Pampers for newborns

With the advent of disposable diapers on the modern market, caring for a newborn has become a less time-consuming duty, as there is no longer any need to wash the mountains of baby diapers daily.

But when faced with an assortment of baby diapers in a store, young parents unwittingly ask themselves the question – which diapers are better for a newborn? How to understand the advantages and disadvantages of such important items for children’s hygiene?

Nowadays, the choice of diapers for newborns can not but rejoice, while they are constantly being improved. And if earlier the parents were afraid for the development and health of their babies, because a lot of rumors were spread about this baby products, now experts based on the studies have accurately proved that modern diapers do not cause male infertility, do not cause cystitis and other infections of the genitourinary tract, do not affect the curvature of the legs and do not become an obstacle to the child’s getting used to the potty.

How to choose diapers for a newborn?

How to choose diapers for newborns? This is not an easy task, which sooner or later confronts all young parents. Each baby is born unique, and if something suits one child, this does not mean that it will suit the other in the same way. Usually, parents choose the first diapers for their child by trial and error, the experience of which will be useful to them for the future.

Of course, this does not mean that you need to buy all the diapers available on the market. First of all, it is important to rely on certain selection criteria for this children’s product and the feedback of more experienced mothers and fathers.

So, the main criteria for choosing diapers for newborns:

  1. The size.  Each manufacturer indicates a specific weight category of the child. This means that choosing a diaper is important based on the body weight of the newborn. In a too large diaper, a small child will be uncomfortable, in addition, a diaper that is not sized properly will leak or rub the baby’s delicate skin. Therefore, even newborns need to choose diapers in size, and not on growth.
  2. Softness, comfortable surface. The best diapers for newborns are soft and pleasant to the touch, they always contain a cotton base. Such products do not rub children’s skin and do not provoke the development of allergic reactions, the child moves freely in it, and the skin “breathes”.
  3. Absorption rate.  The faster the inner layer of the diaper absorbs moisture, the better the diaper. If the baby’s skin in the diaper remains wet, it is better to refuse such products in order to prevent the development of irritation and diaper rash.
  4. Moisture recovery of the diaper.  If you press on the filled diaper with a paper towel, then it should remain dry. If the areas on the napkin are wet, then the moisture loss of such a diaper is unsatisfactory, it is better to replace it with a better diaper.
  5. Reliable fasteners.
  6. Lack of sharp chemical smells.
Types and Features

Diapers for newborns are a specific item that has a special composition and effectively absorbs urine and feces, preventing irritation of the delicate skin and ensuring protection against sweat and friction. From the inside, the diaper consists of a natural sorbent – a material that in the shortest possible time turns a liquid substance into a gel, so that the diaper remains dry and does not leak.

Depending on the type of diaper, it can have aromatic components that reliably prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor, as well as an antifungal and disinfecting coating that minimizes the risk of irritation and even allows you to get rid of it.

Also, the coating of the inner layer can be double, in this case, the natural air balance of the skin is maintained. Diapers can be completely odorless, such products are best for children who are prone to allergic reactions.

Modern diapers can be chosen even taking into account the gender of the child. The most convenient models for newborns, which provide a cut in the umbilical wound.

Which brand to choose?

Diapers for newborns can vary in quality, design and cost. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, we suggest that you study the rating of the best poguznik.

Baby Diapers Pampers

Perhaps this is the most popular brand of baby diapers in the world. In them, the child feels excellent at a very young age, and being a two-year-old fidget, since this company produces diapers for different weight categories – from 2 to 16 kg of the child’s weight.

“Pampers” for newborns do not interfere with the baby’s movements, do not rub delicate integuments and allow them to “breathe”. These diapers do not leak, since a special cuff is thought out in them, which guarantees that the child will remain dry for a long time (within reason, of course).

Pampers has a special reusable clasp. The best diapers for newborns Pampers Premium Care, they are impregnated with a special balm that protects delicate skin from diaper rash and irritation. Their disadvantage is a higher cost compared to other Pampers products.

