Varieties of slings and popular models

In recent years, many devices have appeared that allow mom to facilitate the care of a small child. Among them – a sling.

Despite the fact that this item has been known since time immemorial in the countries of Africa and Asia, in Europe it is still perceived as a novelty.

Consider its purpose and varieties, advantages and disadvantages, the most famous models, how to tie a sling and how to choose it.

Why do I need a sling?

The question of the feasibility of slings today is quite natural. Is it really necessary if the child feels good in the stroller? What are the benefits of slings?

Sling has advantages for mothers and children in the following cases:

  • When mobility is needed. The product allows you to easily overcome stairs, narrow flights of stairs, move around in public transport.
  • With the help of this simple device, the mother gets the opportunity to keep the child with her, while leaving her hands free.
  • Sling can be used at home. At the same time, the baby is comfortable, and the mother can do household chores.
  • The device is indispensable for troubled children. Being in a sling, the baby feels more confident, together with his mother he learns the world around him.
  • Allows imperceptibly for others to breastfeed in public.
When to start using

From what age can a baby use slings without prejudice to his health? When choosing the right model, observing the application technique, this item is safe for the newborn from the first days of life. In horizontal position, “in the cradle” and in the “frog” position, the baby will be comfortable soon after birth. And when the baby grows up, it will be more convenient to wear it on the hip or on the back, tying the sling in a different way.


Sling is a fabric carrying for the baby It is important to understand that the sling has nothing to do with the kangaroo backpack popular today. It is based on the safe physiological position of the child, which can not be said about each model of the backpack.

The most famous types of slings are with rings, a short and a long scarf, a pocket, a pipe, a May-Sling, a May-Hip.

Sling with rings

This model is made of a two-meter piece of fabric. At the ends of the ring, allowing to fasten them together. You need to wear a sling with rings on one shoulder, putting it on through the chest and back.

This type of dressing has the following advantages:

  • A baby can be worn in it without harm to its health from the first days of life.
  • Sling with rings is easy to master. Putting it on and off will not bring much trouble to mom.
  • A child in such a dressing can be not only in front, but also on the side and behind the back of mother.
  • If the baby fell asleep in a sling, it can easily be removed without disturbing.
  • Sling with rings makes it possible to discreetly feed a hungry child anywhere.

With all the advantages and ease of use, this bandaging model has a drawback. It consists in the fact that the weight of the baby falls on one shoulder. The older the child, the faster mother will get tired.

Also on one shoulder is a sling of the “tube” model. This product allows you to lay the child horizontally, so it can be used from the first days of life of the crumbs. This option requires careful size selection.

Sling scarf

Knitted sling scarf is made of fabrics having a natural composition (twill, jacquard). The material is stretched slightly, only diagonally, due to which the band optimally fits the baby and mother. The load on the back and shoulders is evenly distributed, so the knitted scarf is suitable for long joint walks. Its advantages include the fact that the carrier is made of different materials. In winter, these are dense fabrics; in summer, they are lighter and more breathable. The baby in it is comfortable at any time of the year.

The disadvantage of the “scarf” is the weight limit. If the crumb becomes heavier than 10 kg, the knitwear will be greatly stretched, and wearing the baby in it will be uncomfortable.

May Sling

A May-Sling is a rectangle (back) to which long upper and short lower straps are sewn. You can sew fasteners to the lower straps or tie them. With the help of the upper baby is fixed on the mother’s body. Visually, a kangaroo backpack and a May Sling are similar. But in the latter position the child is physiological, his legs are widely divorced, the load on the back is evenly distributed. Therefore, staying in such a dressing is harmless to the crumbs.

Advantages :

  • It is convenient for an adult due to the uniform distribution of the baby’s weight on both shoulders.
  • Easy to operate. Such a sling does not require special winding skills.
  • A habitual look for a European citizen.


  • The child can not be put in it, it is provided only for an upright position. Therefore, the use of such a bandage is allowed no earlier than 3-4 months.
  • If the baby fell asleep in a May-Sling, then putting it without disturbing it will not work. Sleeping in a baby bandage can only vertically.
Sling backpack

This option resembles both a backpack and a May-Sling. It has no long straps, and the back and seat have an orthopedic shape. The length of the straps on the sling backpack can be adjusted. A child in such a carrier can be on its side, on its back or on the stomach of an adult.

Sling backpack has a familiar shape. Therefore, not only moms, but also dads willingly use it.

Fast sling

A variation of a May Sling or a Sling Backpack. Its characteristic feature is the presence of short and wide straps that do not hang down during winding. The main advantage of this model is simplicity and ease of use.

