The main types of prams

Depending on the number of wheels, there are four-wheeled and three-wheeled cradles. Four-wheel drive – stable and reliable. Three-wheeled strollers – easily manageable and maneuverable.

However, they are less stable than their predecessors.

Prams can be classified according to several parameters.

Types of children’s carts for seasonal use:

  • summer – having small dimensions and weight;
  • winter – massive, made of dense material;
  • allseason – which can easily be transformed from a winter version to a summer one by unfastening the lining.

Classification of children’s carts by design features:

  1. Classic cradles. This is a classic type, which involves only a lying position. Our mothers and grandmothers used such strollers. They are stable and fundamental. They include a bag and a shopping basket. These models are now not popular due to their narrow focus.
  2. Transformer. Based on the name, it is easy to understand that this species is easily converted from a lying position to a sitting one. The package includes: basket, flip handle, basket, rain cover.
  3. Universal. This miracle of technology is a real find for young parents. This is due to their technical functionality. The trolley is equipped with two cradles and a car seat. The only negative of these models is the high price.
  4. Walking. These models are designed for children who know how to sit. Many models can easily be converted to a lying position. One of the varieties of strollers is a cane. This device is easy to fold and takes up little space. The stroller can be worn assembled like a cane, and also take with you even on public transport.

Strollers 1 in 1 – the most suitable means for the child in the first months of his life. They are very stable, because their main body is mounted on a rigid frame. The cradle is a basket with a side height of up to 30 cm. This protects the baby from a possible fall.

Moms use strollers not only for walking along the street, but also for rocking the baby at home. That is, they serve as a crib for the newborn. The cradle is located at a height of 50-60 cm, which allows mom to easily care for the child.

The wheel structure, which can consist of 4 or 3 wheels, has elements of depreciation. This system softens sharp movements, and also allows you to rock the baby.

The hard bottom is horizontal, it does not fail anywhere, and also does not change its position. This is very convenient for the crumb forming spine, both during sleep and during wakefulness.

Advantages of a stroller 1 in 1:

  • hard bottom and stable body;
  • large wheels allow you to ride on any type of terrain;
  • steel frame gives strength to the structure, and also increases the service life;
  • equipped with a brake system;
  • the case and cradle are made of natural materials;
  • the position of the hood can be adjusted depending on the weather;
  • modern models are equipped with a bag for baby’s things, as well as a mosquito net.


  • suitable only for infants and children up to 1 year old;
  • transportation difficulties, as the wagon does not stack;
  • large dimensions do not allow the use of public transport, an elevator;
  • Most models have wheels in one direction only.
Stroller Transformer

This stroller for winter is also suitable for summer, as it easily moves from a lying position to a sitting position. This equipment is more universal than the previous version, as it is useful not only for 1 year of life, but also up to 4 years.

The name – the transformer easily explains its features. This design allows you to easily remove the removable cradle and bring the housing into a sitting position. Thus, in such a stroller can lie, like an infant, when it is in a horizontal position, and an adult child can sit.

This stroller is with a cross over handle and it is equipped with additional accessories: a removable basket for products; protective cover from the wind, rain cover and insulation for the case.

Advantages of a transformer stroller:

  • suitable for children from the first days of life to 4 years;
  • the body is easily transformed from a sitting position to a lying position;
  • the removable cradle is equipped with a hard bottom;
  • equipped with seat belts that securely hold the child;
  • the set includes removable wheels of different diameters, which allows you to ride a child not only on asphalt, but also on uneven terrain;
  • the position of the hood can be changed, depending on weather conditions;
  • easy to fold, allowing you to transport it.


  • a removable chair does not have a hard base, so it is suitable for children after 1 year;
  • the removable cradle is small, which allows you to carry the baby up to 6 months of age;
  • rigid fastening of the basket prevents the child from motion sickness.
Universal carriages

Many mothers dream of purchasing such a universal device that would combine the maximum functions. Universal stroller is what modern parents need! Due to its versatility, it is also reliable.

The design of the 2 in 1 model is based on a modular system. On a rigid frame, you can install both a cradle and a seat for an adult toddler.

Unlike the transformer, the 2 in 1 stroller provides the baby with all the amenities:

  • lack of shaking;
  • protection against wind and rain;
  • the ability to install the chair as facing mother. So with your back.
  • equipped with large wheels, which allows you to ride a child on a bumpy terrain.

3 in 1 models consist of 3 modules: a cradle, a walking seat and a car seat. These models are the latest invention and have received great recognition among families with their own transport.

Advantages of a universal carriage:

  • this equipment meets all the needs of a child from 0 to 3 years of life;
  • the package includes a removable cradle with a hard bottom, a cover for legs, a bag, a rain cover, a sun umbrella, a mosquito net and other necessary accessories;
  • the cradle easily changes to a walking base and a portable chair;
  • the seat can be installed both facing the mother and the back;
  • multifunctionality combined with reliability and a long service life.


  • impressive dimensions and heavy weight;
  • high price.

Thus, the disadvantages of the universal cradle are much less than the advantages. This is one of the best inventions for a child!


Strollers are designed to transport children from 6 months to 3 years. They are considered lightweight because they can be folded to carry or transport.

These models are divided into 2 main categories:

  • book;
  • cane.

The stroller-book, according to the name, folds in half, which allows it to occupy a minimum of space. She can take several positions. It can be used at any time of the year, as it has massive wheels, a rigid frame and dense material.

