Diapers for swimming

During 9 months of pregnancy, the baby swims in the mother’s womb, is in a liquid environment, which, after birth, remains native to him. That is why infants are able to reflexively hold their breath and make small movements with their limbs when immersed in water.

The benefits of swimming are beyond doubt: metabolic processes are stimulated, immunity is enhanced, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and the musculoskeletal system are strengthened. After the procedures, the baby eats and sleeps better, becomes alert and active.

Diapers for swimming – a very convenient thing for visiting the pool, and for swimming in a pond.

Family recreation and child development centers, which offer swimming classes for babies, are becoming more common. It is not difficult for residents of cities to find a suitable option, even within walking distance from home.

To attend classes, along with a pediatrician’s certificate, diapers for swimming are often required. At an early age, the baby is not yet able to inform about the need to go to the toilet, and these hygiene products help to solve the problem both in the pool and in the open water.

What are swimming diapers?

Diapers for bathing are hygiene products for infants and young children made of a material that does not leak moisture and the baby’s stool. Each model is equipped with a tight belt and elastic bands around the legs, and even if water gets inside, the diaper does not change its shape and does not swell. This allows the child to move actively and does not make him harder. The uniqueness of the material lies in the fact that it does not allow water to pass through, but at the same time allows the baby’s skin to “breathe” while maintaining air exchange.

Panties-diapers for swimming are simply indispensable during outdoor recreation, in open waters. They reliably protect the baby’s genitals from external pollution: sand, silt, algae. And if he frolics on the shore, then the diaper becomes a barrier between the delicate baby skin and coastal stones, twigs, hard grass.

Diapers for swimming in the pool are good because even if the baby empties while in the water, it will not be contaminated. That is why most centers only allow classes when these hygiene items are available.

Panties and diapers for swimming can be disposable and reusable. According to reviews of most mothers, reusable options can absorb more water, and therefore become heavy, but at the same time they are more economical.

Disposable models do better with their tasks, but a regular purchase can significantly affect the state of the family budget. The cost of one pair of reusable diapers for swimming is about 400 rubles, it will be enough to purchase one basic and one shift. The price for one pack of 10-15 disposable is about 300 rubles.

Pros and cons of a waterproof diaper

Diapers for the pool and outdoor ponds have their advantages and disadvantages. Outwardly, they are very similar to the usual options, but their outer layer is slightly different: it is smooth, durable and tight. These properties allow you to protect the baby’s genitals and skin from environmental factors (sand, pebbles, mud, etc.) and do not pass stool out. Another plus is soft elastic frills, tight-fitting legs. They do not cause irritation, do not damage the skin and prevent leakage.

Pampers for the pool and ponds easily put on the baby. Unlike everyday models, they do not have complicated fasteners. This feature allows mom not to worry about the diaper accidentally falling off the baby while swimming. With the right choice of size, this is excluded.

Most manufacturers carry out diaper swimming trunks from hypoallergenic materials, therefore the development of hypersensitivity reactions is practically excluded. Among all the variety, one can find such models, the inner layer of which contains vitamin E, soothing and restoring the skin.

According to the reviews of parents, diapers for swimming in the pool have one drawback – water is collected in many models. But, perhaps, this is due to improperly selected size, and not to the quality of the product.

Reusable diapers for the pool are made of 3 layers. Due to the presence of a microporous membrane and cotton, they are able to easily pass air to the skin of the child, not allowing diaper rash to develop. Inside is a microfiber pad that absorbs moisture well. You need to change such a diaper every 3-4 hours and immediately after swimming. The waist area in most cases is regulated, which allows you to use it for a long time, despite the change in height and weight of the child.

Features of diapers for swimming

Pampers for swimming have some features:

  • Size. There is usually no problem with determining the right size. All manufacturers, except for alphanumeric designation, indicate the weight range: 3-9 kg, 12+ kg, etc. Therefore, all that is needed is to know the body weight of the child. If the child is thin, then you can purchase options that are 1-2 kg less than the real weight.
  • Design. The appearance of the child during swimming is of no small importance for most mothers. Manufacturers offer models in completely different colors: boys, girls, unisex, “under the jeans”, in the form of shorts or panties with ruffles.
  • Cost. This indicator depends on several factors: country of origin, materials, size and availability of additional elements. But the general principle is this: the cheaper the diaper, the greater the likelihood that low quality materials were used in its manufacture. Accordingly, such models absorb discharge worse and pass water inside faster.
Overview of the most popular manufacturers

Although bath diapers are not in such a wide assortment as ordinary ones, parents still have plenty to choose from.

On sale, the most common models from the following manufacturers:

  • Libero. This company produces the most famous disposable swimming diaper panties in our country – Libero Swimpants. They do not include cellulose or superabsorbents, so they do not swell when the child is immersed in water. Panties are available in sizes S (from 7 to 12 kg) and M (from 10 to 16 kg). Judging by the reviews, the manufacturer has already won the recognition of many parents. Their cost is an average of 300 rubles per pack of 6 pieces.
  • Ontex , trademark –  Helen  Harper. This company is a leader in European countries in the manufacture of hygiene products. The material of Ontex diapers is moisture resistant, guarantees comfort during the baby’s stay in the water. All models are disposable, presented in 3 sizes: XS (from 4 to 9 kg), S (from 7 to 13 kg), M (12+ kg). The price is about 400 rubles per pack (11-13 pcs.).
  • Nepromokashka. One of the few domestic manufacturers. Nepodokashka – a reusable diaper for swimming. The outer side is made of 100% nylon, the inner coating is soft. At the waist there is a wide elastic band, tightly fitting to the body. Width is regulated by buttons. On sale are 2 sizes: from 3 to 9 kg, from 9 to 14 kg. The cost is about 650 rubles apiece.
  • Delta. Domestic manufacturer of children’s hygiene products. These swimming diapers are reusable. Practical to use, made of a material containing a vapor-permeable membrane, so that the baby’s skin breathes. The inner layer is saturated with antimicrobial composition. Allowed washing and drying in the washing machine. Presented in 2 sizes: A (from 3 to 6 kg), B (from 4 to 9 kg). Price for 1 pc. – about 230 rubles.

On sale you can find diapers-panties for the pool and open reservoirs of manufacturers in the USA, UK, Japan. The cost is quite high (up to 2000 for 1 pc.) And they have not received much distribution in our country.

Children’s pools are becoming more common, and swimming for babies is not only popular, but also a useful activity. Bathing diapers help protect the baby’s skin and genitals from external influences, and also prevent the passage of stools into the water. A variety of models allows you to choose the option that is most suitable for price, design and size.

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