectionate words slowly and clearly, so the little man listens to her speech. Words are pronounced smoothly, you can use nursery rhymes and songs for this. Mom’s monologue lasts about a minute and a half, and then the baby must make the response words – sounds. At the same time, it is better to sentence words with many stretching vowels, so it will be easier for a newborn to understand them and try to repeat them.
  2. An exercise that develops a grasping reflex and teaches you to hold objects. As a toy, you need to use a bright, noisy rattle that will slowly move around the child, either approaching it, or moving away so much that he wants to grab it. When this happens at least once, the baby will try to do it again and again with pleasure and increased energy.
  3. A conversation with mom begins with saying another song or rhyme to him, and all the words and sounds are pronounced very expressively, with different necessary intonations, prompting the child to repeat the movement of the lips after mom. So he learns to coordinate the movement of the lips and pronounce sounds.
Daily routine

When a baby is 3 months old, he sleeps less and less and is actively and awake. Therefore, it is recommended that you add a little hardening with air baths to gymnastics, massage and swimming in the bathroom.

It is still necessary to observe the regimen of a 3 month old baby. A night’s sleep should take 8-10 hours, possibly with occasional waking up for food. Moreover, during the day, the baby can sleep several more times for 1.5 – 2 hours.

It is advisable for this period to go out with him to fresh air, which is useful for both the child and the mother. In addition, walks should take at least 6 hours a day, in any weather, with the exception of heavy rain and hard frost.

The baby’s morning begins with washing, and if necessary, with cleansing the ears and nose. Mandatory hygiene procedures for after toilet. But, the main bathing is nightly, which brings a lot of pleasure to the 3-month-old baby and his parents. In the bath, you can add a decoction of chamomile or a string.


Breast milk remains the main food product of a newborn at the age of three months, but a variety of complementary foods should not be added. Meals per day for the baby should be at least 6 with an approximate break of 3, 5 hours.

If there is not enough mother’s milk, then after consulting a pediatrician, you can add infant formula, but still it’s better to try to increase lactation by all available means. Of course, infant formulas are produced in accordance with all GOST standards, but they are absorbed by the body longer and are capable of causing allergic reactions.

Parent Tips

Given the development of the child for 3 months of life, it must be remembered that he has already grown up, learned to roll over and mastered the grasping reflex, therefore all the space surrounding him must be freed from various objects that the child does not need.

Each toy will now taste, so everything that can fall into the hands of a little man, and then into his mouth, must be washed with soap and warm water and rinsed thoroughly.

A child of three months is already interested in the world around him and parents should help him with this. You also need to make sure that the baby’s nervous system is not overloaded, because whims and crying should not be part of the child’s life, parents can always take their child in their arms, hold him close to their body, shake and calm them down.

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