Diapers for newborns Moony (Japan)

Japanese diapers are of two types: those used by the Japanese themselves within their own country (high quality and comfort) and those made for shipment to other countries (the quality is worse, they have more rigid surface layers). Of course, many parents would like to try the first option for their child. They are easy to distinguish among themselves: on diapers made for Japanese children, the figure shows Winnie the Pooh and all the inscriptions are in Japanese.

In any case, all Mooney diapers are very thin, almost invisible under the baby’s clothes. Soft gum is made in the area of ​​the legs, thanks to which no tender skin is irritated. All products are hypoallergenic and breathable. They have completely no smell, since the manufacturer does not use any aromatic and chemical replenishment.

Velcro work completely silently, so even if a young mother decides to change the diaper to her baby during sleep – most likely he won’t wake up (of course, if she knows exactly how to put the diaper on the newborn).

Diapers for newborns Libero

Diapers “Libero” also adequately represent the ranking of the best diapers for newborns. These are high-quality products, with a good absorbent layer that allows you to keep your baby’s skin clean and dry. The materials used for Libero diapers are gentle and comfortable, so there have been no complaints from consumers that they can rub the baby’s stomach or legs.

Baby diapers Huggies

The assortment of these diapers remains to be envied. There are many models and ordinary diapers, created specifically for newborns, and panties for grown-up babies. Haggis diapers also differ in quality.

As for “Haggis” for newborns, they are able to absorb not only urine, but also liquid feces, which is relevant for this age category. There are models for premature babies. In the navel area in this case there is a soft insert that protects the crumb area from rubbing.

Baby diapers Merries

These diapers, like the Mooney, are made in Japan. This product for the smallest has a barrier that holds the baby’s stool, a filling indicator that lets you know whether it is time to change the diaper, as well as high-quality reusable Velcro fastened with a touch of a finger. But an important feature of Merris products is the presence of witch hazel extract in its tissues, which effectively protects children’s skin from diaper rash and irritation.

According to the reviews of experienced parents, these are small diapers, since they were originally created specifically for Japanese children, who are less weight and tall than Europeans. Be sure to consider this when choosing diapers.

How many diapers does a newborn need?

No need to rush and buy a baby a myriad of diapers for the future, especially before his birth. The fact is that many children grow very quickly and have time. For this reason, you do not need to take large packages at once. Packs of diapers in the amount of 20-40 pieces for the first time is quite enough. This is especially true for those young mothers who do not want to constantly keep the baby in a diaper, many people put diapers on children only when they go for a walk, to the doctor or for a night’s sleep.

Thus, the number of diapers needed for a newborn depends on the frequency with which they are changed. With regular replacement, usually up to 10 diapers are consumed per day at intervals of every 3 hours. If diapers are worn only for a walk and at night, you can do with three diapers per day.

Gradually, the calculation of the number of diapers for a child per day turns into economic calculations for many young families. But the cost of diapers should not become a determining criterion in the selection of these products, you need to remember about the health of the baby.

When is it undesirable for a child to be in diapers?

There are situations when the baby is not recommended to use diapers, for example:

  • Digestive tract disorder.  Parents should know that the liquid stool absorbed by the diaper can cause serious irritation on the skin of the crumbs. Therefore, if the child has diarrhea, disposable diapers must be replaced with gauze or regular tissue diapers, changing them immediately after the next bowel movement.
  • Elevated body temperature.  If you do not remove the diaper from the baby on time, then he will close the impressive part of the body of the newborn and disrupt the full heat transfer. As a result, body temperature rises, and knocking it down will be quite problematic.
  • An allergic reaction to the constituent components of a diaper from a particular manufacturer.

Which diapers are better and which ones to choose for a newborn – young parents themselves can answer these questions if they try several options for this product. Initially, you do not need to buy diapers in huge packs, the children grow quickly and, perhaps, they will soon need the next size. In addition, stale products, especially in open packages, quickly lose their effectiveness, the internal filling of the diaper due to the influence of the external environment, for example, high humidity and direct sunlight, can deteriorate.

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