Knitting for newborns

Every mommy wants the best and the safest for her beloved baby. Therefore, while the baby has not yet been born, expectant mothers often think about how to make him something interesting and necessary with their own hands. To begin with, you can try to knit baby booties and bonnets, and more experienced needlewomen can easily knit the body with knitting needles for newborns.

DIY baby-knitted bodysuit is comfortable and practical clothing for a newborn baby. Its design can be very different, with drawings or applications. For girls, pink-red shades are traditionally chosen, and for boys blue-blue. You can knit a bodysuit for a newborn with both knitting needles and crochet.

The skin of a small child is very delicate, so you need to choose yarn for children, it is better hypoallergenic, it is softer, does not prick and does not rub the skin. Consider the options available for beginners.

Body Crochet Patterns

To crochet a summer body, you need to choose high-quality cotton yarn. This is a natural breathing material that looks elegant and safe for the baby, does not cause allergic reactions and is pleasant to the touch.

We need: cotton yarn, about 100-150 grams, you can use silk thread for finishing, depending on the body model, prepare the right number of buttons that are suitable in color. It is necessary to choose the right size for the crochet hook, it should be slightly thicker than the thread itself.

For summer models, they usually choose an openwork pattern, for girls it can be with an imitation of a skirt. Warm bodysuit is knitted from acrylic, it is better not to use wool, as it is coarser and prickly for baby’s delicate skin. Crocheting is often done in one color, but with an interesting pattern.

Crocheted body patterns consist of air loops, single crochet, with one or two crochets. The alternation of these elements in combination with the color scheme allows you to create a unique design of children’s clothing.

The body for the newborn is knitted in two parts – the front part and the back. There are different variations:

  • short-sleeve;
  • with long sleeve;
  • on the straps.

Buttons on the gusset between the legs allow the baby to change the diaper without unnecessary dressing. Do not forget about him when calculating the size of clothes for a newborn baby, otherwise the independently connected body may turn out to be small.

Crochet striped body for newborn

This body suit for babies from 3 to 6 months.

Required: acrylic yarn – 40 g of pink and white, 4 buttons, hook number 3.

The strapping of the product is carried out by the pattern “Crab step”: fits art. b / n from left to right.

Fantasy pattern fits into the pattern.


  1. Pink yarn dial a chain of 18 century. p., knits with a pattern according to the scheme, while adding on each side in each row 5 times 1 rapport, all should get 24 rapport.
  2. Then knit directly, at a height of 30 cm, reduce on each side for armholes in each row 6 times 1 rapport. Knit 5 cm in this way, close the neckline of 8 rapports in the center, knit 2 rapports of straps separately.
  3. At a total height of 38 cm, knit close.


  1. Pink yarn dial a chain of 18 century. p., knit according to the pattern, adding on each side in each 2 rows 3 times 1 rapport, all should get 24 rapport.
  2. Next, knit as a back, at a height of 34 cm, close the central 8 rapports for the neck.


  1. Connect the sides.
  2. Finish the product with the pattern “Crab step” in 1 row.
  3. On the straps and on the lower edge, make holes for the buttons.
  4. Sew on buttons.
  5. Decorate with applique if desired.
Knitting patterns

For a warm outfit, acrylic yarn with a slight addition of wool is suitable for the baby. Alize’s Baby Wool yarn is extremely popular with acrylic, wool and bamboo. This yarn is elastic and able to hold the shape of the finished product. In order to knit a bodysuit for a newborn with knitting needles, one should choose the right tools, the size of which should be thicker than the thread.

To calculate the required number of loops, a 10 by 10 cm sample is knitted with the selected pattern. The sample must be wet and allowed to dry. After counting the number of loops and rows in 1 square. see. Based on the results obtained, a calculation is made for the desired size.

Knitting is done with the front or the wrong side of the stitch, alternating them and with the addition of patterns. The classic design of knitted clothing includes a “braid” pattern that can be knitted in different variations. For the back, the body should not choose a large or convex pattern, it will not be very convenient for the baby to lie on it. Using the front surface, they knit in different colors, creating a pattern, such knitting is soft and pleasant to the touch.

Clasps – buttons or buttons, can be in front along the entire length, on one shoulder or back. Some options do not have buttons, for example, with a smell or an enlarged neckline in the neck area.

The body is knitted from two parts – the front part and the back, or round with the use of hosiery or circular knitting needles. Children’s clothing with a raglan shoulder is knitted from top to bottom, with the usual straight shoulder from bottom to top. One knitting pattern can be designed for different ages of babies – from birth to 3-4 years. For knitting you will need 100-200 grams of high-quality children’s yarn, long, hosiery or circular knitting needles, buttons, for finishing you may need a hook.

Warm bodysuit for baby knitting

This body fits on the baby in size 62 (68) 74.


  • 100 (150) 150 grams of white cotton yarn 130m / 50g;
  • 50 grams of colored yarn (you can choose any color);
  • knitting needles number 3;
  • circular knitting needles No. 3;
  • small buttons.

The elastic is performed with knitting needles No. 3 alternately for 1 person. loop, 1 out. a loop.

Body fit in with a smooth surface: faces. ranks – persons. hinges, out. ranks – out. loops.

Knitting density: a 10 by 10 cm pattern is 24 loops and 36 rows.

Now consider how to bind:

  1. To knit the left and right legs, collect 28 (30) 32 loops of white yarn and knit 1 cm with an elastic band.
  2. Then knit the front surface.
  3. Add on each side in each 2nd row 4 times 1 loop.
  4. Stop knitting.
  5. Loop the mini trouser legs carefully into circular knitting needles.
  6. Knit further directly 25 (28) 30 cm, including for the picture a colored thread in 2 rows.
  7. Change knitting needles to regular. On the back, divide the knitting for the fastener.
  8. At a height of 30 (34) 38 cm, reduce for armholes in each row 4 times, 1 loop on each side, knit another 5 cm straight.
  9. After 33 (38) 42 cm from the elastic, close the central 5 (6) 6 loops in the first row for the neck and 4 (5) 5 more loops in the second row on each side of the center.
  10. After 34 (39) 43 cm from the elastic, close the loops.


  1. Connect the seams on the shoulders. On the neckline, on the armholes, along the edges of the neckline, dial loops on white knitting needles with a white thread and tie 1 cm with an elastic band.
  2. Sew on buttons.

Even a novice craftswoman can cope with knitting a baby’s body, following the description and scheme. Having tried knitting and crocheting, it is optimal to choose the most convenient tools and materials for yourself. A correctly calculated number of loops will help to avoid bandaging the product. With patience and perseverance, you can tie your favorite baby outfit in just a few days.

A DIY product for a baby is a practical and elegant clothing in which it will be convenient and comfortable. There is nothing better than a knitted body for a newborn. In it, the child is not threatened by drafts and other weather – the back is reliably protected.

Preferring the bodysuit as a dress for the baby, mothers can be sure that the baby is comfortable in it. By choosing your favorite shades of flowers and various patterns, you can create unique bodysuit for newborn girls and boys. You can add booties and hats from the same yarn to the kit.

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