Choose a slide for bathing a newborn

The baby’s health is directly dependent on hygiene. Moms try to approach this issue responsibly and ensure the safety and comfort of the child during water procedures.

The main thing is to choose the right slide for bathing newborns, because the kids are all different.

From the first days of life, water procedures are necessary not only in order to wash away sweat, but also for comfortable getting used to small cleaners to water. With the right choice, a slide for swimming will be an excellent assistant to mom.

Need to buy a slide

A small child requires very careful handling. Often, parents are afraid to drop the baby in the bath or do something wrong. Various devices in the form of slides and coasters, which facilitate bathing of the newborn, also serve as a safety net.

The bathing slide is designed to fix the baby in a position that allows you to be in the water and avoid dipping the head, turning over and falling. If mom can’t do it alone, then a swimming slide will be an indispensable thing. If the parents bathe the baby together each day and cope, then there is no need for a slide.


There are various varieties of slides for swimming. You need to focus on the parameters of the child. Usually preference is given to anatomical inserts that allow the child to give the desired position and fixation. The tray under the insert should be classic and not contain extra compartments.

For a small and light child, a fabric slide or a hammock for bathing newborns is suitable. They are pulled into the bathtub or sold with suction cups on the frame. The fabric should be made of natural materials. You can use this slide from birth to 9 months. If the child is large, then this option will not work, as the baby will sag.

As a support for bathing newborns, a plastic slide can act. It is attached to the bottom of the bath by suction cups and is firmly fixed. Anatomical slides have recesses for the baby’s arms and legs, preventing them from slipping, and the sides protect against falling out. If the slide does not contain anatomical devices, then you can put a diaper on top, which will prevent the child from slipping. Plastic stand is most popular because of practicality. Adjustable slides are on sale for any sizes of kids.

Foam slide for bathing a newborn has a special recess. Foam absorbs water and ensures its contact with the child. It is convenient in that it does not slip, but requires more care. After completion of water procedures, it must be washed and dried.

For children older than 5 months who are sitting on their own, you can use the highchair. A child cannot fall out of it. Various toys on the stool captivate the kids and bathing becomes a holiday.

Features of using slides for swimming

Anatomical slides for swimming do not require special skills. The main thing is to put the baby correctly and monitor the conformity of sizes. There must be a mandatory control of the temperature of the water.

If the slide is small or large, you need to replace it with another and more convenient one. The baby’s head should be located naturally.

After use, be sure to clean and dry the insert. If everything is done correctly, water procedures will be a favorite pastime for a child.

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