The regimen of the day of the newborn

With the advent of the baby, dramatic changes occur in the life of every woman. The time has passed when you could lie down when you want, and in the mornings a little more lying in a warm bed, stretching sweetly.

Now, only the regimen of the day of the newborn child dictates its rules and determines how the young mother will spend her time.

With the onset of morning, the baby naturally needs to be fed. And since while he is still expressing slurredly, he announces his desire to eat with a loud cry.

Morning time

The breakfast provided for by the regimen of the newborn child usually arrives at 6 a.m. At such a time, of course it would still lie, but not the time. The baby, in addition to eating, may need to change diapers. In this case, it is necessary to wash the child every time.

After the baby satisfies his appetite, you can also replenish your mother’s strength with a cup of your favorite tea or drink. If after breakfast the child falls asleep immediately, which happens in most cases, you can lie down a little. However, you can take a short walk, because at this time of day the air is more or less clean.

Lunch time

Throughout the day, each child can sleep differently. Basically, these are two long periods: the first falls at the beginning of the day, and the second at the end. Each period lasts from 1 to 4 hours. The rest of the time, the baby is active or may fall asleep for a short time.

Before lunch, it is also worth checking the diaper and replacing it if necessary. After lunch, the child can sleep a little and this time mom can devote to her business or lie down next to and relax.

The regimen of a newborn child should include a set of sports exercises. Moreover, it is advisable to carry them out before each feeding. And as the child grows up, the exercises should be a little complicated. Mom also should not forget about herself: how to eat properly to improve milk flow to the breast and, if possible, try to relax more by shifting household responsibilities to her spouse.

In addition, the regimen of the newborn should include daily walks. Moreover, they will be useful not only for the child, but also for his mother, as they contribute to the rapid restoration of strength after childbirth.

A child may ask for an afternoon snack, as children at such a tender age eat little, but often. After each feeding the baby should be fed and the mother. Now you can go for a day walk, which is usually the longest.

Evening time

After a fruitful day, the child is really hungry at about 6 o’clock in the evening. At this time of the day, according to the regimen of a newborn child, a pleasant moment comes – bathing. At this time, you can start preparing: warm the towel, prepare clean clothes, baby cream or other similar skin care products for the baby.

Bathing itself is usually carried out by 9 a.m. And it is worth remembering that at first it is better to bathe the baby, and then feed it. After the child eats a second time, he can fall asleep up to 11 hours. However, in some cases, with luck, the baby can oversleep until the morning.

It is also worth noting that the evening is the time when the child requires increased attention to his person. During the day, he learned the world around him and got acquainted with something new for himself, and therefore he was very tired. Therefore, in the evening it is important to devote all your time to your baby.

Night time

So the day is over and the time comes for sleep. In order for the child to sleep peacefully, it is necessary to create all the necessary conditions. First of all, you need to satisfy your hunger, as a well-fed baby will sleep soundly. In addition, for a quiet regimen of a newborn child, it is necessary to ensure that the diaper is changed on time. High-quality disposable diapers will guarantee a good night’s sleep throughout the night.

Before you put the baby to bed, you must dress him warmer or cover with a warm blanket.

The colic that infants suffer in most cases can subside if the baby is sufficiently warm.

Ultimately, the regimen of a newborn child consists mainly of the following components:

  • feeding;
  • wakefulness;
  • diaper change;
  • certain procedures.

All these moments are performed in a certain sequence and have their duration. It will not be difficult for any loving woman to combine her time with the regime of the child.

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