Do cartoons show to newborns

Every caring mother should be engaged in the development of her child. But a little rest will not hurt mom herself. How to distract a child and take a short break? The answer is quite simple: you can enable cartoons for newborns.

When to start

From an early age, children are drawn to the TV screen and computer monitors to see the constantly changing bright pictures. It would not be desirable, but it is impossible to completely protect children from this in the modern world, where technology rules the show. Then loving parents ask a logical question: when can I show cartoons for newborns?

On this occasion, the opinions of psychologists, teachers and parents were divided into two camps. Adherents of traditional education believe that up to three years old cartoons adversely affect the unformed psyche of the baby and it is better to refuse to view them. But representatives of modern trends believe that just up to 3 years the child’s brain absorbs information faster, so they start showing cartoons for 6 month old children, but not all in a row, but special ones. It is very important for many parents that their baby develop according to age, and some want him to be ahead of their peers.

Making a decision depends only on the parents, the main thing before this is to find out if there are any contraindications for the little crumbs, set boundaries (no more than 15 minutes a day) and choose the right cartoons.


If you still decide to teach your baby from infancy to watching TV, then you need to know about some contraindications. You should not take him to watch cartoons, if there is a temperature, he feels bad and is capricious (for example, teeth are cut) and after preventive vaccinations, when the load on the body is already too big.

There are also contraindications for ophthalmologists. Therefore, before the planned appointment with such a specialist, it is better to refuse to show cartoons to monthly children so as not to harm.

Foreign or domestic

Cartoons for monthly children are produced by both Russian animators and foreign ones. Parents choose cartoons according to their preferences, but it doesn’t really matter where the cartoon was drawn, and most importantly what it is.

When choosing, you need to pay attention to:

  1. “The plot” is only good and educational.
  2. “Brightness of the picture” – poisonous colors badly affect the psyche.
  3. “Musical accompaniment” – too loud and sharp sounds can frighten the child or damage the hearing.

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