Choosing a winter jumpsuit for a newborn

Winter overalls for newborns are necessary to protect the child from cold and frost. Parents should pay special attention to all the characteristics indicated by the manufacturer, as well as to the material from which it is sewn.

Modern stores offer a large assortment of winter overalls, which allows young parents to choose exactly the model that is ideal for their child.

Probably all parents are wondering about the choice of winter children’s outerwear. It should be comfortable and warm, the baby in it should not be cold or hot. Below are tips to help you choose the optimal fabric, lining and insulation for your jumpsuit.

How to choose the right one?

Overalls for newborns can be divided into several types:

  • winter
  • demi-season
  • summer models.

As for the winter version, it should be as warm and light as possible. Parents should pay attention only to hypoallergenic and harmless fillers that will not harm a small child.

Material and Lining

Children’s winter overalls for newborns should be sewn from dense fabric, which tends to breathe and repel water. Each seam must be glued. The most popular materials for overalls:

  • polyamide,
  • Cordura
  • nylon,
  • Bologna,
  • polyester.

Manufacturers impregnate all fabrics with a water-repellent composition, which will help make the costume for the little crumbs waterproof.

For small children, manufacturers use natural cotton, fleece, and nylon as lining.

What are the fillers for jumpsuits?

Winter and autumn overalls for newborns have natural and artificial fillers. One of the popular artificial fillers is synthetic winterizer. It is considered the most durable and perfectly retains its original shape. But there is one drawback – it is not intended for use in the winter.

The most popular filler is artificial fluff. It will perfectly retain heat and prevent moisture from entering things. Fluff perfectly retains heat during a walk and does not absorb moisture. Due to these qualities, it was recognized as thermally insulating. Artificial down is a great option for a child, because it is considered environmentally friendly, not allergenic and completely harmless.

Synthetic fillers include fiber in the form of balls, spirals, as well as springs. Due to the unique shape of the fibers, they are able to retain their heat for a long time and not allow air to pass through. Such a filler retains its original shape for a long time and does not allow moisture to pass through.

But many parents today give their preference to natural heaters. It is worth noting that some of them can cause allergic rashes in a child. The most popular and popular natural insulation is goose down. It is quite lightweight and has thermal insulation properties. Such a filler serves as long as possible, which is why it has won the recognition of most of the parents.

Which is better to choose a jumpsuit?

One-piece winter coveralls for newborns are the best option for a small child. The advantage of such overalls is that they are comfortable and protect against wind. Disadvantages – it is inconvenient to wear it on a toddler, impractical, requires parents to make the most accurate size choice.

Separate jumpsuit is best for a little older child. But it’s worth highlighting the main advantages: it can be washed separately, in stores you can only remove the upper part, which is profitable to wear, and there is also the opportunity to select the optimal color solutions. But not for every child you can choose from a separate set of pants and a jacket in size. Most often, the pants are normal, and the jacket is too big.

Transformer jumpsuit for newborns is the most correct and relevant choice for each parent. This type of winter suit has no drawbacks. Most often it is made of water-repellent material. Inside this suit there is a cotton lining. Over time, it can easily transform into a regular envelope with sleeves. It is worth noting that in most cases the kit includes mittens and booties for the child.

How to choose the size?

Experts advise choosing the size that will correspond to the age of the baby. Some parents prefer to buy overalls for growth in order to save money. But such a decision is wrong.

Excess space inside the suit will help to ensure that the heat will not remain for a long time and as a result the child may freeze.

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