List of things in the hospital

Many women believe that preparing a dowry for a baby in advance is a bad omen. But modern mothers know that in advance preparation of all the necessary things for a newborn there are many positive aspects.

Having compiled a list of things that need to be acquired in advance, it will be possible to determine priorities and not miss anything important. In addition, it is important to draw up a separate list of things that will be needed even in the hospital.

Delivery can begin completely unexpectedly, and a shopping list will help the next of kin to buy everything you need without your participation.  The dowry of the baby includes all those things that parents should have to be discharged from the hospital.

Friends and relatives of future parents often begin to advise what things need to be bought. Many future mothers can be confused, because it begins to seem to them that the dowry will be enormous, and he will need several large cabinets. But the necessary things for the newborn are not so many, and all other purchases are additional devices for young parents.

List of things in the hospital

In many maternity hospitals, everything necessary is provided to a young mother, but many prefer to bring all the necessary things with them, having compiled a list in advance.

During your stay in the hospital for the baby you will need:

  • Disposable diapers of the smallest size, one pack is enough;
  • Disposable diapers – 1 pack. With them it will be more convenient and comfortable to handle the baby;
  • Bike diapers – 5 pieces;
  • Cotton buds with which the baby’s navel is processed – 1 pack;
  • Baby cream. It is necessary to choose a cream with a minimum amount of additives to avoid allergies in the newborn.
Priority Purchases

The very first thing you need to purchase is a crib. It is in the crib that the baby will be almost all the time after birth. The next thing you need to add to the list of important purchases for a newborn is a crib mattress. An oilcloth should be bought on the mattress. It is desirable that such an oilcloth has a fabric base, and is fixed on the mattress with the help of a special rubber band.

As additional decorative elements, you can buy bumpers on the bed and canopy. Also for the newborn should buy bedding – 2 sets, and a blanket. It is better to get a thin and warm blanket right away.

Future parents should buy a stroller for the baby. For winter walks, it is better to buy a stroller with a deep and spacious cradle, and with large wheels, so that you can easily drive through the snow. Usually, a rain cover and a mosquito net are included with the stroller. If they are not, then you should purchase them in advance.

For convenient swaddling and changing clothes of a newborn, you need to buy a changing table or a portable changing board. And for bathing for the first time you should buy a baby bath.

Shopping for baby sleep

A few spare sheets should be purchased. It is desirable that they be on an elastic band, they are more comfortable. For the baby’s sleep, diapers are needed. It is better to immediately get two warm, three thin ones and a pack of disposable diapers. It is advisable to buy diapers not of a small size, so that it is convenient to use them both for swaddling, and for other purposes (wipe, spread, etc.). It is not necessary to buy a pillow for a child. At first, he will sleep well without her.

To calm and motion sickness, a mobile for a crib with calm and pleasant music can be useful. You can also purchase a nightlight, which will be required at first for changing the baby at night. And for modern parents, the use of a video or baby monitor is very convenient. Thanks to this device, it will be possible to calmly leave the newborn alone in the room and not worry that you will not hear his crying. The list of purchases that can be made for the baby can go on for a very long time. It all depends on the requirements of the parents and their financial capabilities.

What is useful during a walk?

In addition to the stroller, you need to buy a mattress for her, and preferably an oilcloth. For entertainment and lulling, a pendant suspension consisting of toys on a string may be useful. If you are planning a trip with a newborn in the car, you should purchase a car seat designed for children from birth.

For walks, it is better to buy a separate blanket. Depending on the season of birth, it can be thin or warm for walking in the winter.

What will be required for feeding?

The list of purchases for feeding a newborn includes: bottles of various sizes (120 ml and 250 ml), a brush for washing bottles, bibs (preferably with Velcro). This is a list of essential items for feeding. In addition, you can purchase a sterilizer, breast pump, thermos, baby silicone spoon and a heater for baby food.

Baby Hygiene Products

The main subject of baby hygiene is diapers. Do not buy large bundles at once. It is better to buy several options from different manufacturers and see the reaction to them. The baby care shopping list includes wet wipes, sterile cotton wool and baby scissors. You also need to purchase a baby cream, baby soap (preferably liquid and solid), a bathing agent, skin care oil, a water thermometer, cotton buds with a limiter for children.

Newborn clothes

The dowry for a newly born baby should not be very large, because children grow very quickly. It is better to have several sizes of clothes, starting from 56 (for newborns) and ending with 62 (for children 1-3 months old).

The list of sample items for the child is quite small, then, as necessary, it will be possible to purchase various items of clothing. It is very convenient to use a bodysuit for children (with long and short sleeves). For the first time, 3-4 pieces of each size will suffice. It is better to take sliders immediately and thin and warm, 3-4 pieces of each size. For small children it is convenient to use vests – 3 pieces each.

For the first time, cotton overalls with closed legs, which are very comfortable to sleep in, will be required. More on how to choose the size of clothes for a newborn →

You should buy or tie a blouse with a long sleeve for walking. Newborn children will need either socks or booties. Woolen socks are perfect for the street. You should have a pair of bonnets (warm and thin), a warm hat for the street and a kit for discharge from the hospital. A lot of clothes are not required.

First-aid kit for a newborn
  1. remedy for bloating and colic baby;
  2. antipyretic drugs for children;
  3. Bepanten ointment;
  4. solution of brilliant green and iodine;
  5. hydrogen peroxide;
  6. glycerin candles;
  7. gas outlet pipe;
  8. enema;
  9. pipettes (2-3 pcs.);
  10. sterile cotton wool and bandage;
  11. salt water heater;
  12. aspirator for the nose;
  13. antihistamines;
  14. herbs for swimming (chamomile and string);
  15. eye drops.
Toys for the development of the child

For the first time, there is no need to buy too many toys for the baby. Quite enough as a dowry will be the acquisition of a developing rug, a few rattles and a teether for teeth.

The general shopping list for the newborn looks very impressive. But this is only at first glance. Most large items are purchased only once (crib, stroller, etc.), and you can use them for a very long time. Little baby does not need much clothing either. But if future parents have a great desire and financial opportunities, then you can buy not only the most necessary, but also various additional accessories and devices that will greatly facilitate the life of young parents.

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