The cane is a super lightweight equipment. It folds in such a way that it can be carried on the arm like a cane. Despite its mobility, the cane is multifunctional: it can take 2 positions: sitting and half-sitting. It has a hood that protects from rain. Such a stroller is good for traveling out of town, for transportation in public transport. It is lightweight and also takes up a minimum of space. A cane is considered an extra stroller for long trips. However, this design is intended for children older than 1 year. For babies, a cane is categorically not suitable, since it does not have a hard bottom and a stable frame.

What other strollers are there for children?

The modern market for children’s products is so diverse that it can satisfy the most sophisticated consumer needs. Manufacturers of children’s carts even took care of the transportation of twins, as well as the winter walks of the kids in the snow.

Strollers for twins

Some people have the happiness of becoming parents of twins. There are large strollers for twins so that brothers and sisters receive the same dose of care and love from their mother.

Types of double strollers:

  • side by side;
  • train;
  • transformer.

The first view can consist either of a whole bottom with a partition, or of two separate cradles. This is one of the most convenient designs, since both children are always in front of her mother’s eyes.

The disadvantage of such a stroller is bulkiness and heavy weight. Taking her out of the apartment is a big problem, as she will not fit into any elevator.

In the train, the children are next to each other. There are models in which the children are located facing each other, and there are those where the seats are made at different levels.

“Engine” is a narrow stroller with which you can call in the elevator, as well as in the store. Its disadvantage is the large dimensions, which occupy a lot of space.

“Transformer” is a stroller in which you can change the cradle to a walking seat. The prototype of this model is a single stroller with interchangeable sets, only in this case all the details are doubled. You can simultaneously install a cradle for one child, and a chair for another.

Transformer is a model for twins at any time of the year. For parents – this is a significant saving of money, and for children – a great opportunity to stay both in a lying position and in a sitting position on a walk.

Stroller Sled

If you combine winter sledges and a stroller, you get a modern vehicle for children – a sled stroller.

The kit includes a winter sled stroller:

  • high seat that can easily be converted to a recumbent bottom;
  • hood protecting from wind and snow;
  • raincoat;
  • insulated foot cover;
  • seat belts;
  • high handle that can be thrown over;
  • bag for things.

The only thing that distinguishes such sledges from a walking wagon is the presence of sled runners instead of a chassis with wheels. Modern models of children sledges are represented by a wide range. Dear sledges from cheap ones are distinguished by a large number of additional accessories, as well as high-quality material. Sled – stroller can be used both for one year old babies and for children 4-5 years old.

Wheels, which can be of small and large diameters, are included in the set of modern models of sleds. Sled stroller with wheels – a universal tool for transporting a child in the snow. Small plastic wheels are attached to the sides of the runners. As soon as a cleared stretch of road is found on the mother’s path without snow, wheels come into operation that will easily move the sled with the child.

There are children’s sledges with large wheels that overcome any obstacle in their path: a snowdrift, a curb. Such a vehicle is a real all-terrain vehicle, which is called a Sanimobile. This design involves the installation of a real wheelbase instead of runners. Thus, in summer and spring, the Sanimobile can be used as a stroller, and in winter as a sled.

Manufacturers have provided an all-terrain vehicle for twins. The backs of such structures can be easily adjusted to the lying and sitting position.

Rules for choosing a stroller

The main recommendations when choosing:

  1. Before buying, you need to measure the width of the doorways and elevator.
  2. For a newborn, it is necessary to purchase models that come with a hard bottom cradle.
  3. The basket should be with high sides, and also made of environmentally friendly material.
  4. The wheels should be large so that you can transport the child on any road without harm to the baby. There should also be a depreciation system.
  5. It also matters the time of year when the baby was born. So, if it is late autumn or winter, then the cradle should be 1 in 1 or universal 2 in 1. It is not recommended to purchase transformer strollers for newborns.
  6. Check the configuration of the stroller. Numerous accessories will always find their application, as well as make the first months of the baby’s life comfortable and enjoyable!

The stroller should attract not only with its external input, but also with ease of use.

What else is worth paying attention to:

  • The mechanism of structure addition. Mom must determine at the time of purchase whether she can fold the cart without assistance or not.
  • Take into account the age of the child. The “cane” is intended for adult children, and in the “book” you can ride a baby who has just learned to sit.
  • The presence of pockets and additional accessories. When walking, it is always necessary to have diapers and other children’s things with you. If there are no baskets and bags for this, then this will complicate the walk.
  • The presence of a mosquito net. Due to the fact that in most cases they use pleasure carts in the summer, the children will need to be protected from various insects.
Rating of the best strollers

Rating of the best strollers:

  1. Geoby C3011 – Chinese model cradle. The frame is made of aluminum, the wheels are inflatable, which allows you to move around any terrain. This brand has gained wide popularity among consumers due to its high quality and reasonable price.
  2. Camarelo Picasso 2 in 1. An interesting design decision made this vehicle highly sought after. The device folds easily, taking a sitting position.
  3. Chicco Urban (transforming carriage). This brand has solidly strengthened its position in the domestic market thanks to its beautiful design and versatility. The dimensions of the stroller fit easily into the elevator and doorway.
  4. Anex Elana 2 in 1 – is among the leaders of consumer preferences. This stroller is not only easily transformed from a lying position to a sitting position, but is also equipped with a large number of accessories. Models are presented in various colors.
  5. Tutek Tambero ECO Leatherette (3 in 1). This Polish “beauty” is made of genuine leather. The stroller is maneuverable and stable. It contains 3 main modules, as well as additional accessories. The only disadvantage of the equipment is the high price.

The best stroller is one that combines the summer and winter versions of the walk, and is also equipped with numerous auxiliary items for the child.

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