The advantages of fast-sling include the possibility of using it in three positions – on the back, on the stomach, on the thigh. The baby’s pose in it is natural, the legs are widely divorced.

The disadvantage is the uneven load on the body of an adult. More weight falls on the shoulders and back, while the belt almost does not experience stress. Therefore, it is inconvenient to travel long distances in such a model.

Which is considered the most convenient?

Just note that the concept of “most convenient sling” does not exist. It all depends on the purpose for which it is acquired, how old the baby is, how much it weighs. All slings, regardless of model, are safe for the baby. But it is important to choose the right one. For example, if a baby was just born, then the best slings for this age are with rings. It’s easy to learn, they are ideal for short walks, placing the baby from the first days of life. The child is easy to put in such a bandage, it is easy to get it.

From birth, you can also use a sling scarf. The load in it is distributed more evenly, this allows you to walk longer. But putting it on is harder. Before using, you need to learn how to wind the sling. This will take some time. For comparison, May-Sling is easy to put on, but it can only be used when the baby is strong, that is, after 3-4 months.

In most cases, when mom likes the idea of ​​using slings, she has several different models for different occasions.

If the idea of ​​a sling is new for mom, then the easiest way to master the model with rings. Therefore, it is possible to recommend the development of this device from it.

Advantages and disadvantages

The use of these devices carries both positive aspects and some inconvenience. In order to decide how to choose the right sling for the baby and to understand whether it is useful to mom, you need to carefully study its advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits include:

  • High mobility. Sling allows mom to move freely where the stroller does not pass. Hands remain free.
  • It is perfect for a troubled child. Near mom, the baby feels more confident.
  • The dressing provides the physiological position of the crumbs, which explains its harmlessness to the baby.

Note the main disadvantages:

  • The high cost of most models.
  • As a rule, the purchase of a sling leads to the need to purchase special jackets or coats for mom, special clothes for the baby.
  • In the warm season, the sling is hot. Even if the dressing is sewn from natural thin fabric, high ambient temperatures contribute to the creation of a heating pad effect.
Overview of slings of different brands

Consider the most popular brands.


One of the oldest manufacturers in Europe with a strong tradition and impeccable reputation. Didymos produces various types of slings: scarves, with rings, knitted scarves. We can say that the products of this brand are the standard. It is characterized by consistently high quality, a variety of models, colors, textures and, as a result, high cost.


Ellevill is the famous Norwegian manufacturer of “scarves” and slings with high quality rings. Elleville products are popular all over the world. It is characterized by an interesting design, versatility of production. Each Ellevill sling is hand sewn from material woven specifically for this purpose. The fabric has a diagonal weave, so it is almost not stretched in length and width, but stretches diagonally.

Ellevill slings are very comfortable to wear, which is ensured by the unique composition of the material for their manufacture. The fabric Ellevill linen, cotton and bamboo. This option is optimal for selection on hot summer days. Ellevill slings are suitable for both newborns and older babies.

Diva milano

Italian “scarves”, characterized by high quality, a wide range of colors and affordable price. Under the brand name “Diva Milano”, both thin “scarves” are produced, as well as those intended for heavy kids. Knitted sling of this brand, cotton or woolen, is especially good. Such “scarves” are beautiful in winding, they fit well and spring.

The same manufacturer produces more budget models under the brand name “Diva Essenza.” Such “scarves” are sewn from Indian fabric. Of the advantages, a variety of colors can be distinguished, of the disadvantages – the errors encountered in the manufacture of fabric.


It should be noted that the domestic manufacturer “Echidna” has improved significantly in recent years. If a few years ago he could not surprise and please the buyer with anything substantial, today he can satisfy the highest demands. Especially worth noting are “scarves” made from Indian fabrics: “birds”, “starry skies”, etc. They are soft and moderately supple. From the “scarves” made of Russian fabric, the “rhombuses” model stands out.


Such a sling bag has an ambiguous reputation. On the one hand, the Premaxx sling bag has high sales in Russia. On the other hand, this “not really sling” is not recommended for use because of the lack of evidence of the absolute safety of carrying the baby, especially if it has problems with weight and breathing.

It is important to learn how to wear and wear a sling. And then a good, high-quality product can become an indispensable tool for mom. Only instructions will help someone to wrap the sling correctly, and someone will get help from a specially trained consultant. Using this device, it is necessary to ensure constant visual contact with the child.

The face of the crumbs should always remain in the field of view of the mother. It is also necessary to control the pose of the baby, the position of the legs and back. In this case, the use of the sling will be safe

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