Why is the newborn crying

The most common problem that new parents face is the constant crying of a newborn baby at the age of 1 or 2 months. The child is very small and he still can not express in words his feelings and needs for something.

Maybe something hurts him? Or does he just want to eat? How to learn to determine why a newborn is crying? Why is a baby 1 – 2 months old crying in a dream?

How to calm him down, and is it worth it to consult a doctor?

Reasons for crying

In fact, there are many reasons why newborn babies cry a lot.

The most common of them are:

  • hunger;
  • colic
  • climatic conditions in which the child is located.

Basically, the baby cries because of the hunger that he is experiencing. Today, most inexperienced young mothers adhere to a strict feeding schedule, which, they think, has a beneficial effect on the digestive system. Perhaps they were told about this in schools for expectant mothers and at discharge from the hospital. Yes, perhaps this is so. But the problem is that the ventricle of the newborn is very small and, accordingly, that he eats little. And sometimes he does not have enough of the amount of milk that he consumed during feeding in order to wait for the next “portion”.

Therefore, it is extremely important to feed the baby not by time, but by need. If a newborn baby cries, it is very simple to check whether he wants to eat or not. It is enough to attach a bent little finger to the corner of his mouth. If he begins to turn his head towards the finger and open his mouth as if he wants to hold on to him, then the baby is hungry. It’s time to calm him down and put it on his chest. A child of 1 month of life will eat, quickly fall asleep in his mother’s arms and hunger will not bother him in a dream for the next couple of hours.

Colic is the second reason why an infant cries. His digestive system has just begun to assimilate his “new role”. As a rule, colic worries the baby 1, 2 and 3 months of his life, in some cases they can last up to 6 months. If a baby who is 1 or 2 months old is constantly crying, be aware that this is the whole problem.

Determining the crying of a child who is worried about colic is just as easy. It is impossible to confuse it with any other. The child screams very much, jerks its legs and literally chokes with crying. At the same time, the face turns red, almost to the blue. In this case, to calm the crying child, it is necessary to massage the baby and give the medicine (today there is a huge amount of medications that help relieve the newborn from colic), or give him dill water.

Another reason why the baby is crying is the climatic conditions in which it is located. Little children sometimes cry because they cannot tolerate extreme heat or cold. Each child is individual, therefore it is necessary to create precisely those climatic conditions under which your baby will feel comfortable.

The following method will help determine whether it is hot or cold for the baby :

  • take the child by the handle;
  • put your fingers to your wrist;
  • if the wrist is cold, it means the baby is cold, it needs to be wrapped harder, if it’s hot or wet it’s hot, the child needs to be undressed.

Another reason why the baby is crying is the negligence of parents who are just too lazy to change their diaper once again. An adult does not feel comfortable in wet clothes, and a baby who has a full diaper feels uncomfortable. Check often if the child is empty. If an “accident” occurs, immediately repair it to reassure your baby. By the way, for the same reason, a child may experience irritation in the inguinal region and in the folds, which can cause the baby not just discomfort, but severe pain and itching. If there is redness in the inguinal region, try to minimize the use of diapers and treat the baby’s skin with special creams more often.

Also, postpartum complications can cause crying. Often, young mothers during childbirth can not direct their forces in the right direction, that is, when they try, they begin to sulk, but not there (in the face), which increased the time the baby passes through the birth canal. As a rule, at this moment in most cases the child develops anemia (lack of oxygen), which negatively affects his nervous system. Because of this, the newborn can sleep poorly, startle with every rustle in his sleep and constantly scream. In this case, you need to contact a neurologist who will conduct a thorough examination of the baby and prescribe the appropriate treatment. After passing the drug course, the baby’s nervous system will improve, it will be easier to calm him down and crying will not disturb parents so often.

Very often, parents face such a problem when a newborn baby cries with every urination and begin to sound the alarm. In fact, there is nothing to worry about, it is the usual fear of a child taking place. He cannot control the process itself, he is scared when he begins to write, as a result of which he begins to cry. But still, consult with your doctor and take urine tests.

Because sometimes there are cases when the baby cries due to pain during urination, which may be related:

  • with infectious diseases of the urethra;
  • or with the wrong location of the foreskin.

Pain during urination can also indicate a high concentration of urine, which, passing through the urinary canal, causes irritation and burning.

When an infant cries and has a frequent increase in temperature (the norm for a newborn is 37.2 C), an urgent need to see a doctor. Perhaps the reason lies in an infectious disease that requires urgent treatment.

But our children do not always cry because of hunger or pain. Sometimes they just need mom’s presence nearby. Before birth, the child was one with her, and now it’s very difficult for him to get used to a new life. The baby needs the presence of mommy nearby and feel her warmth and care. Therefore, do not be afraid to spoil a child, take it more often in your hands, put it more often on your chest, put it to bed in your hands to calm it, talk with it. This will help the baby calm down and fall asleep quickly. Your care and warmth will definitely come back to you in the future!

Why does a newborn cry in a dream?

If the baby is constantly crying in a dream, then it is worth first of all to examine the baby’s berth. Perhaps something prevents him from sleeping, for example, a sheet curled under him or he lay on his nipple.

Also, the causes of crying in a dream may be nightly colic, which interferes with the baby’s sleep, teething (in some children, teeth begin to erupt in 3.5 – 4 months) or the banal absence of a mother nearby.

If a child constantly cries in a dream for 1 – 2 months, but at the same time does not bother him, maybe you should think about a joint sleep? The baby will feel calm next to his mother, especially since he will always be able to eat, without forcing you to get up, if he is breast-fed.

How to calm a crying baby?

For starters, you need to find out why the baby is crying, and only then begin to calm him down. If the cause of crying is hunger, feed it, even though 2 hours have not passed since the last feeding.
If colic is the cause, give your child a cure and massage. And it is done as follows:

  • put the baby on the bed;
  • put your hand on his stomach, the palm should completely touch the abdomen;
  • mentally draw a horseshoe on its stomach, the ends of which are directed downward;
  • smooth movements of the hand, follow the path of the horseshoe clockwise.

If this massage did not help your baby, then you can use another massage. However, it can be performed only from 1 month:

  • put the baby on the bed;
  • bend both legs at his knees so that they touch the abdomen;
  • smoothly move the child’s legs to one side first, then to the other. The legs should be pressed tightly against each other and to the stomach.

If these methods do not help, you can use a vent pipe. However, it is not worth abusing it, since the body can get used to the mechanical method of getting rid of gases and then it will be difficult to establish this process.

If a baby who is 1 or 2 months old is crying, and you have already tried everything possible, but nothing helps, perhaps the reason lies not in colic. Try to put a heating pad on the baby’s tummy, make sure that it is not too hot! Give your child some dill water or fennel tea.

Bring the baby in your arms, hold it with your stomach against you. Sometimes, calm swaying and dancing can calm a crying baby. Waltzing movements bring relief to some of the children, while others march-style. Try to hold the baby in various poses – vertically, horizontally, down with his stomach. Perhaps you will find exactly the pose in which the baby will feel relief.

But remember that the reason for the crying of the child per month can be not only in colic or climatic conditions. If the child is restless and often cries, it is best to show it to the doctor. At a specialist appointment, you can find out why your infant is crying and make sure that there are no or any diseases.

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