We choose scales for the newborn

One of the characteristics that reflect the state of health and development of a newborn is its weight. The pediatrician who monitors the baby strictly controls this indicator.

Even a slight decrease in it may indicate malnutrition or health problems in the crumbs. Usually, weighing is carried out once a month in the doctor’s office. But this is not always convenient, sometimes the condition of the newborn requires a more frequent measurement of such an indicator. To do this, you can purchase scales for the newborn.

To date, many of their models are presented, it is not easy for mom to make a choice. Which baby scale is better? What parameters should be followed when choosing them? How much is the baby scale? Is there a need for their purchase, or is it more profitable to rent a scale for a newborn? Let’s try to answer all these questions.

Types of weights

There are two main groups of baby scales for newborns:

  • mechanical;
  • electronic.

Mechanical models are familiar to most since childhood. These were and still are found in polyclinics. We can say that mechanical devices are yesterday, and they are found less and less.

But despite this, such medical scales for newborns have advantages over electronic:

  • low cost;
  • long period of operation;
  • resistance to external influences.

Along with the advantages, we can highlight the disadvantages :

  • heavy item weight;
  • bulkiness;
  • high measurement error.

Electronic baby scales are a modern device. Unlike their predecessors – mechanical, they have small dimensions and have many additional functions.

For example, many models are equipped with sound effects that allow for a short time to distract the baby and weigh it. Some baby electronic baby scales allow you to weigh your baby without undressing him. You just need to enter the parameters of the child’s clothes, for example, diapers or light clothes.

But such models lose to their mechanical predecessors in that they should be checked more often, they require power supply and break faster. In addition, their main disadvantage is the high price.

What to look for when choosing?

When choosing a baby scale, you need to consider that a quality weight measuring device cannot be cheap. This is exactly the case when the price determines the quality of the goods. You also need to pay attention to the weighing threshold. Most models are designed for a maximum child weight of up to 20 kg, but there are devices for older children.

If it is difficult to choose between mechanical and electronic models, then you need to consider that mechanical ones are cheaper and more reliable, and electronic ones are more convenient and more accurate. It is desirable that the device can work both from the mains and from the battery.

Build quality also belongs to the primary selection criteria. You need to pay attention to sticky buttons, clarity of the display and other external characteristics.

Rating of the most popular models

It doesn’t matter, parents decided to buy the scales or rent them for newborn daughters and sons, they must meet all the requirements. Consider the most successful models.


The advantages of the Tefal baby scale include the ability to store previous measurement results in memory. You can weigh the baby in clothes: you need to enter the parameters of additional items (diaper, diaper, suit), and the device itself will take into account their weight in the general value. The model is designed for a child’s weight up to 20 kg. Scales have a removable bowl, it is easy to wash and disinfect. The device is powered by two batteries.


The maximum load on the Momert scale cannot exceed 20 kg. Just like Tefal, the scales have a removable bowl, memory and taring functions, battery power.


In a more expensive price range are the scales for the newborn Maman. The advantages of this brand include high measurement accuracy. The error is not more than 5 g.

Scales for weighing newborns Maman are designed for a maximum load of up to 20 kg. The device is equipped with a retractable display, a convenient bag, modern calibration and stabilization functions. Designed for battery power.


Unlike previous models, Laica baby scales can weigh babies up to 25 kg. The device is equipped with a cup convenient for the baby. Laica baby scales for babies have a stabilization function. This means that the device makes it possible to accurately measure the weight of even a very mobile child.

Like many modern devices, most models of this brand, for example, Laica md 4161, have the function of taring and memory. All Laica measuring instruments are provided with simple and clear instructions. The advantages of the models of this brand include their high measurement accuracy (error of not more than 10 g).


Baby scales for newborns Sasha have high sensitivity and small measurement error. This device will reflect changes even in a few grams, which compares them favorably with most other models. They are ideal for newborns with small weight gain, when the question is whether the baby consumes enough milk for each feeding.

Scales for the newborn B1-15 Sasha are designed for children up to 15 kg, the baby in 20 kg can no longer be weighed on them. The device, like other modern analogues, has a taring function, a removable bowl and, importantly, power from both the battery and the mains.


From domestic models, one can also note the scales for newborns Vend-01 Kid. They have good characteristics, satisfy all the requirements of a modern user..

Good options that you should pay attention to when buying, having all the necessary functions and high measurement accuracy, are baby scales Sega and Chicco.

It should be noted that the purchase of scales is necessary if the baby was born prematurely, very small or with health problems that require regular measurements. In other cases, the need for this device arises only in the first months of life of the crumbs. Therefore, given their considerable cost, it is more profitable to rent a baby scale.

How to use weights

In order for baby weighing to be safe and accurate, certain safety and operating rules must be followed.

Safety rules :

  • You can not use the device when the baby is heavier than the value specified in the instructions. It can break and injure the child.
  • When feeding the balance from the mains, it is necessary to check the presence of grounding in order to prevent electric shock.
  • You can not leave the child in the bowl unattended, he is able to fall and get injured.

Operating Rules:

  • In order for the measurement results to be accurate, it is important to correctly install the balance. The surface for them should be smooth and solid.
  • It is advisable to provide a fixed installation for the balance. Frequent movement of the device may adversely affect the accuracy of the results.
  • The baby needs to be placed strictly in the center of the bowl.

A wide range of baby scales presented in stores allows you to purchase them for every taste. Modern electronic models are equipped with many features. Thanks to them, weighing your baby at home is easy.

But it should be borne in mind that a high-quality modern device cannot be cheap. Therefore, not always buying it is economically justified, it may be more profitable to rent a scale.

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