Newborn 7 months

The physical development of the child is 7 months: the baby sits on its own, holding on to a support, becomes and stands, confidently and quickly crawls in any directions.

He is already trying to drink from a cup and eat from a spoon, he knows the meaning of some words: it is possible, no, it is impossible, the names of actions and toys.

The kid shows affection for mom: cries when mom leaves, rejoices when she appears. He loves to review books, turn pages, he has his first favorite pictures.

A few months ago, the baby was very tiny, helpless. But more than six months have passed and the child begins to know the world. The development of a 7-month-old baby moves on to the next stage, he now explores everything around him and brings parents the first chores. More often these troubles become moments of joy, because at this age nothing can be done.

Daily regime

The regimen of a 7-month-old baby is individual, you should not particularly focus on him, but he should be present. With him, it will be easier for a young mother to plan her own day. In general, a regimen is developed over time, and is usually formed by this age. If periodic failures occur, it’s okay, that means the child’s body is rebuilding, growing.

The main issue remains timely feeding and sleep. With a full day’s sleep, the baby will be calm, feel good. Naturally, the mother will also become less irritable, since during the baby’s sleep, she will be able to do everything around the house.

An ideal daily routine is one that has formed over the past 6 months of life. In general, for a whole day a child of this age should sleep about 15 hours, how they are distributed throughout the day is completely unimportant. Some babies sleep all night without waking up to eat, while others cannot even sleep for 3 hours without food. Physiological needs form a sleep pattern. Of course, much depends on the mother, doctors say so, but in practice, the child dictates the nutrition and sleep conditions. It should be understood that all the children are different and it is simply impossible to establish a single regime of the day.

An approximate regimen of a child at 7 months during the day should be as follows :

  • morning feeding;
  • walk;
  • feeding;
  • sleep;
  • feeding;
  • games;
  • feeding;
  • walk;
  • feeding;
  • sleep.

There is no need to state that such a regimen should be for every baby. A young mother should look at the behavior of the child, its development and from this already build its own daily regimen.

Diet or how to feed a child aged 7 months

If a baby at this age knows about the existence of a spoon, this is very good. The complementary foods introduced from 5-6 months should change the diet. Ideally, if the time interval between feedings is 4 hours. Five meals a day are considered sufficient for development and growth.

It is difficult for those mothers whose babies continue to eat at night. It is better to wean this habit at an early age, until the child shows his full character and can be rocked for further night sleep. Daytime feeding should be accompanied by wakefulness. The child, after eating, requires games, and sleep comes a little later.

Estimated feeding time for a 7 month old baby :

  • 6:00;
  • 10:00;
  • 14:00;
  • 18:00;
  • 10 p.m.

If the baby wakes up later, then the feeding time may be shifted. Many mothers leave everything, as they eat and adjust the baby for these hours of feeding. Thus, by developing a clear meal schedule, based on it, the full regime of the day is automatically built.

7 month old baby

At this age, the first complementary foods should already be introduced. The baby’s diet fully includes juices, mashed vegetables and fruits, egg yolk, milk porridge, kefir or low-fat cottage cheese. Continue to breastfeed the baby, so it will be easier for him to perceive new foods.

You can begin to expand the range of juices and mashed potatoes. If before everything was limited to an apple, now you can try to give pear, peach, raspberries, strawberries. But it is worthwhile to understand that all fruits must be grown in natural conditions, so to speak natural, without the addition of chemicals. An ideal option for such complementary foods is possible if you have your own fruit. Only the dosage of each new product should be minimal. Adaptation of the body to a new product should pass without exacerbations or allergies.

At this age, you can safely replace two breast-feeding with mashed potatoes, juices, kefir or cottage cheese. Egg yolk is needed as a source of vitamins for the development of the baby. Ideally, if it is taken to the diet after meat feeding. Boiled chicken must be minced several times, or use a blender. A baby at this age can be given 20-30 grams per day. It is better to alternate yolk in one day, and meat in another. Thus, the load on the stomach and intestines will be minimal.

Scheme of feeding a baby 7 months :

Time Diet Volume in ml.
6 a.m. Formula or breast milk 200
10 a.m. Egg yolk
Fruit or vegetable puree
2 p.m. Kefir or breast milk or a mixture of
fruit or vegetable puree
18:00 Milk porridge 10%
Fruit juice
10 p.m. Mix or breast milk 200

This is an approximate feeding scheme, for some it is ideal, but for someone, the feeding time may be different. Read more about what should be the menu of a baby at 7 months →

Games baby 7 months

At this age, the baby is interested in everything, he is ready to play with his mother’s nose, earrings, anything else. His pens are developed, a grasping reflex appears. You can entice a baby of this age with almost anything that makes a sound or has an interesting shape and color. Children really love what can be held in their hands, grabbed, pressed and it is not necessary that the subject is soft. Beads of various shapes and colors are perfect for playing.

But the baby is not limited to tactile sensations. He is still attracted to various sounds. Rattles with bells, musical toys, you can try to give the child a thin foil, it makes a special sound when it is compressed, previously unknown.

Child physiology and psychology

Quite often, at this age, the baby has the first tooth. This can happen sooner or later, but at about this age, the lower incisor erupts. This is an individual for each and even if the teeth did not erupt in a year, you should not worry that the child is behind in development, such physiological features.

First, two lower teeth will appear, then the upper teeth or vice versa. During this period, the child may become more irritable, moody. In order to avoid this, he needs to be given special toys for teething. In the process of chewing, the baby ceases to notice itching.

At the seventh month of life, the gastrointestinal tract is ready to digest foods such as egg yolk and meat.

From a psychological point of view, this is a period of very active growing up, psychological development. It is necessary to give the baby the opportunity to communicate, you can even enter into a dialogue with him. Now he begins to perceive the reaction of his parents to his actions, the timbre of the voice and the frequency of the sound tell him how to behave in a particular situation. The child must understand the difference in intonation of praise and upbringing.

Freedom, that’s all the baby needs, he tries to get to know the world as quickly as possible, therefore prohibited items can also be missed.

At the end of the seventh month, the child can play educational games, leaf through books. The first book can be a rag of bright color with the image of animals or birds. All images must be commented on and soon, the child will be able to independently show animals, hearing their name.

Useful Tips for Parents

Give your baby the opportunity to explore the world on his own. He makes his first discoveries, it is vital for him to move around the apartment or house. Parents will have to make a small rearrangement, remove heavy, sharp, unstable objects from the access zone.

Observe and guard, this is what is required of parents at this age. If the child took a prohibited item, do not raise his voice at it, it is enough to simply explain that this is not necessary.
Categorically it is impossible to feed a child by force with those products that he does not like. The child’s body itself knows what it lacks.

And of course, try to adhere to the regimen of feeding and sleep. With them, it will be much easier for you to build your own daily routine.

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