Choose a bath for bathing a newborn

Bathing a newborn is a very responsible process, which most mothers and fathers are afraid to even think about. Many young parents are confident that water can scare their baby and thereby harm him.

In fact, everything is quite the opposite. For all nine months, your baby has developed in similar conditions in the mother’s tummy, so in the water the child feels cozy and comfortable. And the main task of parents is to make bathing a child comfortable and safe.

In order to ensure a comfortable bathing of your crumbs, you need to responsibly approach the choice of a bath. Modern children’s goods stores offer a huge selection of baby baths for bathing in various shapes, colors and sizes. But the appearance does not reflect the entire functionality of the bath.

Bath selection

Let’s look at what parameters should be followed when choosing a bath.

First, pay attention to the material from which the bath is made. It should not have a slippery surface, and ideally, the bottom of the bath should have either an anti-slip coating or a special stand.

Secondly, choose the optimal bath size. A spacious bathtub for bathing newborns will provide convenient washing of the baby for up to six months. In bathtubs of compact sizes, as a rule, washing a child after three months becomes uncomfortable, especially if you use a special stand, the amount of space in the bathtub is significantly reduced.

Thirdly, a bathtub for bathing newborns should be easily washed with laundry or baby soap, since the use of various cleaning products is prohibited.

As a rule, dealing with the above characteristics is much easier than deciding on a specific type of bath. In order to facilitate the selection, let’s look at each type of bathtubs separately.

Types of bathtubs for babies

The most common type of bathtubs is a classic elongated bathtub. Such a bath can be purchased at any children’s store. The advantage of this type of bath is their simplicity and low price. It has this appearance and its drawbacks, for example, it is very difficult for one person to bathe a child and it is inconvenient to get him out of the water if the child is covered with a sheet.

The second option is an anatomical bath. It differs from the classic bathtub with a built-in slide stand, which allows parents not only to free their hands during the bathing process, but also due to the anatomical shape, safely and confidently place their baby on it. The advantage of this bath is the confident position of the child in the bath. But there are also some disadvantages. In the process of swimming, it is impossible to turn the child on his tummy.

Another view is the bath on the stand. These are basically advanced classic baths for babies. Their advantage is convenience, since in the process of swimming you do not need to bend down and the back of mom or dad is not so tired. Also, these baths due to the legs have increased stability.

A bathtub of the form “mother’s tummy” is another species that, unfortunately, is not often possible to meet in our stores. This name was given to the bath due to the fact that the child in it takes the same position that it had in the mother’s tummy. The main advantage of the bath is the ability to reduce colic pain in a newborn. A big plus, it’s the minus of the bath – its form. You need to get used to the shape of the bath, as the first is not very convenient to bathe a child in it.

A modern view of the bathtubs is a bathtub with an antibacterial coating. These baths do not need to be washed with soap, since its inner surface is treated with a special antibacterial composition. If you are afraid that your child may have allergic reactions to water, etc., then this type of bath is perfect for you.

Also, all of these types of baths can be equipped with a drain. Their convenience lies in the fact that after bathing the baby you just need to open the drain and drain the water. But it’s worth bathing a child up to a certain age, otherwise the quickly developing babies may be very interested in the drain plug, which they will try to pick up, which will subsequently add to the trouble for parents.

We hope that the above descriptions will help you make the choice of the bath that is right for you and your baby!

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