Newborn 8 months

The eight-month-old baby is well worth making attempts to take the first independent steps near the support. He is well oriented in space, knows where his toys are, shows their location with a nod of his head or hand. Can fulfill simple tasks: bring, serve, open, etc.

He already knows how to connect the parts of the nesting dolls, string the pyramid rings, cover the boxes with lids. She loves to dance, stomp legs, clap her hands.

Each age is beautiful in its own way. Kids become special, it is interesting to watch them, analyze their actions, habits and reactions to what is happening around them. At this age, the baby cannot yet have flaws, if the parents correctly perceive everything that he does.

The development of an 8-month-old baby happens very quickly if the parents deal with it, play developmental games and just pay attention. This is exactly the time when the baby, like a sponge, begins to absorb everything that is presented to him. He just does not know how to talk, but already begins to understand a lot.

A huge amount of energy is directed to the development of physical skills, some babies try to take their first steps on their own. But not everything is so fast, for all its time. And it’s time for parents to be patient.

Physiological aspects of development

Each baby develops individually. It all depends on the daily regimen of an 8-month-old baby, his nutrition, sleep and wakefulness. Many babies already have several teeth, and they are ready to try new foods. At this age, sleep is approximately 14 hours a day, the interval between honey meals increases to 4 hours.

Pediatricians claim that the ideal weight is 8-8.5 kilograms, but no one dares to say the exact figure. The weight is so individual that it is not particularly necessary to pay attention to it. A child in certain months can gain more than normal, and after a while, lose weight. Therefore, if special recommendations are not prescribed by the pediatrician, you should not worry about the weight of the baby.

This applies to development, everything has its time, the child will sooner or later begin to walk, he does not need to be forced, he will strive to do it himself.

Psychological aspect

Here is the very moment of truth when parents need to learn how to behave properly. Controlling emotions, issued reactions means a lot. A child at 8 months can start eating poorly, show his character, so to speak, check the nerves of his parents. He already knows how to achieve his goal. Parents in this period need to control their emotions, this will help keep the baby’s psyche. You need to be able to ban so as not to injure the child by offering him something in return. Switching attention from one subject to another will allow you to bypass screams and tantrums.

All prohibitions must be motivated, justified. Every action needs to be explained. At the same time, you should forget about aggression and nerves, parents should always have a balance. If Mom’s psyche can’t stand it, let Dad come to the rescue. If a child purposefully reaches for one and the same subject, it is easier to remove him from the field of vision than to constantly scold the baby. He develops, wants to know the world, and receives a permanent “NOT.”

A child at this age, needs the presence of loved ones, is very wary of responding to new faces, while snuggling up to his mother. He begins to distinguish between day and night. Ideal if the toys will look like objects from reality.

Skills and abilities

At the end of the eighth month of life, the baby may be able to:

  1. Independently rise to sit down (it is important to control this moment and not allow sitting too long);
  2. Pull up on your arms, get up, try to take several steps on your own in the crib;
  3. Hold objects tightly in your hands, shift them, throw them. A child at this age very rarely drops something, now he is interested in throwing something.
  4. It can pronounce syllables and the first words appear.

8 month old baby

Well, here comes the period when a baby can be given a lot of new things. Vitamins of various categories must be present in the diet. Now the question of how to feed an 8-month-old baby will not be a headache. A frequently asked question from parents at pediatricians is whether an 8-month-old baby can be given boiled fish. At this age, not just what you can, but you need to give a product that is a source of proteins, fats, mineral salts and several groups of vitamins.

The fish is easily digested, amenable to rapid digestion. But do not abuse this product. Fish can cause an allergic reaction. At the first feeding, the baby must be observed by analyzing the reaction to different varieties. And yet, a small subtlety, the children’s body perceives ocean fish and white well: pollock, hake, cod, salmon, river pike perch and carp. The fish can be boiled with vegetables and grind to a mushy state.

Meat is less likely to become an allergen; it is recommended to give it daily. The diet of an 8-month-old baby should contain various groups of vitamins, the main thing is that everything offered to the baby in the process of eating is normal.

If the child has an allergy to dairy products, then the diet must be drawn up with a pediatrician. The doctor will be able to say how it is possible to replace sour-milk and dairy products so that the child receives the necessary vitamins and minerals. The child’s menu is 8 months old for HS:

Feeding time Diet Serving in ml. / Gr.
6 a.m. Breast milk, mix or kefir 200
10 a.m. 10% milk porridge 180
Butter 5
Egg yolk ?
Fruit puree 40
2 p.m. Vegetable Puree 180
Vegetable oil 5
Fish or meat puree 30-50
The juice 40
Bread 5
18:00 Breast milk or mixture 150
Skim cheese 40
Cookies 2 pcs.
Fruit puree 40
The juice 40
10 p.m. Breast milk, mix or kefir 200

Looking at the table, many will say “CSO”. But if you look closely at the portion graph, then everything will fall into place. At each feeding, the child consumes approximately the same amount of food, the difference is only in the diet.

If the baby is trying to sit on its own, then all meals should be seated.

Mom’s breast milk is gradually fading into the background. Now she does not need to endlessly offer the baby a breast. Only a third of the total diet is breast milk. Vegetable purees should whenever possible be seasonal. The diet needs to be expanded gradually, but correctly and then your children will grow up healthy.

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