Newborn 9 months

The child sits confidently, actively crawls, walks, holding on to the support. He actively shows his emotions and attitude to what is happening: he cries if his mother leaves the room, laughs at the sight of a new toy, breaks out if he does not like something, for example, if mother cleans his ears.

Shouting and crying, expresses his indignation, achieves the desired, manipulates adults. Begins to show independence in the process of eating and dressing. The baby’s speech continues to develop, but his first words are clear only to parents.

One of the most interesting periods in the life of a child of the first year of life is the 9th month. At this age, many children begin to walk and utter the first meaningful words.

If your baby does not walk and is silent yet, then this is not a reason to sound the alarm, it does not speak of a developmental delay, it is just that the baby is building up strength.

Physical and mental development

The physical development of a 9-month-old baby is already quite progressive – many are already standing on their own, while someone is just trying to get up, holding on to the side of the bed or near another support. A small egoza is crawling already quite quickly, some can confidently stomp along the sofa. Now we need to make another inspection of the home for danger to the young researcher. If your outlets still do not have plugs, then it is time to put them. It is time to clean household appliances away, reduce visible wires to a minimum. It’s time to check all cabinets, cabinets and chests of drawers for opening and closing, or to lock the doors or to put special protection against pinching fingers.

At the age of 9 months, the child already understands adult speech and even prohibitions, he knows the words associated with food, walk and sleep. Already at this age, the baby can eat with a spoon, of course, not yet quite confidently, but the main thing is to show interest. It’s time to teach your baby to drink from a drinker with a soft nose and two handles. You can give pieces of solid food – cookies, a piece of bread, boiled vegetables, even if the baby does not yet have teeth, chewing reflexes need to be developed.

It is necessary to actively develop fine motor skills, the capture of objects with the thumb and forefinger is especially important. At the age of 9 months, children can repeat about 8 sound combinations and speak meaningfully “mom”, “dad”, “on”, “give”. Pay special attention to small palms, massage them, make a “magpie-crow”, learn to play in ladies. These exercises contribute to the development of speech skills.

A nine-month-old child likes to look at himself in the mirror, and he also likes to take a toy from the hands of an adult and drag it into his mouth. At this age, the ability to imitate the actions of an adult appears – show that the toy can be shaken, beaten (for this it is better to have a soft hammer to avoid unpleasant incidents). Teach your child to wave hello and bye.

To develop motor skills, you can ask the child to sprinkle small objects, but only under your supervision so that he does not swallow anything. Teach him to open and close the box, hide the toy there and ask him to open and get it. During this period, the child already knows how to enjoy successful actions and shows interest in other children. By facial expressions of crumbs, you can understand his emotions – joy, grief, resentment, surprise, and so on.

Speech Development

At the tenth month of life, the child already knows his name and responds to it. To the questions “where is mom”, “where is dad”, and so on, the baby will smother towards the named one or point at it with a finger. Ask the child to give you something, for example, from several toys, ask them to choose a pyramid. At this age, children already understand the words “sit down”, “lie down”, “give”, “on” and others. He knows the names of many objects and listens carefully to the speech of adults.

At 9 months, your child can repeat syllables and sounds, expresses certain things with certain sounds and babbles a lot in his own way. When reading books, show the child pictures and name them: this is a cat, she says “meow-meow”, this is a dog, she says “av-av” and so on. Do not distort words when pronouncing, pronounce them clearly.

Daily regime

The regimen of a 9-month-old baby is almost the same as an 8-month-old. By this period, the baby has already developed the same time for sleep, in the morning he wakes up at the same time, and lies down in the evening. The food is 5 meals a day, the child’s sleep should be 9-11 hours at night and 3 times a day for 1.5-2 hours. Many children go on a 2-day nap.

The morning of your child should begin with the usual procedures – washing, it would be nice to teach your child to walk in the big at the same time, so it will be easier for you to teach him to potty. Some children are already accustomed to the pot at this age, if you have not started, then you can gradually proceed. It would be nice to start tempering the child and take air baths with him.

You need to walk 2-3 times a day for 2-2.5 hours at least, dressing in the weather. It is not necessary to wrap up the child much, it is only to the detriment of him. You need to dress children the same way as yourself, adding one layer in the cold season.

The tradition of bathing at bedtime should be unchanged, in the cold season you can bathe every other day, but it is advisable to wash after the toilet during the day. Diversify swimming with toys, periodically changing them. If your child spins a lot at night, be sure to check that the sheet fits snugly against the mattress to prevent a small fidget from being wrapped in it.

Nutrition for a 9 month old baby

By 9 months, the child already eats a lot, it is time to diversify his diet. Recipes for a 9-month-old baby can be found in parenting books or on the Internet. From this age, fish can be introduced into the diet, but this should be done only after consulting a pediatrician. For the first time, take white low-fat fish of cod species, although carp and pike perch will also work fine. Preference should be given not to frozen, but to freshly caught fish.

How to feed a 9-month-old baby: breast milk or a mixture, vegetable and fruit purees, cereals on the water and fruit juices. Many children at this age already use cottage cheese or kefir.

Educational games

At this age, games with a child should be aimed at developing motor skills and thinking, that is, more meaningful. Toys for a 9-month-old child can be any – logical (pyramid), balls, cars and so on. The main thing is that they do not bear the health risks of the crumbs. Musical toys are of particular interest.

You can give the child a crayon in his hands and show that he leaves a mark on paper. You can buy finger paints and draw with it, for example, on old wallpaper. Do not forget about massage and gymnastics. Say jokes during classes, rhythmically count, change intonation.

In the form of gymnastics, exercises near the support are suitable – ask the baby to sit up, stand up a couple of times, take him back and forth, crawl, the children really like to involve adults in the game.

There are even special cartoons for a 9-month-old baby aimed specifically at this age. But do not get carried away with them, if the baby does not show interest – comment on everything that happens on the screen, if there is still no interest – you do not need to insist, in the end, he still has time to watch.

At this age, children try to climb higher, so be careful that the little pilot does not make a dangerous landing from a sofa or chair.

Do not forget to praise the child for his small achievements, it is very important for him. Many children thus receive motivation from their parents, an incentive to action. But do not overdo praise only at the right moments, do not pour praises for any action, so as not to develop a psychological dependence. The child should have a healthy interest in everything, not an expectation of praise.

During the walk, tell the child about everything, walk along one route and in a few days he will know the way himself. For example, he will know that there is a playground or a large tree around the corner.

Do not chase the skills of other children, each child is unique in his own way and will learn certain actions when the time comes.

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