What does the bump on the head of a newborn say?

Each mother carefully monitors the health of her baby, especially in the first days of his life. And when cones are found on the head, quite understandable anxiety appears.  But is it justified and is it worth it to see a doctor?

Varieties of cones and the reasons for their appearance

Most often, small pea-sized cones are lymph nodes, which is quite normal in young children. It is not difficult to determine them – they move freely under the skin during palpation, without causing discomfort to the baby.

Such bumps on the head of a newborn appear during the formation of the immune system and pass on their own without specific treatment.

Often, cones in a newborn appear as a result of a birth injury. Damage to the head with gynecological instruments or the birth canal leads to the formation of hematomas and small tumors that disappear after a few days.

And the third reason is the cephalohematoma. It looks like a small tumor filled with liquid. On palpation, the skin should not change color – this is considered the norm and passes on its own after 5-14 days, without leaving consequences.

When are bumps a reason to see a doctor?

If you find the following symptom, you need to visit a doctor for a face-to-face consultation:

  • tumor overgrowth;
  • the appearance of new tumor formations;
  • the appearance of redness, a rash on the bumps;
  • the skin on the bumps became hot;
  • fluid began to be released from the formations.

Anxiety symptoms include newborn sleep disturbance, poor appetite, anxiety, and neurasthenic disorders. In this case, you need to contact a pediatrician, who will refer you to a pediatric surgeon for examination and consultation.


Normally, the cephalohematoma is small in size, and when pressed, fluid movement is felt. If there is a little blood in the cavity, then the tumor disappears on the 10th day. But often the cephalohematoma begins to progress and increase in size. The skin becomes hot to the touch, discharge from the cavity may appear. In this case, the child should be urgently taken to a doctor to prevent possible consequences in the form of paralysis, impaired brain activity and so on.

The reasons for the formation of cephalohematomas in newborns are jaundice and birth injuries. If the immune system develops well, then the body is able to overcome the disease even at such a young age. In other cases, there is an increase in the cone and the appearance of a life-threatening condition.

Treatment methods

Most often, bumps do not require treatment. Mom needs only to observe the state of the tumor and, if possible, take a measurement. If the tumor rapidly decreases in size, then you can calm down – the formation will disappear on its own.

With cephalohematoma, a doctor’s observation is indicated with a steadily decreasing bump. It is not recommended to rock the child and touch the education. Bathing is carried out carefully, preferably without the use of shampoo and soap.

With the development of the disease, surgery is prescribed – doctors make a small puncture and remove fluid from the cavity. Then a tight bandage is applied and recommendations for the care of the scalp are given. With the correct operation, the cavity passes through 5-7 days.

Your concern regarding the health of the newborn is justified. But still, do not prematurely start to panic, which will negatively affect the baby’s nervous system. Better show the baby to a specialist and make sure that the baby is healthy and you have no reason to worry.

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