Get citizenship for a newborn baby

A newly born child on the territory of the Russian Federation, in fact, is immediately considered her citizen. Nevertheless, citizenship still needs to be formalized.

In this case, a completely legitimate question may immediately arise: Why should a child apply for citizenship? To answer it, you need to figure it out.

By and large, the citizenship of a newborn child is strong and is not required until he is 14 years old, but on condition that he does not leave the territory of his homeland. In addition, citizenship will still have to be issued until the age of 14, because without it a passport will not be issued.


If you plan to take a newborn child abroad with you for a vacation, or for some other reason, then citizenship must be obtained without fail in order to receive a passport for a child. Citizenship is also possible in the case when you need to obtain maternity capital.

Nowadays, almost every day new laws or amendments to them are issued, which, one way or another, affect our lives. Currently, citizenship of a newborn child is a simple procedure and does not yet require serious financial investments, as it is free of charge. All you need is to find free time, collect and submit the necessary documentation.

And since it is not known how citizenship will take place in the future, this is an extra reason, if possible, to take care of it now.

Citizenship Process

Earlier, until 2007, a separate insert document served as a sign of citizenship of the newborn. Since 2007, the process of obtaining citizenship has been greatly simplified. For this, now instead of issuing an insert, a stamp is affixed on the birth certificate itself. Earlier liners issued are also legally binding.

A certificate of a newborn child can be obtained at the registry office, according to the following documents:

  • passport of both parents (or one of them);
  • marriage certificate (if any);
  • birth certificate.

As for the last document, in the case when the child was born outside the walls of the medical institution, the application of the person who participated in the birth is necessary. It is also worth remembering that you need to get a birth certificate no later than one month after the baby is born.

Then, with this certificate and passports (or one passport), he will apply to the Federal Migration Service, where on the day of the application a corresponding stamp is put on the certificate, thereby confirming the citizenship of the newborn. To avoid the length of the queue, you can call and pre-register, however, as practice shows, the queue cannot be completely avoided even in this case.

Citizenship of a newborn child can also be obtained in the case of guardianship. Just the collection of all the necessary documentation and the appeal to the appropriate authorities is undertaken by the guardian or trustee. Moreover, he must be a citizen of the Russian Federation.

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